Akon Reveals Details about His $6 Billion Akon City

Akon Reveals Details about His $6 Billion Akon City
Akon Reveals Details about His $6 Billion Akon City

Senegalese-American singer and philanthropist Akon recently revealed details about his ambitious $6 billion Akon City project. The city will have seven major districts and will use a digital currency called akoin.

Real-life Wakanda

Referring to the blockbuster hit Black Panther, Akon referred to his Akon City project as the “real-life Wakanda.” The city will be divided into seven major districts- the offices and residential district, the African culture village district, the health and safety district, the entertainment district, the technology district, the education district, and the Senewood district.

Akon Reveals Details about His $6 Billion Akon City

The African culture village district will feature a seaside resort and come with a spa, a ballroom, a restaurant area, a ballroom, a hotel, and a fitness center. It will also come with an open market and 20 chalets. The hotel in this region will feature rooms that will be decorated for each of the 54 countries of Africa.

The city website suggests that there will be a smart parking system in the region that will include a more efficient, energetically sustainable and more efficient system that comes with an automated parking system, e-parking, and e-transportation facility.

More details revealed

The website suggests that the city is located “in the heart of Cadastral de Mbodiene park … within the beautiful landscape of water and surrounding nature.” It also noted that the city is easily accessible to commuting and the general public. It also claims to be setting a new standard for all the future real estate development in Senegal and the broader African region.

The project was designed by an architect based in Dubai. According to the Associated Press, it is unclear if the building materials and the teams for construction will be sourced locally. Akon noted that he is also eyeing for creating franchises of the project in other countries and continents. He also noted that he has already secured $2 billion of the necessary funding for the project. The contract for building and executing the city has been given to a US based consulting and engineering firm KE International.

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