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Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, November 2: IBATUSD Makes a Buy-trade Set-Up

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Battle Infinity Price Forecast: IBATUSD Shows a Buy-trade Signal (November 2)
Today, IBATUSD sends a clear bullish signal that the bulls are still strong. IBATUSD Makes a Buy-trade Set-Up. If the forces from buyers in the market should increase and sustain the coin prices above the $0.003284 supply mark, the bullish correction pattern may plunge prices to the $0.3000 supply level trend line. Hence, a turnaround and a buy trade signal for the coin investors.

IBAT (USD) Long-term Trend: Bullish (1H)
Despite the interruptions from the short traders, the Battle Infinity market still maintains a bullish trend in its long-term outlook. The bulls could not stop investing in the coin, so the general sentiment regarding the coin is bullish.
 IBATUSD Makes a Buy-trade Set-Up

After completing the dip-lows by sellers, an additional effort was added by the bulls and the price jumped up to a $0.003186 high mark above the resistance trend line. This suggests an uptrend as well as an indication that the buy traders are really responding to the price actions in the market.

Additionally, the momentum indicator shows that the price action of IBATUSD is in an uptrend, this implies that the coin price will continue in its bullish correction pattern. Thus, if buyers managed to close the 1-hourly candle above the $0.003284 supply mark, the potential rally could drive the prices higher to hit the $0.3000 trend line soon in its long-term view, thus, more gains and clear buy signals for the coin holders.

IBAT (USD) Short-term Trend: Bullish (15-Minutes)
The currency pair remains strongly in an upward move in its lower time frame. We have also spotted a counter-trend line breakout in the direction of the bigger picture trend, which singles the potential end of a pullback and the start of a continuation to the upside.
 IBATUSD Makes a Buy-trade Set-Up
IBATUSD looks promising despite the moves from the bears as the buy investors made a strong ride with a long bullish candle to the $0.003177 resistance mark above the two EMAs as the 15-minute chart opens today. This implies that the coin is actually been traded by the bulls at the moment.

Hence, with the price showing an uptrend on the daily stochastic, if the coin buyers manage to break the above the $0.006500 trend line, the market participants may witness a long bullish recovery rally and this may reach a high at the $0.2000 mark soon in its lower time frame.

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