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Meme Kombat Begins New Crypto Presale: Can The Innovative Stake-to-Earn Meme Coin Achieve a 10x Return?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Stake-to-earn gaming token Meme Kombat launches a new crypto presale in what is shaping up to be one of the year’s most exciting releases.

A first-of-its-kind crypto project, Meme Kombat lets you wager on battling meme characters using a decentralized Web3 infrastructure with a premium on trust and transparency. 

The folks at Meme Kombat realize that blockchain is uniquely well-suited for merging betting, memes, and gaming, bringing together three crypto uber trends to create a singular killer project.

You can buy Meme Kombat ($MK) now for $1.667 and start staking and earning straight away. The annual percentage yield (APY) is 112%. 

The gaming fun starts when the project goes live with the launch of Season 1, immediately after the presale ends. 

Season 1 will feature 11 meme characters, with players able to bet on whoever they fancy in the battles by, for example, backing the favorite or playing the odds.

According to the Meme Kombat roadmap, Season 2 will start in December 2023.

A security audit of the project smart contract is being carried out and will be published on the website shortly.

With a relatively modest $10 million hard cap raise target to hit, given the size of the opportunity, there is no time to waste for investors in getting up to speed on Meme Kombat. 

Get ready for 10x gains when Meme Kombat token lists on decentralized exchanges

Crypto First: Combining Meme-Incorporated Stake-to-Earn with Stake-to-Bet, Led by a Transparent Founder

In addition to earning income from staking, platform participants can use the same tokens to bet on the outcome of battles between meme characters in the Meme Kombat Arena.

Leaderboards will rank the best players, providing another source of winner rewards. All winnings will be paid in the $MK token.

With so many meme characters to play with, there will be more than enough of them to appeal to all stripes of meme coin degens.

However, as well as being based on a good idea, a project needs a team to execute it. Here, Meme Kombat has another winning card – founder Matt Whiteman is doxxed. The smart contract audit will also be published on the website shortly.

Whiteman is also the project lead and is chief operations officer of North Technologies, an NFT trading and analytics platform based in the Netherlands.

A project manager by trade, Whiteman has 20 years of experience in process design and improvement. He is passionate about Web3 and building products from scratch.

Verifiable team credentials stand in stark contrast to the practice of many crypto projects, where undoxxed teams proliferate, requiring investors to conduct laborious due diligence and open their capital to unknown risks when backing a project.

There are no such worries where Meme Kombat is concerned. It is also nice that the project has a physical address – ​​Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

By all accounts, Meme Kombat is already piquing interest in Web3 circles, no doubt helped by Whiteman’s existing presence in the sector via his COO role at North Technologies.

Step into the Meme Kombat Arena: Understanding the Mechanics

At the center of the ecosystem are automated battles between various meme coins, with all the outcomes determined transparently on-chain for tamper-resistant results.

By deploying cutting-edge AI technology, battles are brought to life in an engaging format for a captivating and unpredictable gaming experience. 

AI allows for vivid and engaging battle imaging through dynamic visualization. The technology also makes sure that battle sequences are randomized and unpredictable. Battles are, therefore, not just exciting but also always fair.

Bear in mind, too, that because Meme Kombat runs on the Ethereum blockchain, real-time updates allow battle outcomes, wagers, and rewards to be reflected instantly for all to see

Meme Kombat Offers Staking Rewards Based on Duration of Stake and User Engagement on the Platform

Meme Kombat’s innovative system makes staking and wagering easy to do using $MK, the native token of the platform. Winners receive $MK tokens and the opportunity to win various valuable prizes.

At the core of gaming economics is a staking system with a difference. Through long-term staking, token holders can earn passive income through an annual percentage yield. 

However, the income earned depends not just on the length of time staked but also on the amount of engagement on the platform. 

The staking mechanism is automatic for all presale buyers, with rewards earned throughout the presale. After the presale ends, presale stakers can re-stake their tokens via the claim page. 

Tokens can be removed from staking after the end of the presale, but those who do so will forfeit the rewards earned during the presale period. Staking rewards compound daily.

The current annual percentage yield (APY) is 112%. The dynamically updated yield will appear in real-time on the website three to four weeks after the presale has begun, according to the Meme Kombat whitepaper.

Importantly, only staked tokens can be used for wagering, encouraging long-term commitment to the project. 

As the platform grows in size and network effects kick in, the value of the ecosystem will grow, boosting the value of the Meme Kombat token as buyers drive up its price. 

The Potent Mix of Blockchain, AI, Meme Integration, and Liquid Staking

Fifty percent of the total token supply is sold in the presale, 30% for staking and battler rewards, 10% for community rewards, and 10% for decentralized exchange liquidity. The total token supply is 12,000,000.

The global online gambling market is seeing explosive growth, and blockchain technology is powering the charge. In 2022, the industry market size was $63.5 billion, according to Grand View Research, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 11.7% between 2023 and 2030.

Through its fusion of blockchain, AI, and memes, Meme Kombat is doing something genuinely novel and innovative. 

Aside from the technology, there is financial innovation, which means the ecosystem will appeal to the same demographic that has made liquid staking the hottest sector in crypto.

Liquid staking allows, for instance, stakers on the Ethereum blockchain to free up the value of their coins by creating a new asset with claims on the underlying staked asset.

Meme Kombat is a little different but is based on a similar idea, so even though the coins are staked, they can still become ‘economically active’ by being used as stakes in wagers.

Today’s exposure to the Meme Kombat token opens up a world of meme-powered game-based gambling and dual-purpose staking that earns yield while simultaneously taking the form of a betting stake. There truly is nothing else like Meme Kombat on the market.

Priced at $1.667, Meme Kombat token can be purchased at with ETH, BNB or USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions).

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