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Best Crypto to Buy Now July 28 – Immutable, yPredict, Frax Share

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

YPredict 2
YPredict 2

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As the weekend slides in, the cryptocurrency market is gradually slowing down. Surprisingly, the trend has been consistent throughout July. Despite the effect of the weekend on the crypto market, what are the best cryptos to buy now? The review below presents the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. Not only that, but it also covers the overall performance against market metrics and highlights how they may perform going forwards. Despite our effort to track the performance of the tokens featured below, the responsibility still falls on traders and investors to conduct further research into these assets before making any decision. Before getting into the details of today’s update, the CoinMarketCap data below highlights the performance of the crypto market at press time. 

Global Crypto Charts

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

The global cryptocurrency market is back in another downtrend. The global crypto market cap is down by 0.85% with a value of $1.18 trillion. Also, the trading volume has a value of $26.08 billion, about 16.8% below its value in the last 24 hours. During the same period, the DeFi market trade entered $2.25 billion, constituting 8.61% of the total crypto market. 

Best Crypto to Buy Now

When the market trends downwards or becomes grossly uncertain, it’s either the best time to buy the dip, or step backward and reflect on the next possibilities. Fortunately, there’s a third option in the mix. When the crypto market trends downwards, it could be the opportunity to look into presale tokens and see what might be the best crypto to buy now. Today’s article features one of the best-performing presale offers right now. It also highlights its presale performance so far. Read further to find out more. 

1. TRON (TRX) 

Tron is currently doing well. Ultimately, the token might be the best crypto to buy now. Tron currently trades above its 200-day EMA coupled with an RSI (14) reading of 63, meaning it still has more room to trend upward. Consequently, Tron might spend the rest of the month in the green. That will make a total of 24 green days in July. 

In the last 24 hours alone, TRX has seen a boost of about 3% in price. Not only that but in the same period, the token attempted to go over the $0.084 resistance. However, it experienced a pullback. With its current momentum, it’s likely to go past the $0.084 resistance to face the $0.09 resistance zone. In Q3, we will likely see a Tron trend trading sideways between the $0.9 and $1 mark. 

Tron Price Chart

Ideally, Tron makes a good investment for both the short and long term. One unique feature of Tron is its resilience in a down market. Its volatility rating is pegged at 3%. That makes it a mildly volatile asset.

2. Immutable (IMX) 

Immutable X earned a reputation for its exceptional performance in the Q1 of 2023. Following the nosedive of 2022, IMX made a quick recovery that brought over a 160% increase in price. But, unlike Q1, Immutable X had a rough Q2. The price of the asset recorded a loss of over 45%. The reason for the sudden price decline is largely due to the impact of SEC on the crypto market in June. 

Immutable Price Chart

Fortunately, IMX is making gradual progress as Q3 progresses. Overall, IMX recorded about 16 green days in the last 30 days. Invariably, the token has recorded more gains this month than losses. Also, in the last 24 hours, the token has seen an over 1000% rise in its trading volume. The sudden spike in volume has also resulted in a spike in its price. At press time, the price of IMX climbed by over 10%. 

One of the key contributors to the performance of IMX in the said period may be attributed to recent collaborations. Chief among this collaboration is IMX listing on Upbit

Recently, Upbit, a South Korea-based crypto exchange platform, made the move to list IMX on its platform. The listing has been consummated and millions of Korean investors and traders can now participate in the future of gaming. Furthermore, Immutable also established collaborations with the mobile strategy game EF Defense. The game is set to launch on Immutable zkEVM. IMX will likely end Q3 with more positive returns. 

3. Nexo (NEXO) 

Is Nexo the best crypto to buy now? In recent times, Nexo frequented the gainers list more often than it used to. It has spent 16 days of the last 30 days in the green. This trend is a marked deviation from its usual trend. Nexo Q1, Q3, and Q4 of last year were in the red and it also had a downtrend in the Q2 of this year. What’s different this time around is that it performed much better in the first quarter of this year, posting a dramatic recovery that moved its price from $0.6 to $0.7. 

Nexo Price Chart

Currently, assets in the DeFi sector make up some of the best-performing in the crypto industry. The influx of funds into the sector boosts the performance of tokens in the category. Nexo, a player in the asset management category, is well-positioned to benefit from the attention. At the moment, the price of the token is way below its ideal price, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

Primarily, the NEXO token is undervalued. Its current circulating supply makes up just 56% of the total supply. Invariably, if the remaining tokens are released, it would result in a price drop. The short-term indicators of the assets show that it is on an upbeat trend. Right now, the price of the asset is currently trading below its 200-day EMA.

4. Frax Share (FXS)

Frax Share makes the list of the best cryptos to buy now based on its performance in the last 24 hours. Despite facing intense pressure from the down market of June, FXS has managed to post some recovery. As of today, Frax Share is priced at $6.30, which is about 2.35% over its price 24 hours ago. The token is gradually making its way toward the $6.5 – $7.5 resistance zone. 

Frax Share Price Chart

However, if it breaks through the resistance in the second attempt, Frax Share will end Q3 with a price that is upwards of $10. The likelihood of a positive Q3 price pump becomes quite real with its market cap of over $460 million, which signifies high liquidity. Moreover, its current price of $ 6.31 is much above its 200-day EMA. Invariably, it would find the support it needs to trend even higher. What’s more, its RSI (14) records a value of 53, indicating that the token is neither overbought nor oversold. With that, FXS might be one of the tokens to watch closely as the trends unfold. 

5. yPredict (YPRED) 

yPredict presale is fast scaling towards the end. The token likely has only a few more stages to go. With the presale currently at stage 7, the token has successfully raised over $3.1 million and is moving towards another milestone of over $4.58 million. The secret behind the success of its presale is its community. Not only that, it has also demonstrated utility and value through a variety of beta tests. Another strong point of the platform is the engagement between the team and its growing community across various social media platforms. 

The core value proposition of yPredict is its use of artificial intelligence for optimized decision-making in the crypto market. It also aims at helping investors and traders identify opportunities across the crypto industry and Web 3. It has experimented with its AI model with verifiable success. And at the moment, it’s bringing investors on board to be a part of its journey. It offers the native token of the platform, YPRED, for $0.1. 

The price will increase by 11.11% once the presale reaches the next milestone. As soon as the token price reaches $0.12, YPRED will go live on exchanges. Thus, now is the best time to get on board to take advantage of the cheap price.

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