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Best Crypto to Buy Now September 7 – THORChain, Flux, Injective

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto market remains at a standstill, with many pundits predicting the probability of a further breakdown in the price of bitcoin. The fear/Greed index remains at 35 according to CoinMarketCap data, and the price of BTC can barely hold above the 25k mark. 

Worst still, the global crypto market cap continues to trend sideways, and its value stands at $1.04 trillion for the seventh day in a role. 

Global Cryptocurrency Chart

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

Even so, are there cryptocurrencies with the potential to become the next winners? 

Best Crypto to Buy Now

Today’s article explores the performance of Injective, THORChain, Flux, and other cryptocurrencies with outstanding market trends. FLUX price increased by over 29% in the last 24 hours, placing it at the top of the gainers list today. Hence, the article aims to highlight what’s behind the trend of each token. 

Also, the review below includes yPredict presale as the special mention of the day. The team recently updated the project’s roadmap, and the crypto community needs to watch what the yPredict team is putting together. 


Since the Injective Burn 2.0 release, INJ has gathered social mentions across the crypto community. Despite the decline in value in recent times, it still holds its position as one of the highest-grossing tokens Y2D. It also builds on the trend with a 24-hour gain of about 2%. 

Besides its actions, the Injective ecosystem is also trying to ground its fundamentals and move closer to the platform’s objective. A recent move in that direction is the integration with the Klaytn platform, which aims to expand the interoperability of the injective platform.

Injective Price Chart

With the growing expansion and utility, injective may be able to reverse its falling price and restore its value to the uptrend. 

Overall, INJ maintains its upbeat beats trend, outperforming top cryptos by a wide margin, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Thus, INJ is one of the best cryptos to buy now. Conversely, INJ has only 83% of its max supply in circulation, and its investors need to factor this into their research. However, its burn strategy makes up for token influx into the market. 

2. THORChain (RUNE) 

THORChain’s performance this quarter has been quite striking, having gained over 66% price increase in the last 30 days. More impressively, the token has recorded 19 green days in the same period. Today’s performance reinforced its uptrend with an increase of 5.85% in the last 24 hours. 

Will THORChain become the best crypto to buy now? Investors considering diversifying altcoins can add RUNE to their watchlist as the crypto is bound to become one of the best performing this quarter.

At press time, the trading volume of the RUNE is up by 60%, and the token just broke above the $1.55 resistance zone. It is currently headed for the $1.58 – $1.6 zone. 

If Rune breaks above the $1.6 zone, it will have a clear path towards the $2 – $3 price range. From the RUNE’s technical analysis, all the values of its moving averages indicate bullish signals. Hence, the token might be able to sustain its uptrend until it breaks above the immediate resistance. 

Similarly, RUNE’s oscillators return neutral signals, indicating that sell pressure from long-term holders is pending, creating room for more uptrend. However, the MACD indicators signal a bearish sentiment in the daily chart. 

Overall, RUNE is rightly structured for a protracted uptrend; it is one of the best-performing cryptos of Q3. 

Nonetheless, the crypto is not without its downsides. As much as it’s pulling off impressive price movement, investors must also note that only 67% of RUNE’s maximum supply is in circulation; hence, it is at risk of erratic volatility. 

Also, activities in the THORChain ecosystem have been declining, which might threaten the performance of the asset in the long run, especially for long-term investors. Thus, it’s best to research and adopt the best strategy to exploit RUNE’s trend. 

3. Worldcoin (WLD) 

Has Worldcoin finally found the rally to get back on the uptrend? Worldcoin entered the crypto industry with a hype that gave its price a massive boost. 

However, it quickly went into retrace, along with the majority of altcoins in the market. However, the token is back on the uptrend, and many wonder if it is the best crypto to buy now. 

In the last 24 hours, WLD price increased by nearly 20%, making it one of today’s biggest gainers. Also, the trading volume of the asset increased by approximately 450%, a movement that shot up its volume/market cap ratio by almost 155%. 

Worldcoin Price Chart

Worldcoin is still relatively young in the crypto market, and many believe that the asset’s price is much above its actual value. 

However, its interest in digital privacy is carving out a niche. A recent post on its official Twitter handle reveals that Worldcoin has seen a transaction surge, reaching over 500k daily. 

With the growing utility, the token’s value is bound to increase, which is already evident in today’s data, according to CoinMarketCap. However, the downside to the WLD trend may result from its circulating supply of about 1.2% of its total supply. 

As more WLD token floods the market, there’s bound to be an increased decline in the asset’s value. 

Hence, there’s a need to initiate a robust burn strategy to keep the value in check. Overall, Worldcoin boasts strong fundamentals that position the token as one of the best to buy now. 

4. Flux (FLUX) 

FLUX is gradually making efforts to recover from its year-long dip. Since February, Flux has been on a protracted decline, a trend that’s drained over 59% of Flux’s value. 

However, Flux has attempted to break out of the downtrend since mid-August. It recorded a 24% price increase in the last 7 days and a 29% increase in the last 24 hours. 

The FLUX’s trading volume rose nearly 900% in the same period, raising its volume/market cap ratio to 69%.  

Will FLUX finish the quarter with a favorable price trend? FLUX is gradually progressing toward the $0.42 resistance zone and has made a few attempts at breaking above the zone. 

Flux Price Chart

However, the pressure from the bears has kept bouncing the token off the price range.

FLUX needs an over 250% increase in price to return to its Y2D high. With its current technical data, assuming it can achieve the increase by the end of the quarter might be unrealistic. 

If the bears maintain the push, the token can shake off the speculators and sustain its uptrend. Conversely, the fundamentals of FLUX also mount a major huddle for the token in the short run. 

Currently, only 72.16% of its value is in circulation. Hence, future releases may hurt the progress recorded by the asset. 

Overall, investors looking at FLUX should instead set a long-term hodling goal or capitalize on its short-term progress, as all its short-term moving averages return bullish signals. It’s best to recall that FLUX RSI is trending close to the 70 range and might soon result in a price reversal. 

5. yPredict (YPRED) 

The yPredict project continues its evolution with the release of a fresh roadmap. A recent post on the project’s Twitter handle highlights an impressive change to its launch plan, itemizing how yPredict intends to move from its presale stage to market. 

The updated roadmap now sets Q1 of 2024 as the new listing—the decision gives the team more time to perfect the platform. 

Likewise, the yPredict team has been at work for some time, crafting the AI-backed trading tool for Web3 investors and traders. 

The project has undergone several tests in the past few months, with impressive outcomes. Ultimately, the time to go on the market is gradually drawing nearer, and the call for more investors to come on board has also become louder. 

The native token of the project YPRED, which also dictates the platform’s utility, is currently on presale, and investors can own the token for as low as $0.1. Investors should note that the price is inflationary and will increase after every milestone is reached. 

Visit yPredict presale.

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