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Battle Infinity Listing on PancakeSwap – 2 days to go

Battle Infinity Listing on Uniswap
Battle Infinity Listing on Uniswap

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It has been a while since Battle Infinity met its presale requirement. And naturally, the next step was to become open to a wider audience through listing on a cryptocurrency exchange. Battle infinity list on PancakeSwap is now about to happen, and only two days left to go.

How Battle Infinity Became One the Most Successful Presale Crypto of 2022

Every so often, a cryptocurrency that’s capable of changing the game arrives. It has strong fundamentals and tries to do something different. If those words remind you of something, remember that’s how we have always described Battle Infinity.

It arrived, answering the most important question: Can blockchain games be fun?

With all its talks of giving people a “fun way to earn,” crypto gaming hasn’t always been fun. Take Axie Infinity, for instance. While the play-to-earn mechanics kick ass – the gameplay is not good. There can only be so much in a turn-based action game with limited attacks.

Battle Infinity is different. For one, it is not merely a game. It is a gaming platform that aims to bring games that run on unreal engines on the platform. If you know, the Unreal Engine is one of the most popular gaming and graphics engines on the planet that’s used in many games, from Unreal Tournament to Stalker to Red Fall, othersand – the list is endless.

These games are known for fun and graphically intensive – with fortnight having 2.5 to 4 million concurrent players at any time of the day in 2022. Needless to say, the crowd is bullish about such games, then why the blockchain gaming is so lackluster?

The reason can always be put in one word – not caring about the gameplay. The original devs who came up with the concept of blockchain gaming focused on idle games first. Their idea was to first create a blockchain game focused on the play2earn mechanic. And while they tried to introduce more “fun” elements later, it was too little and too late.

On the other hand, Battle Infinity is a gameplay-first platform focusing on high-end games with amazing gaming and earning mechanics. And if that’s not enough, it also has an NFT marketplace where people can buy or sell in-game assets.

On top of a good gameplay ecosystem, Battle Infinity also has a robust DeFi platform. With Battle Swap, they will be able to swap other cryptos for IBAT (or vice versa), and with Battle Staking, they will be able to lock their crypto and earn rewards.

Because of these factors, Battle Infinity’s presale was a great success. The soft-cap requirement was completed within a week. And the hard-cap supply was finished 66 days before the end of the presale.

Battle Infinity is coming to PancakeSwap

As we draw closer to the listing of IBAT on PancakeSwap, we can’t help but wonder about the future of cryptocurrencies. More cryptos are entering the markets that have utilities. It will be nice to see how far IBAT goes in the future. For now, keep your hands crossed and hope to make multi-x gains when the token gets listed in CEXs because the word on the grapevine is that LBank listing is next.

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