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Best Crypto to Buy Now September 9 – Stellar, KuCoin Token, Stacks  

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We cover some contenders for the best cryptocurrency to buy right now, potentially worth adding to your watchlist over the coming days.

Weekends often come with a downtrend in the crypto market, and today is not an exception. The global crypto market cap experienced a drain of about 1%, returning value to $1.04 trillion. 

Trading volume decreased by over 22% from what we saw yesterday, printing with a value of $20.25 Billion in the last 24 hours. 

Global Cryptocurrency Chart

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

Best Crypto to Buy Now 

Overall, the crypto market is far from regaining its trends before the bearish market began in August. However, while the pessimism lingers, what are the best cryptos to buy now? Today’s article sheds light on the performance of selected cryptocurrencies, including upcoming tokens. It features Stacks, Stellar, KuCoin, and other high-performance cryptos. Details of these coins are featured below. 

1. Stacks (STX)

Stacks have recently swung into an uptrend after experiencing weeks of price decline. The price of Stacks slipped into a decline after the crypto market went into a bearish market in mid-August, and it has continued to bump up and down the trend, losing over 23% of its value in the process. However, for some days, STX has maintained an uptrend, pushing its price from $0.4 to $0.46. 

After the Grayscale victory over the SEC, the price of Stacks increased, accounting for the sudden asset recovery. Stacks is a Bitcoin layer built to replicate the innovative contract features of Ethereum on the Bitcoin blockchain. Hence, with Stacks, devs can create dApps and other related projects. 

Stacks Price Chart

With the Grayscale victory, the prospect of Bitcoin DeFi becomes imminent, further increasing the perceived value of projects like Stacks. 

Furthermore, the Stacks team is currently fronting an initiative dubbed the Nakamoto upgrade. 

The intention is to improve the efficiency of Stacks as outlined in about 4 major focal points of the upgrade. The details are posted on the project’s official Twitter handle. 

2. Stellar (XLM) 

Stellar is up almost 6% today, making it the biggest gainer in the top 100 cryptocurrencies. However, will XLM make it to the $0.2 rejection zone this time? Having conquered the $0.12 rejection zone, the price of XLM today is $0.1308. However, the $0.2 zone has been a big hurdle for the token to climb. It recently made it through to $0.15 before hitting the resistance from the bears. 

However, some speculate that the current rally might take the token as far up as $1, citing the trends of its 21-day EMA and 200-day moving averages as the indicators signaling an impending rally. While XML’s moving averages might indicate a potential golden cross, it might not be enough to afford an instant rally to push the price of XLM as far up as $1. Stellar might require a 760% increase in price to achieve the $1. 

Stellar Price Chart

Nonetheless, the current trend reveals that the platform is forging solid fundamentals to help it gain more ground in the uptrend. Similarly, one of its recent efforts is its investment in MoneyGram in August, which would allow the platform to expand its hold in the fiat payment ecosystem. Ultimately, investors must add XLM to their watchlist, especially in the new week, as the token might print unexpected uptrends. 

3. KuCoin Token (KCS)

KuCoin Token is at the heels of Stellar as the second-highest gainer in the top 100 tokens on CoinMarketCap. The duo has seen a price increase of over 5% in the last 24 hours. 

Today’s price increase makes it the 7th day of the KCS uptrend, making it one of the highest gainers of the week. The resilience and ability to trend against the overall bearish market differentiate KCS from the rest of the crypto market.

Despite KCS’s performance today, is it one of the best cryptos to buy now? Besides improving performance, KuCoin Token is the native cryptocurrency of the KuCoin platform. KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the industry, featuring over 700 coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

KuCoin Token Price Cahrt

KCS is one of its customer-facing efforts towards providing better services and rewarding loyalty. It also helps KuCoin execute its profit-sharing program. Thus, the demand for KCS is guaranteed as long as the KuCoin platform exists. 

Furthermore, KuCoin recently launched its perpetual contract trading platform. 

It’s a move that would open up more opportunity and place it in the way of profit. Hence, it might be the best time to add the token to the watchlist and see how the trends perform in the future.

4. OG Fan Token (OG) 

Is it the best time to buy OG Fan Token? The token attracted the crypto community’s attention today after it saw a trading volume pump of over 300%. Even though it’s not the first time OG has recorded an immense increase, the trend is unique because it kept an uptrend for most of the week. 

OG has recorded about 13 green days in the last 30 days, outperforming over 58% of the top 100 tokens in the previous 52 weeks. Hence, investors need to keep an eye on the trend of the token. 

OG Fan Token Price Chart

Furthermore, OG’s bullish trend might not be over yet, as its technical indicators show that the token’s current price trends are below its 200-day moving average, meaning that the market still has some bullish sentiment. A signal that shows it might find the rally to push the price further up. 

Sadly, investors should keep an eye on the $5 price range as the token is bound to face resistance. Overall, OG presents a medium-term opportunity for investors to hedge their gains. 

5. yPredict (YPRED) 

As the crypto AI sector continues gaining momentum, emerging projects present opportunities for investors. Utility-based projects like the yPredict are on their way to revolutionizing how crypto traders and investors approach the market and make decisions. 

The yPredict project recently revised its roadmap to create more room for improvement and optimization. Investors also have more time to fill their bags with the YPRED token. 

According to the new roadmap, AI enthusiasts can expect the yPredict solution to be in full swing in the first quarter of 2024. 

YPRED goes for $0.1 at press time, and the offer is inflationary. Thus, the delayed decision could mean buying at 11% higher than its current price. 

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