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Bank of America is Hiring a Specialist to Spearhead its Ripple Technology

Bank of America Gets Patent for Risk Assessment as Security Worries Linger Concerning Crypto
Bank of America Gets Patent for Risk Assessment as Security Worries Linger Concerning Crypto

The second-largest banking institution in the USA is seriously looking for a ripple expert. The institution wants to hire a treasury product manager who will be in charge of Ripple technology.

The idea is to work on the blockchain technology to implement the robust blockchain payment network.

The Bank posted this on LinkedIn, but it had stopped receiving the application for the position as of October 10.

According to the bank, the ideal candidate will lead the project management team to develop cross border payment through the decentralized ledger technology.

With BOA’s involvement in blockchain technology, it brings genuine interest from major stakeholders. And as far as financial stakeholders go, Bank of America is certainly up there.

The candidate will be head of Ripple development

BOA clearly stated the role of the ideal person they want. The successful candidate will take charge of the development of new initiatives, daily product management routines, and driving product growths and strategy.

The end goal is to create a highly competitive and innovative product offering.

In July, BOA filed a patent on the Ripple technology. Their search for competent personnel to oversee the robust technology complements the bank’s energy and drive to stay ahead in the industry.

With this interest in Ripple from BOA, it’s obvious that the Bank has joined the increasing number of banks who are interested in Ripple in some form.

The Bank is gradually throwing its weight on crypto

It is a fact that BOA’s influence on any market will always have a great effect. But it has continuously been docile and unresponsive when it comes to cryptocurrency.

The bank is renowned for blocking customers’ accounts who have traded via the platform in recent years.

But it seemed the bank is gradually turning a new leaf since 2019. Just last month, the Bank entered the Marco Polo blockchain trading platform.

These are certainly indications that things are beginning to get interesting for BOA as regards the crypto market.

The banks has documented the search for the lead role of a Ripple specialist well.

The ideal candidate must be well vast in the payment sector. However, he or she does not need to have extensive knowledge in the cryptocurrency market.

The role is to spearhead the development of the payment sector. Those with proper knowledge of cryptocurrency will come in at a later date.

With the rate of seriousness in the bank’s desire to go into the crypto market, there is a strong indication that it will become a major stakeholder before the year runs out.

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