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Best Crypto to Buy Now September 3 – Rollbit Coin, Uniswap,

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‘Best crypto to buy now’ is one of the most searched cryptocurrency-related terms in Google, and InsideBitcoins lists some options each day.

While it appears as if things are falling apart in the cryptocurrency sector, some glaring trends are gradually emerging. First, layer 2 projects have gained ground with impressive data in the past few years. 

The sector’s growth has reached full strength, with dozens of assets in the category. Also, transactions in the layer 2 blockchains are now 4 times the ones recorded in L1, with gas fees that are 10 times cheaper. 

Best Crypto to Buy Now

In addition to the growing strength of L2 solutions, there’s also a proliferation in the AI sector. Assets in this category are currently printing impressive value pumps, making them some of the top gainers in the crypto industry today. Today’s article features some top-performing assets, including AI-based projects. Also, it spotlights the upcoming AI-backed crypto project, LaunchpadXYZ, which aims at revolutionizing how traders learn and make decisions in the crypto market. 

1. Rollbit Coin (RLB) 

The native token of the Rollbit platform has been in the news for some time now. The meteoric rise of the asset has gained investors’ interest. Hence, it’s one of the top-ranking crypto gainers Y2D with over 10000% increase in value. 

Fundamentally, RLB is the native cryptocurrency of Rollbit, used for price pool, casino profit sharing and many other platform-related activities. The token debuted via an airdrop, and it was offered to loyal users of the Rollbit casino. 

Rollbit Coin Price Chart

On the upside, RLB outperforms over 99% of cryptocurrencies on the market. And it’s spent 15 green days in the last 30 days. Additionally, the price of that token is above its long-term moving averages, which indicates an impending bullish trend. However, the RLB may face rejection at higher prices due to low liquidity, threatening the asset’s potential to break into the $1 range. 

However, a fundamental staking strategy is intended to drive up the price of the asset continually. Hence, the probability of increased liquidity goes up with decreasing supply and increasing value. 


The price of UNI is rising and could be a precursor to more boost. In the last 24 hours, UNI had a 2% boost in price. Primarily, the sudden pump in price stems from the exposure the asset received from the recent event. However, it could also be traced to the recent v4 announcement. 

Uniswap Price Chart

Early this month, Uniswap released new plans regarding its v4. The post on its official Twitter handle stated that the crypto community can expect to see v4 after the release of the Ethereum Dencun upgrade. The plan aims to ensure that the move opens up new opportunities for liquidity and more efficient trading activities. 

As the trend continues, the token might be able to climb back into the green before the end of the new week after spending days in the downtrend. 

Even though the UNI still has a long way to go before printing a significant bullish rally, it remains a fair bet compared to the crypto market’s overall performance. In the last 30 days, it’s recorded 17 green days, indicating that it might be able to end the quarter with a positive outlook. 

Uniswap has come a long way and has taken its stand as the leading exchange platform in the DeFi sector. It pioneered the DeFi sector. Hence, It’s safe to say that UNI is one of the best cryptos to buy now ahead of the release of its v4 as well as the Dencun upgrade. 

3. (FET) is currently on a bullish spree as the token attempts to return from its declining trend. FET lost over 50% of its value in the past, bringing the asset’s value from $0.4 to $0.2. However, the platform recently went through a season of rebranding and optimization, which may have restored its glory days. 

There’s been a continued pump in the price of FET in the last 24 hours, and if maintained for the rest of the week, it’s likely to force the token out of the dip. Data from its technical analysis reveals that FET might be able to hold these gains and break above the immediate resistance at $0.27 – $0.29. Its current price of $0.265 trends above its long-term moving averages. Thus, FET may find the bullish trend it needs to break above the resistance zone. Price Chart

Furthermore, the token’s price has increased by about 223% this year, putting it among the top crypto gains. Ultimately, FET outperforms 97% of the top 100 tokens on the market. Additionally, it surpassed BTC and ETH. It’s safe to identify FET as one of the best cryptos to buy now.

While may have impressive upsides, it also comes with downsides that might give the Bears an upper hand in the future. The prime downside is its overbought condition, which might trigger a retrace in the future. 

Fortunately, the market sentiment towards FET is mainly bullish, with an over 8% increase in price and a 99% increase in trading volume. With that, the bears might have difficulty keeping that token on a downtrend. 

4. Render Token (RNDR) 

As the crypto AI Sector takes shape, tokens in the sector are growing with the tide. For some days now, assets in the AI category have been receiving attention. There’s been an increase in the use cases of the Render network, resulting in a spike in the value of its assets. 

Overall, Render has delivered on its promise of empowering creators to bring their imagination to life. Several stunning images have emerged from artists using the platform for creative works. 

Render Price Chart

Today, despite the declining trading volume and crypto market cap, RNDR saw a price pump of over 3% and about a 2% increase in market cap. RNDR’s price action indicates relatively strong activity and increasing utility within its network. As the platform grows towards its objective and adheres to its fundamentals, there’s an increasing chance it’ll end the quarter with another round of positive performance. 

Even though the token’s price has declined relative to its Y2D highs, it does not negate that RNDR is one of the best cryptos to buy now. The growing demand for GPUs emphasizes the platform’s potential when blockchain tech finally becomes Mainstream. RNDR’s decline only presents an opportunity to own the asset at a discounted price. 

The potential of the asset is quite promising. But there might be several hurdles to watch out for. Its high inflation rate could pose a problem to the stability of the asset. Also, the future performance of RNDR may be threatened by its high volatility rating. 

5. LaunchpadXYZ (LPX) 

Investors looking to win big at crypto trading would benefit immensely from the LaunchpadXYZ project. Besides trading education and spotlighting crypto opportunities, the platform now includes various benefits, especially for presale investors. 

With a presale price of $0.0445, investors can own as much of the asset as they need. The project aims at bringing the right investors on board. Hence, there’s a whooping package of benefits for early birds. However, it’s all tiered in proportion to the investment sizes, and the least is the $50 tier, which grants access to minimal benefits. 

Investors who make commitments of up to $25,000 and above have access to exceptional offer that gives them a hedge over most traders in the market. Also, there are exclusive opportunities for LPX presale investors who trust the project’s potential enough to go in big. 

Additionally, investors who participate now can take advantage of the 19% bonus, which will end in about 2 days. Details of the project and other facts can be found on the presale page. Similarly, LaunchpadXYZ’s official Twitter handle presents additional information. 

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