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Amazon Managed Blockchain Now Has Ethereum Available On It

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Amazon Web Service (AWS) has made a very interesting announcement today. From now on, Ethereum will be made available by way of Amazon Managed Blockchain. Through this, Amazon will provide the world with a new managed and scalable solution.

Ethereum Gaining Amazon Support

It’s a safe assumption to make that Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency out there, and certainly is so when looking at the market caps. Recently, Etheruem has gained a significant amount of support and recognition, with Amazon’s newfound support for it only piling on top of that. It seems that Bitcoin has, more or less, been taken in by the institutions, and now they’re looking for the other big fish in the crypto space to invest in.

The announcement from AWS is a very big event for Ethereum in general. It will allow developers within Ethereum to have a better general time in the creation of automatic software upgrades, general application, and scaling solutions to meet demands.

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The Mandatory Self-Praising

Indeed, Amazon highlighted that customers of AWS will now be capable of providing Ethereum nodes within a matter of minutes and with great ease. From there, the users will easily be capable of connecting with the various public networks of Ethereum, either the test nets, like Ropsten or Rinkeby, or the main net itself.

AWS was quick to praise its own new service, highlighting the many features it promised would be absolutely amazing. It highlighted how Ethereum users will now gain access to secure encryption and networking, be it at rest or at transport. Users will be able to access this network through any standard open-sourced Ethereum API, and AWS boasts reliable, quick syncs with the Ethereum blockchain at large. Furthermore, this new service also boasts elastic storage within the ledger storage.

Greater Interest In Ethereum’s Business

Another feature of Amazon Managed Blockchain is the monitoring of node health and the automatic replacement of unhealthy nodes. It automates the upgrading process for Ethereum and gives an overall availability increase when it comes to the infrastructure for customers.

Users in the process of developing various solutions for the Ethereum network, be it fraud detection software, smart contract monitoring tools, or just general analytics products, will be able to benefit greatly as well. Amazon Managed Blockchain boasts to be widely available, highly scalable, as well as fully managed.

Time will tell how successful a service this will be, but it’s clear that Amazon wants a piece of the Ethereum pie. Indeed, the mainstream players are all starting to take notice of various other forms of crypto besides Bitcoin, as the world’s greatest cryptocurrency managed to propel the rest into the mainstream’s eyes, as well.

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