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Best Crypto to Buy Now July 3- Avalanche, Chimpzee, Rocket Pool 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto market is gradually crawling back. In the meantime, what are the best crypto to buy now?  There are several high-performing cryptos in the market. We reviewed some of them in our last update. Today’s update unveils another set of cryptocurrencies and presales that are showing performances that are way above expectations. It also features assets that are on their way to new price levels. Before jumping into the article, here’s a quick overview of what the overall performance across the crypto market looks like today. 

The global crypto market cap left the red zone today. The value falls in the range of 0.78%, with a value of $1.21 Trillion. Trading volume has finally gone up by 34% in the past 24 hours, putting the value at $33.4B. Furthermore, DeFi continues to push its daily trading volume to a new height as it makes up 8.3%.  Also, Bitcoin continues its push for dominance with a 49% level, but its profit remains in the decimal over the last 24 hours with a value of 0.3%. 

Global Coin Market cap

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

Best Crypto to Buy Now

The best cryptos to buy now are mostly assets that are showing potential both in the short and long term. Besides assets that are already listed on the market, the list below also features presale offers. Ultimately, each coin offers unique value and potential to holders. Find out more below. 

1. Avalanche (AVAX)

The layer one gaming blockchain, Avalanche negative YTD returns has the price has been on a decline since the start of the year. AVAX opened the year with $16.6 and the price has declined to $13.3 as of press time. Making over a 20% drop in price. However, it appears the crypto community might be bracing up for a change in the narrative in the coming weeks. In the past few days, AVAXX has kept a consistent upward trend that’s brought its price from $11.2 to $13.3. These gains continue into the early hours of today as the coin records a 24-hour gain of 3%. 


The increasing price of AVAX may appear to coincide with the overall improvement across the crypto market in the last 24 hours. However, there is more to the narrative that’s fueling the price of AVAX. First is the seed funding it provided to the Pixon games in its recent funding rounds. Another activity that’s putting Avalanche in the limelight is the recently completed cross-chain transfer protocol between Avalanche and Circle. 

Will AVAX be able to sustain its gain to the point of overhauling YTD Performance? The answer to the question lies in its technical analysis. From its chart data, AVAX moving averages tend toward the sell signal for the longer term than the short. Its 10-day and 20-day EMA returns are 12.95 and 12.89 respectively, which still falls within the buying range, given the RSI of 53. 

AVAX might be overbought in the short term. The 100-day and 200-day EMA return values of 14.6 and 16.4. With resistances established in the $13.8 region, it might be best to wait till the price comes back to the short-term moving averages of $12 to buy AVAX before it returns to mounting pressure on the resistance. AVAX might not see a breakout in the coming days. 

2. Immutable (IMX) 

Gaming assets are some of the most volatile on the market with their values fluctuating wildly across periods. Immutable price, for example, has moved from as high as $1.5 to as low as $0.3. What’s still baffling is that it has not had a consolidating period over which its price held steady for up to 30 days. 

Immutable x

Nonetheless, activities around the Immutable network might be indicating that the coin is one of the best cryptos to buy now. While the value drain of the asset may be scary, what’s impressive at the moment is that its current price is one of the most discounted on the market. As the GameFi sector picks up steam, the value of underlying infrastructures like Immutable would equally pick up steam.  

According to information shared on its Twitter page, Immutable onboarded more games in June than in the months before then. What this means is that there’s going to be increasing activity on the network and the demand for the services of the platform will spike in the coming month. Equally, there’s going to be an increase in the value of IMX as the trading volume goes up. As of today, there’s been a 25% rise in trading volume and a 5% rise in the value of the coin. The downside, however, is that IMX would face intense resistance in the coming days as its price trends upwards. 

3. Maker (MKR)

Maker is finally back in the green after it spent most of the year at its value at the start of the year. In the last 7 days, MKR embarked on an upward trend that has since added over $225 to its price, bringing the total value to $909 as of press time. 

In the meantime, MKR continues its gains with over 10% value added in the last 24 hours. How long will it take for the MKR price to reverse its direction? The answer is not quite easy to come by. However, looking at its chart, MKR is currently trading close to its $911 resistance. 

Maker mkr

Twice this week, it has tested this resistance in an attempt to break above its current price point. In those instances, the price has bounced off the resistance to as low as $550. At the moment, MKR is retesting the $911 level. What if the coin sees a breakout in the coming days, it might be on the uptrend to $1100. 

The only downside to this assumption is that its RSI has a value of 78, which is very far in the oversold region. It means there are chances it doesn’t have enough momentum to fuel the breakout and might be on its way down. Nonetheless, its moving averages show buying signals in both the long and short term. MKR is one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

As a side note, if it bounces off the resistance as usual, the investors should prepare to buy the dip that might throw at $550 or higher. Whichever way, the maker is a coin to keep an eye on based on its market performance. 

4. Rocket pool (RPL) 

Rocket pool is up by 10% and it might cross the $40 mark before the end of the day. RPL is one of the few coins thriving under the radar with little popularity. In its Y2D it has, making it one of the highest gainers this year. Despite a 30-day-long downward trend, RPL has managed to outperform the market by over 8x. Looking at RPL charts, the coin seems to be entering its consolidation phase and may soon launch into a full upward swing.  

From its technical analysis, its RSI (14) returns 45, which is slightly above the oversold region. It indicates that the price might be tending towards consolidation. Furthermore, its short-term moving average, EMA (10), indicates buying signals at 38 points. However, EMA (100) and EMA (200) returns sell signals, which invariably means that this coin might face resistance at prices above $40

Ultimately, buying the dip before it takes a full upward swing, might be the best move for investors looking at RPL. If RPL makes it past the $40 – $41 price range, it might be on its way to $50 without much resistance. Investors and traders can look into RPL for short and medium-term hedging.

5. Chimpzee (CHMPZ) 

Chimpzee is gradually moving toward the end of stage 6 of its presale. With over $670k raised so far, the project might be on its way to changing the world. To provide a quick context. Chimpzee is a climate-focused project that leverages blockchain technology in its campaign to save the forest and protect animals. It’s on a mission to raise an army of environment-conscious investors who want to save the world and still build wealth in the process.

To achieve its mission, it’s providing the opportunity for individuals to pick up some of its tokens, CHMPZ, which is offered at $0.00067 for now. In about four days, the price is set to rise to $0.0007. What’s more, is that the price is headed for its final listing offer of $0.00185. What it means is that investors who come in now can start building their gains even before the coin goes on exchanges. 

In addition to its value as an investment opportunity, Chimpzee also features some side attractions in the form of NFTs trade-to-earn offerings. It also has play-to-earn games that reward users for participating in the game.  Finally, it features the shop-to-earn option where users earn rewards for purchasing Chimpzee wares. The project is quite robust and fascinating and it is one of the best crypto to buy now, especially as a way to save the planet.  

Visite Chimpzee presale.

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