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AGIX Price Prediction – This Dark Horse Is Up Nearly 300% This Month!

AGIX price blasts 300% in January
AGIX price blasts 300% in January

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AGIX price has been performing well in recent weeks bolstered by exploding attention surrounding AI tools like ChatGPT. Investors have been particularly glued to AI-related crypto projects such as SingularityNET (AGIX). This token has seen its value surge substantially by 300% to trade at $0.1895 at the time of writing. Its trading volume remains relatively high with $78 million coming in over the last 74 hours.

AGIX Price Explodes Leading Rally In AI-related Tokens

Blockchain projects developing artificial intelligence solutions have been at the focal point of investor interest lately, especially with Microsoft announcing its intent to invest huge sums of money in OpenAI. Attention started shifting to AI-related crypto projects as the world marveled about the ‘do it all’ ChatGPT.

While AGIX stood out among blockchain AI projects, tokens like Fetch.ia, VeChain, DeepBrain Chain, and Ocean Protocol among others reaped big as investors rushed to book positions amid bullish projections for the up-and-coming sector of the crypto economy.

Microsoft Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and producers of computer software and consumer electronics boosted the performance of AI-centered blockchain projects like AGIX following plans to invest at least $10 billion in OpenAI, the startup building the popular search tool ChatGPT.

AGIX Price Holds Crucial Support, Is It Time to Buy?

AGIX price joined the 2023 crypto relief rally slightly late but has gone ahead to record one of the most stunning recoveries in the market. After consolidating below $0.05, AGIX suddenly broke out in the second week of January, with the uptrend becoming unstoppable to highs of $0.2579.

The move left many surprised with some investors booking early profits that culminated in the fast-major dip of the year on January 14. Due to the spike in selling pressure, AGIX price was forced to seek refuge at $0.15 but quickly rebounded to $0.2324.

AGIX price blasts 300% in January
AGIX/USD four-hour chart

Profiteering resumed compelling AGIX price below the upper accelerated trend line. The leg stretched under the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) (in red). AGIX now exchanges hands at $0.0187 while holding firmly above the major rising trend line.

AGIX Price in The Confines of a Rectangle Pattern – Breakout Soon?

AGIX price has been pivoting within the confines of a rectangle pattern, held in place by the intense tug of war between bears and bulls. As more investors lock in profits, more are convinced blockchain AI projects like SingularityNET have a bright future and are not afraid to buy after a 300% move in about three weeks.

A rectangle pattern, as shown on the chart above, has no bullish or bearish biases. However, the direction AGIX takes would depend on where it breaks out from – either up or down. Therefore, bulls must push the price above the rectangle resistance at $0.2321 to safeguard a 44% northbound breakout to $0.3330. Otherwise, declines will soar if AGIX price slides below the rectangle support at $0.1615.

The 100-day EMA (in blue) at $0.15 would cushion the bulls from a harrowing drop likely to test the next major support at $0.1 and $0.05, respectively.

Despite the confinement in the rectangle pattern, bulls seem to have the upper hand based on the position of the Stochastic oscillator as it climbs toward the overbought region. If the momentum indicator breaks and holds above the falling dotted trend line, bulls will push for the resumption of the uptrend and guarantee the enormous 44% swing to $0.3330.

AGIX Alternatives to Buy

To increase their returns significantly, investors may want to include a variety of presale tokens in their investment portfolio. History has shown that investing in altcoins at the presale stage, such as Tamadoge (TAMA), can lead to significant gains, with TAMA increasing by over 1,800% upon being listed on exchanges. Additionally, these new crypto projects have the potential to greatly impact the cryptocurrency industry.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Investors with an interest in play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming platforms may direct their attention to Meta Masters Guild, the first mobile-focused web3 gaming guild. In this new ecosystem, users are rewarded for playing the games they enjoy in addition to a wide scope of contributions they can make to generate more revenue.

Meta Master Guild stands out from other P2E platforms such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland by prioritizing the development of games that players want to play, rather than solely focusing on monetization.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is selling quickly with over $1.1 million raised in approximately three weeks.  Investors can purchase 1 MEMAG for $0.013 in the third round, expected to run for about two weeks.

Visit Meta Masters Guild Now.

Calvaria (RIA)

The Calvaria project aims to promote the wider use of cryptocurrency through a battle card game called Duels of Eternity. In this play-to-earn game, players compete in tournaments using cards featuring unique characters and abilities to earn rewards and progress.

The game is available in two versions: a free mobile version and a blockchain-powered play-to-earn version. This allows players to try the game before committing to the blockchain version. By winning tournaments, players can earn the game’s native token, RIA, which can be used for staking or in-app purchases.

Calvaria’s presale of RIA is in its final leg having sold 95% of the tokens and raised over $2.93 million.

Visit Calvaria Now.

Fight Out (FGHT)

As many people move toward health and wellness, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions that make maintaining fitness more exciting and fulfilling.

Fight Out, a Web3 fitness app and gym chain utilizing a Move-to-Earn (M2M) concept, aims to meet this need by incorporating elements of gaming into the fitness experience. Users can earn rewards, badges, and progress within a dynamic ecosystem by completing workouts and challenges on the platform.

The app utilizes a currency called REPS, an off-chain in-app token, to reward users within the Fight Out ecosystem. The system operates on a subscription basis and users can use both FGHT and REPS tokens during sign-ups. Fight Out presale has brought in $3.28 million and continues to sell out fast; investors must hurry before the price starts increasing in 12-hour intervals.

Visit Fight Out Now.

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FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out