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A New Game-Changer on the Horizon: Town Star NFT!

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Town Star NFT
Town Star NFT

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Over time, crypto gaming has advanced from its static role of a bystander and plunged into the mainstream. After all, blockchain games have become the front-and-centre projects of several major enterprises in the crypto sphere, including Zynga. The globally leading American social game developer founded back in 2007 has a dedicated blockchain gaming division, just in time to ride on the unprecedented NFT wave that has swept the gaming industry recently.

Therefore, when the creative minds behind this super successful and widely popular gaming venture came up with Town Star – a first-of-its kind city-building game on the Gala blockchain – there was bound to be a lot of buzz and hullabaloo. Bringing to the table “farming with a competitive twist”, this blockchain gaming revolution is no less than a one-stop destination for the biggest prizes and play-to-earn rewards!

While players must “grow, gather and craft” their way to building the most efficient and productive town imaginable, here’s an overview of this Gala flagship game.

The Town Star NFT: Here’s What We Know

Built on the Gala blockchain, Town Star involves city building besides land and resource management, a first of its kind in the Play-to-Earn metaverse. Items as well as currency belonging to players are stored on the Gala blockchain, and these can be bought, sold, as well as traded for Gala and/or other cryptocurrencies with ease.

Town Star may not be the first playable game coming from Gala Games, but is certainly the first of its sort, with its unique play to earn farm building premise giving players complete ownership of marketable blockchain-backed items. Though the game also features traditional in-game items, these special marketable goods bring additional perks to the table, such as a gleaming chance to win daily TOWN rewards simply for using the items in your gameplay! The competitive agricultural game has a leaderboard to acknowledge the best players of the week, who are in for major prizes as a mark of their victory.

The decentralized network of Gala Games, which has been in the making for over 18 months with a host of talented developers on board, uses Ethereum blockchain technology. The free-to-play farming simulation comes with low-poly cartoonish graphics, and blockchain-based trading of resources on the pillars of transparency, security, and efficiency.

Getting into the Game

That Town Star will be taking on a similar path as Farmville was already expected, and yet it does so with a marked difference – players enjoy complete ownership whenever they buy or create NFTs in the form of items. When you start the game, you are provided with some free money to start working on your farm, convert it into a profitable business, and begin trading items with other players.

A bunch of Town Star items are available for purchase only using in-game currency, which should be earned and spent entirely within the game itself, having no real worth beyond the game. Put simply, this money is non-transferable. On the other hand, some items come in limited supply, can be owned by only one player at a time, and can be used in the game as well as beyond – these are the Town Star NFTs. You can easily cross your collection over to one of the many games within the Gala Games blockchain network or even use the official Opensea marketplace of Town Star for highly rewarding trades.

The official launch token for Town Star, called the Town Coin, is available on several top exchanges like OKEx, Bitrue, Uniswap (V3) as well as DODO. With a current price (at the time of writing) of the token at $0.720075 USD, it has an impressive 24-hour trading volume of $2,583,985 USD.

Town Star NFTs You Should Know About

The Bots

The game’s bots continue to enjoy a special place, with designers and programmers giving these assistant workers the identity they deserve for completing numerous in-game chores quicker and better than their human counterparts!

Most of these bot NFTs are available only in the secondary marketplace now, and include the extremely uncommon FarmBot, the Town Star Builder CraneBot, the assistant in moving and harvesting of common agricultural products called ElfBot, the SaltyBot dealing in transportation and harvesting of basic farming goods, Mr. Puddles and Buggy Mr. Puddles assisting in all water-related activities.

The Resource Stands

Offering steady supplies of specific crops and thus reducing the need for cultivation to an impressive extent, resource stands can make a huge difference to the gameplay when used wisely. The Wheat Stand, for instance, supplies passive units of wheat in variable quantities to surrounding windmills and feed mills, and comes in Standard, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient typologies.

The Sugar Stand similarly offers passive sugarcane units while the rarest of rare Cotton Stand comes in the form of a tiny structure distributing passive cotton units.

Extra Storage

Going with a conventional, basic Silo can often prove to be harmful for players, as it leaves no room for control over their function or performance, and thus little influence of a builder over his town. This is where the Extra Storage NFTs come into play, including Wheat, Brine, Grape and Sugarcane storages. Each will only store the item it is designated for, though in variable quantities depending on the building’s rarity.

Fountains and Water Towers

It goes without saying that water is one of the most important resources for an agricultural town, such as the one you are building in Town Star. Therefore, the dedicated units offering passive water to your crops and water facilities play such an important role in the game. An added twist is that while these resources function just like ponds, they can be very easily removed and replaced as well.

The Alfa fountain is available in four distinct conventional rarities – OK, Good, Great and Majestic – and offers passive water in bigger volumes, making it suitable for watering large town squares and farms. The Water Tower functions just like the Alfa Fountain, but unlike the latter it can be purchased from the Town Star store. It is best suited for watering tiles.


There is also an Express Depot NFT which becomes available only when a user of the Town Star ecosystem upgrades their membership to Gala Gold. The possession of this NFT instantly opens doors to a range of bonuses, sneak peeks, and faster supplies. The Solar Panel NFTs work on a similar concept as Fountains and Water Towers, offering passive units of energy to adjacent squares, with the benefit of being conveniently removable and replaceable.

Mining Bonuses

With over 1000+ farm bots that can mine a token, both early birds and late entries can be sure of enjoying the Town Star gameplay to the fullest and developing customized farm and trade assets for exciting rewards. All you must do is either buy loot boxes and assemble various parts or purchase a pre-assembled miner at a higher price to enter the floor.

Registering on the Platform

Becoming a Town Star is easy – proceed to the official website here and go through in careful detail about the game information. Click on the “Try it FREE” button and create your account. You will get a unique link that you can share with your friends, and every new signup upgrading to Gala+ will earn you $5 worth of Bitcoin. Follow this up by filling in your details and you are good to go.

Creating Your Own Wallet

The first step to wallet creation is entering another password for encryption and 1st layer security – it is advisable to not use the same password for the game and wallet alike. The next step takes you to MEMORIAL WORDS, which we will highly recommend you write down on a piece of paper or store on a safe location. Once you enter these words when prompted and confirm, you are ready to enter the Town and start playing.

Starting the Game

With all formalities said and done, just hit on the PLAY NOW button, pick your location of choice on the world map before you, and join the Town Star to chat and learn from other players in the game.

What’s Ahead for the Town Star NFT?

The game already boasts of $2M cash prizes to top players so far, 700,000 unique towns created by Town Star’s player builders, and $10,000 weekly rewards available now for players worldwide. On these lines, 2022 seems set to be an exciting year for Town Star, in fact its most successful landmark so far, with bright prospects of a refreshing gameplay, new earning methods, as well as a host of new NFTs for gamers to bank upon.c.

If all this buzz has ignited your curious little brain cells and you feel eager to know more about NFTs, this is the perfect place to be! Starting right from how to buy NFTs to the best NFT stocks and NFT wallets, we have covered it all for inquisitive investors like you. Head over to expert answers or dive into the latest industry buzz and get to know NFTs and the crypto world in much better detail!

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