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$BEN Coin Bitboy Crypto Coin To 20x
$BEN Coin Bitboy Crypto Coin To 20x

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$BEN Coin, a recently introduced meme asset that was created by crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, showed a phenomenal increase of 101.9% in recent weeks. Ben Armstrong, often known as Bitboy, has expressed his excitement about the significant increase in the value of the $BEN coin.

The $BEN coin is the latest meme coin to create waves

$BEN Coin is the newest project to make a splash in the meme coin market, which is evolving at a quick pace. BitBoy, who has been very vocal about his participation in the group that is working on the Ben project, took to Twitter earlier today to express his contentment with the asset’s performance.

As he tweeted, “Let’s go bois BEN,” he did it with a sense of triumph, and he included a chart that displayed BEN’s astonishing ascension alongside the tweet.

In another tweet, he stated, “People are going to be sadly mistaken if they doubt BEN,” I find it hard to believe that people still fade me. You’d think by this point they would have picked up some lessons,” with the intention of conveying a message to those individuals who have provided criticism over the project.



Crypto enthusiast’s praise and viewpoint that the $BEN currency has the potential to rank among the top-50 most significant coins in this cycle served as the inspiration for this remark. He commended the coin and expressed the perspective that this cycle may see the BEN coin become one of the top 50 most significant currencies.

In another tweet, Bitboy also announced that the BEN token would soon be available on six of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. While $BEN prices continue to rise, some other memecoins are also making considerable progress, this time in the presale market. See our guide to the best coins to buy on Uniswap.

Alternative projects that are exceptionally profitable


AiDoge, a project that combines artificial intelligence (AI) ideas with an appealing “Doge-style” aesthetic, has just passed the $12 million threshold during the presale phase of its project, which has happened in a period of less than one month. This milestone was accomplished within the past few hours.

The excitement around AiDoge’s presale has been nothing short of phenomenal, and investors are scrambling to purchase $AI tokens while they are still being provided at a discount in comparison to the price at which they are expected to be listed on the CEX in the near future.

The fact that the AiDoge project’s official Twitter page has more than 34,000 followers demonstrates that a strong community has emerged within it. See our guide on how to buy AI coins here.

The elite of the social media industry haven’t ignored AiDoge’s meteoric rise because some well-known members of the crypto community, like YouTubers and crypto influencers, share and explain AiDoge’s potential to their thousands of followers.

The next few months will be interesting for $AI investors, assuming AiDoge can repeat the overwhelming popularity of its early presale phase, which will be closely watched by meme currency fans.

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The Copium ($COPIUM) cryptocurrency is yet another intriguing participant in the meme coin world. A week ago, Copium made a splash when it listed on the Uniswap DEX and immediately shot up more than 800% within a few hours of the listing. This caused the price of $COPIUM to surge to an all-time high of $0.0162.

But the peak did not last long, and the token has experienced a downward trend during the past four days. However, members of the “Copium Club” are starting to get enthusiastic again after the developers of Copium tweeted about the massive token burn and how 300 million $COPIUM will be eliminated in this occurrence.

As a result, there will be fewer $COPIUM tokens in circulation, which could increase their value. If interest in tokens continues to rise, this may cause the price to skyrocket. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

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The continuing crypto presale for the sustainable cryptocurrency project Ecoterra, which is creating an original recycle-to-earn network, has so far brought in over $4.2 million. As part of the initiative, Web3 software has been developed that lets users scan packaging before recycling it in exchange for $ECOTERRA. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

Users will be able to collect their reward from a reverse vending machine by bringing their recyclables and using the Ecoterra app. The goal of the project is to increase recycling rates by offering the promise of cryptocurrency rewards as an added enticement. In addition to holding or exchanging $ECOTERRA, users can put their tokens toward environmental causes.

Carbon credits that are generated from renewable energy projects such as solar and wind are available for purchase on Ecoterra. Credits can be bought from ECOTERRA and used to counteract the user’s own carbon footprint. Services are available on Ecoterra to support businesses in becoming greener.

A business-to-business market for recyclable materials is integrated into the system. In addition, it informs companies which of their products are being recycled, which might help them create more eco-friendly packaging. During the presale period, early investors can purchase $ECOTERRA for $0.0085.

From the original suggested price of $0.01, you’re saving 15%. The presale will continue through June 19, or until the hard cap of $6.7 million is reached. More than 60% of the $ECOTERRA allotted for the project has been bought. During the Ecoterra presale, early investors can purchase tokens using Ethereum, USDT, or a credit card.

Invest in $ECOTERRA at


With less than a month since its inception, the $YPRED token presale has so far raised over $1.5 million and is on stage 5 of 8. The current price of a token is $0.07, however, it will climb by 71% once it is listed on an exchange, to $0.12. As the gateway to the platform’s wealth of trading instruments, analytical data, and AI-powered prediction models, YPRED plays a crucial role in the yPredict ecosystem.

Tokens can be staked and will be applied as a prize token for the most effective predictive trading models produced by the community, and they can be used to get access to yPredict via a three-tier membership model (Free, Active, and Pro), with each tier enabling the usage of various functions and measures.

yPredict will utilize AI and ML to forecast market trends, analyze data, and draw conclusions about the future. Traders and investors will be able to gain advantages from using yPredict to make smarter choices in the market.

The platform will also include a marketplace for the sale of model predictions as a service, as well as play-to-earn and learn-to-earn aspects, in order to attract a large community of people who are actively involved in the process. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy now here.

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