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Best Crypto to Buy Now July 10 – XRP, Thug Life, Bitcoin SV 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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What is the best crypto to buy now? Many have been asking this question recently. First, the uncertainties in the market are quite overwhelming. Secondly, the fear of the outcome of the impending lawsuit affects major players in the industry. However, despite the fierce battle going on across the board, the hopes of crypto traders and investors remain strong. The readings from the greed-fear index on CoinMarketCap sit slightly above average with a value of 57. This shows that the sentiment in the market remains favorable Nonetheless, below is a quick overview of the data from the crypto market.

Global Cryptocurrency Chart

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

The global crypto market cap value plunged by 0.41% to a value of $1.18 trillion in the last 24 hours. The trading volume over the same period increased by 33%, bringing the value to $25.39 billion. Furthermore, the DeFi sector continues to gain influence, constituting about 7.4% of the total trading volume in the last 24 hours.

The Best Crypto to Buy Now

The best cryptos to buy now are those that have the resilience to withstand the incessant pressure of the bears in the market. The recent trend in the crypto industry has been a mix of bull and bear markets, forcing most assets to trade sideways. Nonetheless, some cryptocurrencies are largely positioned to benefit from the coming bull run. Some of these assets are highlighted below. However, in the meantime, investors should consider putting their money into stocks that are potential winners in the market. A good example is the thug Life. The exceptional performance of the token in its presale can’t go unnoticed. More on this later in the article.

1. Bitcoin SV (BSV) 

Bitcoin SV is not as popular as Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. However, these three crypto assets are quite related. The two other coins were derived from Bitcoin. Ideally, they are regarded as the hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash were created in the year 2018 and 2017 respectively. 

Bitcoin SV was created to realize the vision of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the Bitcoin blockchain. Hence the quick success of the token. The value of BSV quickly reached $400 in less than three years. 

The rise in value came in response to the surge in the value of Bitcoin. The same trend was also observed in the value of BCH which is also a hard fork of bitcoin. Similarly, the price of BSV crashed in 2022 as the Value of Bitcoin plunged to nearly $15k. BSV dropped from $70+ to as low as $40+ in less than 7 months and it dropped even further as the year 2023 glided on. 

Bitcoin SV

What’s surprising, but expected however, is that the recent rise in the value of bitcoin is seen to have put a stop to the declining price of BSV, and the coin is back on an upward trend. Their recent gains have taken the value of BSV from $24 to $39 in less than 30 days. BSV thought of $49 at some point along the line. 

What this means is that the anticipated rise in the value of Bitcoin might cause a wild bull run for BSV and at its current price it’s grossly discounted. BSV is one of the best cryptos to buy now. Especially as the industry gets closer to the days of institutional investors getting involved with Bitcoin. BSV is best for long-term strategy- buy and hold. 

2. Litecoin (LTC) 

LTC is currently facing pressure from the bear. This is coming bearly a few weeks from its halving. With halving set for August, it’s expected that there will be an intense rally trailing the event. However, what’s trending right now is a loss of over 13% in the value of LTC in the past 7 days. Till now, the price drop is not slowing down as the coin has lost an additional 2% in the last 24 hours. 

What could this mean? While it may look bad for traders in the market. It’s big news for medium-term investors as this is the time to scoop up some LTC at nearly 20% below its market value. The week after the LTC halving might push the value of LTC back into the $120 region or above. The trend occurred with DASH halving, and it’s been the trend with LTC over the years. 

Litecoin LTC

Is LTC the best crypto to buy now? The data from the Litecoin chart agrees with the fact that LTC is indeed the best token to buy now. Looking at its chart, the RSI (14) value gives 43, which is considered neutral and slightly above the oversold region. The price of LTC has just corrected its recent wild upward trends.

Short-term investors seem to be moving in to take their gains from the upward trend. It is evident in its moving averages with 20-day ema and 10-emas signaling the sell biases, with values of 40.0 and 41.0 respectively. 

However, longer-term moving averages remain in the buy signals. Invariably the market still expects the price of LTC to pump in the coming days and it’s willing to hold on to the token in anticipation. Where this is evident is in the trading volume. While the price of the asset is declining, the trading volume seems to go up by nearly 66% in the last 24 hours. 

3. XRP (XRP) 

XRP has been in the news for most of the past and surprisingly, it continues the trend as the new week unfolds. The major concern around the XRP token is what might be its price actions in the coming days. At the moment, the token has been on a declining trend for the past 30 days. Largely, the protracted decline results from the legal struggle between the asset and the SEC. 

Despite its struggles, the Ripple Foundation continues pushing for initiatives that would strengthen the utility of the asset. For example, the move towards tokenization of the real estate industry is a big leap if it’s released. Ideally, that opens up over 5 trillion dollar value to the asset. 


Furthermore, XRP is currently attracting public interest as the social dominance of the token begins to grow. That’s evident in the report posted on the official Twitter handle of Sentiment, the market research platform

With growing interest comes a boost in value. In the coming days, XRP might see a surge in price. A look at its chart reveals that it has only to overcome the resistance at 0.48 before it begins a rally that might push the value of XRP up to the $1 range. 

4. Compound (COMP)

Compound tops the list of gainers on CoinMarketCap today. Its gains range ranging from 12% upwards in the last 24 hours. The bears have been the dominant force in the COMP market in the last seven days, pushing its price down to $52. COMP sprang back into recovery on the 9th with the price jumping back up by almost 20%, reaching up to $62 in 24 hours. While the struggle between the bears and the bills continues, is COMP the best crypto to buy now? 

Compound (1)

The compound utilities will benefit from the improving performance of the DeFi sector. Data from the global crypto market shows that DeFi constitutes 7.41% of the total trading volume in the last 24 hours. The compound token may increase with the sector as more use cases emerge across the network. Another reason to consider COMP as the best crypto to buy now is the resilience it has demonstrated recently. Despite facing price action across the market. While many cryptos have been forced into declining price movements, COMP seems to be regaining its upward trend with its eyes set on the $70 mark.

5. Thug Life (THUG)

Thug Life is currently making progress in its presale effort as it gets closer to its goals. Currently, THUG has raised over $822k in presale funds and it’s gradually moving towards its goals. As seen on its presale page, Investors have less than 6 days to join the moving train.


What is there to gain from being a part of THUG? Thug Life is not just a crypto project, it’s a movement to change how people view life and interact. The project came into existence to change people’s thinking and perception about nonconformists in society.

Therefore THUG serves as the identity of a group of people who think differently about life and approach life with unconventional vibes. Not only is it a lifestyle token, but it’s also a low-cap token that holds the potential to boost the investor’s gains in the long run. Currently, THUG is priced at $0.0007. In a couple of days, the price will jump to new eyes as the market influence takes ground. Now is the best time to get on board and benefit from the new token before it goes on the market. 

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