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AiDoge $5,500,000 Raised – Best AI Crypto to Buy Now – Next 100X Coin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

AiDoge Crypto Presale Raised $5 Million
AiDoge Crypto Presale Raised $5 Million

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The ground-breaking platform that enables users to generate memes AiDoge has successfully raised $5.5 million in its AI token presale. Because AI is a powerful idea with many potential uses, other crypto projects have begun to employ it. AiDoge is one of the most renowned AI meme crypto initiatives that appears to be attractive to investors.

AiDoge Ground-breaking New Meme Generator

The previous few weeks have seen the meme coin market overrun by investors looking to become millionaires over night, sending the cryptocurrency world into a state of excitement. This follows the fact that some early Pepe Coin investors saw returns on their investments of 20,000% after the coin pumped.

The market was seized at the time as people searched for the next crypto to experience a boom in hopes of replicating the meme coin’s success. Despite all of this, the market for meme coins still has room for the discovery of the next Pepe Coin.

AiDoge is one of the brand-new meme coin initiatives gave a lot more and might turn out to be the replacement for Pepe Coin. AiDoge has created a coin that will be the only one of its kind due to an innovative idea. AiDoge has developed a meme-to-earn concept that would enable meme makers to really get profit from their creations by using the native AI token.

We all know that one of the hottest topics in the crypto industry right now is meme creation, thus the platform has also worked with AI technology to aid their meme makers. The way it operates is that because AI technology will have a deep understanding of the crypto market, it will be able to provide users with tips and templates among other things, enabling creators to produce the best memes the internet has ever seen.

It is the only cryptocurrency of its kind to introduce a meme-to-earn concept, the site regularly features the finest meme producers, the project has a chance to go viral constantly, and it has a strong whitepaper with future ambitions. If all of this wasn’t convincing enough, the underlying data also points to its impending success.

AiDoge will launch on major cryptocurrency exchanges and become extremely sought after by investors right away because to its 1 trillion token supply and $33.6 million fully diluted market cap. This cap has a chance to increase as well as the enthusiasm surrounding its presale intensifies.

AI Token Raised $5.5 Million

The AiDoge presale has already attracted a lot of attention from investors, raising more than $5.5 million. The ERC-20 AI token has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens and has all the features expected of tokens created in accordance with this specification. Guide on how to buy AI token here.

There are a total of 20 rounds of the presale for the AiDoge project, with 25 million tokens being sold in each round. During this round of the presale, each AI token is priced at $0.0000292. It is recommended that investors get involved early because it is anticipated that the tokens will sell out quickly.

Token purchases can be made via ETH, USDT (ERC-20 and BEP20), BNB, and cards. With listings scheduled for Q3 2023, the token’s price after listing is anticipated to be $0.0000336. The presale’s hard cap is set at $14.9 million.

Find the full AiDoge crypto presale update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob crypto Bury also runs a Discord channel with 12,000 members.

AiDoge Community-driven Platform Will Alter the Online Engagement

AiDoge includes a public wall feed from all user-generated parodies. The wall serves as a voting forum to determine which memes are the finest. The successful creators are rewarded with AI tokens. Each month, the memes with the highest scores are rewarded with tokens. When the monthly leaderboard is reset, everyone has an equal chance of winning.

As a part of AiDoge’s governance, the top-ranked meme creators will also have access to premium features and be granted voting rights. AiDoge also provides rewards for staking. Stakers receive daily credit rewards proportional to the amount staked, generating both passive income and trending memes.

The greater the platform’s growth, the greater the earning potential for meme creators. In other terms, AiDoge is not only a meme generator, but also a source of income. By fusing cutting-edge features with the finest qualities of existing meme coins, the AiDoge project has the potential to completely transform the meme coin market.


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