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ARK Investment Management Will Review its Distribution in US

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itfocused solely on disruptive innovation,” has revealed “an important step toward strengthening its business and foundation for future growth,” according to a press release from the group.

“As part of this process, ARK has commenced a request for proposal (“RFP”) process to explore the potential replacement of Resolute Investment Distributors, Inc., an affiliate of ARK’s minority partner, Resolute Investment Managers, Inc., as a distributor of its U.S. retail and institutional products and services. Resolute Investment Distributors, Inc. will be considered in ARK’s evaluation and RFP process,” the release continues.

Speaking on the matter is ARK Founder, CEO, and CIO, Cathie Wood, who said:

“Since our founding in 2014, ARK has evolved a differentiated research and investment strategy that identifies technologically-enabled disruptive companies which, as reported by Morningstar, has resulted in top 1 percentile returns for multiple products over one, three, and five year periods. Thanks to our research and investing success, ARK now is one of the largest ETF issuers in the U.S. To maximize ARK’s potential, one of our priorities is to partner with shared-vision, best-in-class service providers.”

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