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As Pepe Coin Price Flirts With Zero New Cryptocurrency Meme Kombat Spurts Past $100,000

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Hottest New Stake-to-Earn Gaming Meme Crypto Launches Presale - Meme Kombat
Hottest New Stake-to-Earn Gaming Meme Crypto Launches Presale - Meme Kombat

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All the rage a few months ago, Pepe is way off its highs, and its price could be going to zero, which has traders knocking down the door to get a piece of the action on new cryptocurrency Meme Kombat.

Impressively, the latest new meme coin on the block has raised $103,000 in the past couple of days, so it is already a tenth of the way toward its initial $1 million target.

Meme Kombat ($MK) might be considered the ultimate meme coin because it is a gaming ecosystem where popular meme characters come together to battle it out, and users wager on the outcomes.

Meme Kombat is the first and only meme-battling platform to come to market. Inside its ecosystem, players can wager on battling meme characters using a decentralized Web3 infrastructure, where trust and transparency are taken as given. 

Unlike utility-lite Pepe, with Meme Kombat you can stake-to-earn to secure a passive income stream. 

Stakers can earn an enticing annual percentage yield (APY) of 112%. A staking dashboard to show the real-time tally of staked coins in the pool is coming soon. In the meantime, presale buyers can still elect to stake their coins and start accruing yield immediately.

The team at Meme Kombat understand how blockchain is so well-suited to power sectors such as betting, memes, and gaming – three of crypto’s most successful segments.

You can purchase Meme Kombat token ($MK) today for $1.667 and start staking and earning straight away. 

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After the Meme Kombat presale sells out, the meme coin scene’s favorite characters start battling

You can start playing at Meme Kombat when the project goes live with Season 1, immediately after the presale ends. 

Season 1 features 11 meme characters, including Doge, Shiba, Pepe, Baby Doge, Sponge, Wojak and Milady.

Players will be able to bet on whoever they fancy in the battles by, for example, backing the favorite or playing the odds.

According to the Meme Kombat roadmap, Season 2 is scheduled to start in December 2023.

A security audit of the Meme Kombat smart contract carried out by Coinsult is now available. Helpfully, a direct link to the full audit report is prominently displayed on the project website.

With a relatively modest $10 million hard cap raise target to hit given the size of the opportunity, there really is no time to waste for investors in getting up to speed on Meme Kombat. 

Get ready for 10x gains when Meme Kombat token lists on decentralized exchanges

Meme Kombat is Doxxed

In addition to earning income from staking, platform participants will be able to use the same tokens to bet on the outcome of battles between meme characters in the Meme Kombat Arena.

Leaderboards will rank the best players, providing another source of winner rewards. All winnings will be paid in the $MK token.

With so many meme characters to play with, there will be more than enough of them to appeal to all stripes of meme coin degens.

Meme Kombat is doxxed. Its founder is Matt Whiteman, chief operations officer of Netherlands-based North Technologies, an NFT trading and analytics company.

Whiteman has 20 years of experience in process design and improvement. He is passionate about Web3 and building products from scratch.

In a sector where anonymity is almost a badge of honor, Meme Kombat stands out from the crowd and will provide added confidence for investors.

The project also has a publicly available physical address displayed on its website – ​​Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Likely because of Whiteman’s existing activity in the NFT space, Meme Kombat is reported to be seeing significant interest among Web3 venture circles.

A captivating and unpredicatable gaming experience

At the core of the ecosystem are automated battles between various meme coins, with all the outcomes determined transparently on-chain for tamper-resistant results.

Using leading-edge AI technology, battles take place in an engaging battle imaging environment for a captivating and unpredictable gaming experience. 

AI makes sure that battle sequences are randomized and unpredictable. Battles are, therefore, not just exciting but also always fair.

Also, because Meme Kombat runs on the Ethereum blockchain, real-time updates allow battle outcomes, wagers and rewards to be reflected instantly for all players.

Meme Kombat has one-of-a-kind ecosystem 

Meme Kombat’s one-of-a-kind ecosystem and $MK native token make staking and wagering easy. Winners receive $MK tokens in addition to the opportunity to win a variety of valuable prizes.

Alongside enjoying the gaming, long-term token stakers can earn passive income in the form of an annual percentage yield (APY). 

But there’s a welcome twist that determines the level of income earned by taking into account not just the length of time staked but also the amount of engagement on the platform. 

The staking mechanism is automatic for all presale buyers, with rewards earned throughout the presale. After the presale ends, presale stakers can re-stake their tokens via the claim page. 

$MK tokens can be withdrawn from staking at the end of the presale, but those who do so will forfeit the rewards earned during that time. Staking rewards compound daily.

The dynamically updated yield will appear in real-time on the website three to four weeks after the presale has begun, according to the Meme Kombat whitepaper.

If you stake today, you will be in opposition to start betting when the battling system goes live after the end of the presale. Bear in mind, though, that only staked tokens can be used for wagering, thereby encouraging long-term commitment to the project. 

As the platform grows in size and network effects kick in, the value of the ecosystem will grow, boosting the value of the Meme Kombat token as buyers drive up its price. 

YouTube crypto analyst Oscar Ramos with 55,000 subscribers to his crypto channel provides a level-headed review of the project. He says he really likes the look-and-feel and quality of the imagery in the project – an important consideration for a meme and gaming project. 

Oscar also notes that the APY sounds amazing and the fact that the project is audited

Another crypto analyst predicts Meme Kombat to 10x at launch and believes it may have 100x potential.

Across leading crypto news sites, the new meme coin project has already been featured in the likes of Decrypt, Cointelegraph and CryptoSlate.

Meme Kombat in the vanguard of the mash-up between gaming and gambling

Altogether, 50% of the total token supply is being sold in the presale, 30% for staking and battler rewards, 10% for community rewards, and 10% for decentralized exchange liquidity. The total token supply is 12,000,000.

Gambling is a huge industry. The global online gambling market alone is set for huge continuing growth, and blockchain technology is heading the charge. 

According to data compiled by Statista, the online gambling industry’s market size is estimated at $95 billion for 2023. 

Meanwhile, the projected compound annual growth rate over the next four years is expected to be 8.54%, for a projected market volume of US$131.90 billion by 2027.

Through its blending of blockchain, AI, and memes, Meme Kombat is in the vanguard of the mash-up between gaming and gambling. 

Aside from the technology, there is also the valuable financial engineering that underpins the ecosystem, which is a form of liquid staking, the hottest segment in DeFi crypto.

By freeing up staked tokens for use in other economic spheres while remaining staked, Meme Kombat is, in effect, a form of liquid staking – a sector that is growing fast, spurred on by the migration of Ethereum to a proof-of-stake protocol.

Jumping on board the Meme Kombat train puts investors at the forefront of meme-infused gaming and gambling, with the added safety of a secure income stream paid out of the token supply allocated to community rewards.

Priced at $1.667, Meme Kombat token can be purchased today with ETH, BNB or USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions).

Visit Meme Kombat here

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