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AiDoge’s $5 Million Presale Success – Next 100X Coin

AiDoge’s $5Million Presale Success
AiDoge’s $5Million Presale Success

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The revolutionary platform that lets people make their own memes, the AiDoge $AI token stage 8 presale, was a huge success, raising $5.5 million. AI is a great idea that can be used in many ways, so it is being used in other crypto projects. Investors seem to like AiDoge, one of the most popular AI meme crypto investments.

AiDoge the revolutionary meme maker

The cryptocurrency community is in a frenzy due to an upsurge of investors into the meme coin market, hoping to become overnight successes. That’s because after the Pepe coin inflated, some early buyers made a profit of 20,000% or more.

AiDoge is one of the newly created meme currency projects that delivered a lot more, and it has the potential to become the successor to Pepe currency. AiDoge creates a coin that will be the only one of its kind because it is based on a unique concept.

AiDoge has devised a meme-to-earn concept that,  if implemented, would make it possible for meme creators to actually generate a profit from their works via the use of the native AI currency. Since memes are such a big deal in the cryptosphere right now, the platform has teamed up with AI to help their meme creators.

Considering AI technology will have such in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry, it will be able to offer people ideas and layouts for making the finest memes the internet has ever come across. It has a good whitepaper with future aspirations, the site consistently features the finest meme makers, and the project has the potential to go popular on a regular basis.

Investors will be eagerly awaiting AiDoge’s debut on significant cryptocurrency exchanges because of its fully diluted capitalization of $33.6 million and 1 trillion token circulation. As anticipation for the presale grows, this ceiling has a chance to rise as well.

AiDoge presale have raised over $5 million

Investors have already shown a significant amount of interest in the AiDoge presale, which has resulted in the raising of more than $5.5 million. The ERC-20 AI token has a total quantity of 1 trillion tokens and has all of the attributes anticipated for tokens developed in line with this criteria.

The AiDoge project has a total of twenty stages of the presale, and each phase sells 25 million tokens. In all, 500 million tokens will be purchased. Each AI token will cost $0.0000292 for this particular round of the presale. Since it is expected that all of the tokens will be bought up so quickly, it is encouraged that investors get involved as early as possible.

Tokens can be purchased with ETH, USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20), BNB, and cards. The price of the token is projected to be $0.0000336 when it has been listed, and listings are projected to occur during the third quarter of 2023. The maximum amount that can be raised during this presale has been set at $14.9 million.

The meme creator AiDoge generates profit

AiDoge incorporates a public wall feed for all user-created adaptations. The wall functions as a voting platform to determine the best memes. Outstanding makers receive AI tokens as compensation. Tokens are awarded at the end of each month to the memes that received the highest scores. See our guide on how to buy AI coins here.

Every participant is given a fair shot at the monthly reward pool when the leaderboard is regenerated. The top-ranked meme authors will get access to premium features as well as voting privileges as part of the governance system that AiDoge has in place.

Staking is another activity that can earn you prizes on AiDoge. Stakers earn daily credit payouts proportional to the amount staked, providing both passive income and hot memes. The expansion of the platform directly correlates to an increase in the potential earnings for those who create memes.

To put it another way, AiDoge is not just a source of memes but also a source of profit for its creators. The AiDoge project has an opportunity to radically revolutionize the market for meme currencies due to the fact that it will combine cutting-edge features with the finest features of already existing meme coins.

The primary factors that influence the value of $AI

The value of $AI, the platform’s native token, fluctuates based on the marketplace, user interest in the platform’s features, and the wider state of the meme coin sector. Let’s analyze the key elements that contribute to the price of $AI. Visit our guide to the best altcoins to buy here.

  • Growth in platform usage and service interest. The need for AiDoge’s services in creating memes using artificial intelligence will increase as the platform becomes more popular. Since $AI tokens are the primary currency for buying meme-generating credits on the site, their demand will rise in line with the demand for memes. Therefore, if more people start using AiDoge’s services, the $AI tokens’ value could go up.
  • Rise of the Meme Coin Market. The meme currencies are becoming increasingly mainstream, with several receiving substantial attention and investment. The price of $AI could go up if the meme coin industry keeps growing and getting more attention, as buyers might see it as a chance to get into this niche market.
  • Participation in the Community and Staking. The AiDoge’s staking, voting, and reward systems all work together to motivate users to participate in the network as a whole. Staking $AI tokens for daily credit incentives and other perks can limit the circulating supply of tokens, which could increase the price of $AI if more users engage in staking.
  • Building of Projects and Carrying out Strategies. The users will likely develop a higher level of confidence in the platform if AiDoge is able to successfully achieve its roadmap, which includes the introduction of new features and upgrades. It is possible that the perceived value of the $AI token will improve as the platform continues to develop and positions itself as a solution that is both competent and inventive in the development of memes.

Is buying AiDoge token a good idea this year?

AiDoge is a great way for investors to get into the AI business through the blockchain, as it utilizes generative AI to make memes. It is also useful and has long-term promise since it solves a problem that many creators and would-be creators in the social media crypto community encounter.

Considering the project is still in the pre-sale phase, it is still a small-cap coin, which means it has a lot of opportunity for expansion. Taking into consideration the one-of-a-kind idea that underpins AiDoge, the rising popularity of meme coins, and the fact that the platform places a strong emphasis on community interaction, $Ai might be one of the finest cryptocurrencies to invest in during the current bear market.


AiDoge has developed a cutting-edge platform that is based on blockchain technology and enables users to make memes using artificial intelligence. To make memes, users will be required to acquire credits, which can be paid for with the project’s native cryptocurrency, $AI.

It is possible that in the months and years ahead, the platform will generate explosive profits if it follows the strategies outlined in its roadmap and keeps expanding.


AiDoge - New Meme to Earn Crypto


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  • Generate Memes with AI Text Prompts
  • Staking Rewards, Voting, Creator Benefits
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