Search Inside Bitcoins Presale: Next Crypto to Explode? Nearly $14m Raised!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Sensational new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered meme generating and sharing platform’s viral presale is nearly over, as FOMO for the next big meme coin to explode rages.

In barely one month, the Web3 AI/meme project has raised a stunning $13.7 million via the sale of the $AI token that will be used to power the AiDoge platform, with supporters raving about a novel new concept that AiDoge is introducing to the crypto world called “Meme-to-Earn” (M2E).

And investors have no time to lose if they still want to secure AiDoge’s $AI token at a discount, which is not to be confused with ArbDoge’s $AIDOGE token.

Once the presale hits $14.06 million, it will enter its 20th and final stage and the $AI price will rise another 1.2% from its current $0.0000332 to $0.0000336, which is the price $AI is set to list at across major centralized and decentralized exchanges later this year.’s presale has a $14.9 million hard cap.

That means, with the project raising funds at a staggering pace of roughly $300-400,000 per day, the presale is likely to completely sell-out this weekend or early next week.

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Is $AI Set to Be the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode?

Cryptocurrency markets have been in a state of meme coin frenzy in recent weeks.

The explosion of Pepe coin (PEPE) in April, which made instant multi-millionaires, was the spark for a tsunami of new meme coins, some of which have also resulted in big winnings for early investors.

The stunning rate at which AiDoge’s presale has sold out likely reflects the FOMO that has taken over the meme coin market in recent weeks, with investors on the hunt for the next meme coin gem.

Cryptocurrency projects linked to AI-related use-cases have also performed very well so far this year, as interest in generative AI-related technologies (like ChatGPT) skyrockets and big tech companies pump out new AI-powered products.  

Analysts unsurprisingly see big potential for the AiDoge platform and its $AI token, given it ticks both the AI and meme coin boxes that investors are looking for, whilst also introducing the exciting new concept of Meme-to-Earn (M2E).

And unlike Pepe and the vast majority of meme coins that have been springing up in recent weeks, the $AI token offers actual utility and is backed by a legitimate, credible project with an exciting development plan and roadmap.

Popular British crypto presale analyst Jacob Crypto Bury thinks that $AI could easily be the next crypto to explode and has the potential to 100x.

Meanwhile, fellow crypto presale analyst Crypto Gains, whose YouTube account has more than 100K subscribers, thinks $AI could easily post 20x gains.

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Understanding the Operational Mechanism of AiDoge’s Platform

AiDoge, which sits at the intersection of the meme and AI worlds, is building a revolutionary new social platform that allows users to generate memes using AiDoge’s cutting-edge generative AI technology.

AiDoge’s platform “employs advanced AI technology for creating relevant memes based on user-provided text prompts,” states the crypto project’s whitepaper.

“Users provide text prompts for meme generation… the AI processes the input, creating relevant, engaging memes, making meme creation accessible to all”.

Meme creators post their content to the public wall and the community can then vote on their favorites.

The platform has an inbuilt mechanism to promote the best memes and reward their creators with $AI tokens.

AiDoge thus offers meme creators their first viable avenue to an income stream related to their hobby, all whilst the blockchain technology that underpins the AiDoge platform protects their ownership rights over their content.

The revolutionary social platform is thus being referred to as “Meme-to-Earn” (M2E), a ground-breaking new concept that is proving to be a hit amongst the broader crypto investing space.

What is the Potential Price Ceiling for $AI?

When $AI lists on exchanges at $0.0000336, it will be a $33.6 million fully diluted market cap coin, thanks to its total token supply of 1 billion.

As AiDoge delivers on its roadmap in the coming months and attracts a substantial user base and engaged community, and assuming that we are in the early stages of a new crypto bull run, the potential for 100x gains to a $3.36 billion market cap should not be discounted. 

Supporting evidence for that comes from Pepe. Earlier this month Pepe briefly hit a market cap of $1.8 billion, despite having no actual use case. 

Meanwhile, utility-lacking Dogecoin and Shiba Inu both have market caps of around $10 billion and $5 billion respectively.

The sky is thus the limit for AiDoge in terms of growth potential.

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