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AstroPepeX Price Prediction: Will APX’s Value Triple in the Next Six Months?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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AstroPepeX (APX) price has been on a steady downtrend since September 20 in the one-hour timeframe. This load-shedding exercise comes after a 21,000% climb from the floor price to an intra-day high of $0.0001376.

With so little to act on with the higher timeframes, the one-hour chart below points to upside potential for APX. Before that, however, it is critical to understand whether there are enough bullish fundamentals for AstroPepeX value to grow.

Exploring AstroPepeX Ecosystem

AstroPepeX is a ChatGPT-generated AI meme token on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The AI tool then named it and wrote the ERC-20 code.

The token has listings on tier-one exchanges, including LBank and Bitget, where hype continues to ramp up. It features on Bitget Exchange’s innovation, meme, and AI zones.

The innovation zone is special for trending tokens in their initial listing stages. user @CroissantEth created it as they endeavored to test the capabilities of ChatGPT in conjunction with smart contracts on Ethereum. The user leveraged OpenAl’s API to create a script capable of prompting and directing ChatGPT to create a token. He says:

In essence, it asks ChatGPT to form an ERC20 token using Open Zeppelin standards.

AstroPepeX contends against AstroDEDEX (ADX), which AI does not create but the handiwork of a strong developer team from the ETH chain. This has sparked debates about the potential for genuine community and actual holders destroying the virtual products AI.

Recent revelations by an alleged on-chain meme market scanner suggest that the earliest buyer of APX was its very own deployer wallet.

The address starts with 0xx92fb….6919.

AstroPepeX developer
AstroPepeX developer address

Remarkably, the deployer wallet profited a thousandfold, with the initial investment of $29 turning into over $68,000 in under 5 hours. It is worth mentioning that the address has yet to sell any tokens.

AstroPepeX Price prognosis

AstroPepeX is trading with a bullish bias on the one-hour timeframe, indicated by the Parabolic SAR indicator tracking the price from below. The indicator currently acts as a support level for APX at $0.00003496 and could ferry the meme coin north for as long as investors’ profit appetite remains in check.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), a momentum indicator, shows that bulls are increasing their buying pressure. It is tipping north to show more bulls coming in. In the same way, the histogram bars of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) are turning shade, moving from pale to deep green. This adds credence to the bullish outlook.

TradingView: APX/USD 1-hour chart

Conversely, it is impossible to ignore the dwindling volume of trades around the AstroPepeX token, indicated by the histograms below the chart. This indicates a dropping interest among investors for the token, even as the hype around listing continues to fade. As such, it is possible that the euphoria or mania that tends to explode token values after listing has already been priced in for APX.

Short of sufficient buyer power, AstroPepeX could continue within the confines of the descending parallel channel. In the dire case, the altcoin could break below the midline and, ultimately, the lower boundary to record a new all-time low.

Meanwhile, another token, WSM, has proven exceptional and is worth your attention. However, you only have a few days to get in before the train leaves the station.

Promising Alternative To APX

WSM is the native asset for the Wall Street Memes ecosystem, a project committed to expressing the internet’s triumph over rampant capitalism. The project has showcased one of the most astounding popularity in the history of presales, with its community having over one million users. Equally significant, the WSM project records more than forty million impressions monthly, and technology billionaire Elon Musk is one of them.

With many social media users loving the WSM memes, the vibrant community has translated into investors. This explains how easy it was for the network to achieve the $25 million in presale collections weeks before listing. With this, it has earned a place among the four best crypto presales to buy in 2023.

Diversify your portfolio with WSM and enjoy rewards as high as 75 WSM tokens per block rewards. To enjoy these rewards, be one of the stakers.

Staking helps reduce selling pressure, which buys Wall Street memes tokens time to grow in value. The staking function has recorded tremendous success, with up to 362,118,369 million WSM tokens staked so far.

The token is also among the top three cryptocurrency gems that could explode this month, even as the end of the presale countdown continues. With the project is going live in less than a week, now is your chance to buy WSM at discounted rates of $0.0337. The price is expected to rise after listing.

Visit WSM here

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