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A Look at Ultra’s Upcoming Web3 Marketplace for Gamers & Other Exciting Projects

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NFT and Web3 marketplaces have been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years, with new entrants competing for users but also carving their own unique niche sin a space that’s still new and exciting.

In this context, later this month, the venerable Web3 gaming company Ultra announced that it will debut its Ultra Games marketplace, which will feature a unique feature: a secondary market where users can resale digital games they’ve already bought.

What is Ultra?

In their own words, 

Ultra is the first entertainment platform that brings games, digital assets, tournaments, and live streams to one place, all easily accessible through a single login.

In addition, due to the on-chain digitization abilities they provide, it enables users to have true ownership of their goods.

All the content you buy from Ultra, such as games, DLCs, and virtual items, are on-chain digital goods you truly own. On Ultra you’re in control of your assets as though they were physical items. These assets can be sold, traded and given away to your friends within Ultra, or outside of Ultra, through 3rd party marketplaces and mobile apps.

According to the business, the new digital PC gaming shop will debut with 60 to 70 games, including Web3 games like Cards of Eternity, Cross the Ages, and MARS4. However, it will also include conventional “Web2” games devoid of NFT or tokens, such as Syberia, Lords of the Fallen, and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series.

The startup’s own Ultra layer-1 network, a clone of the EOS blockchain, which has been under development since 2018, serves as the foundation for Ultra Games, which will debut on April 25. Since then, goods like the Ultra Wallet, upcoming Ultra Arena esports platform, and Uniq Marketplace for NFTs have helped the Ultra gaming community steadily grow.

Intriguingly, due to tokenized license rights, Ultra titles will permit players to resell bought titles via the Uniq Marketplace. Despite the fact that game producers have the option to reject this initiative, Ultra Co-CEO Nicolas Gilot said in an interview with publication Decrypt that he thinks there is a strong case for game developers to permit the second-hand selling of games.

Game producers have the chance to take advantage of [the secondary market], according to Gilot, who also noted that studios can establish an initial no-resell time (for example, for three months after debut), a minimal resale price point, and the revenue percentage that it automatically gets.

Brian Fargo, a seasoned game creator and co-founder of the blockchain startup Robot Cache, has also dabbled with the resale of digital games using its own IRON currency. Some of the exact same games that Ultra Games will give users are listed in the Robot Cache marketplace.

Users will be able to join up for Ultra Games using their email and phone number even though they are not Web3 residents. Under a Web2-friendly UI, crypto components (like your wallet address) are concealed, but users can still access them if they so choose. Additionally, Ultra Games doesn’t charge customers for network gas when they trade.

In famous Web2 games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), where individual items have sold for over $100,000 each, digital artifacts and assets are already well established. However, user-owned NFT assets allow for the potential of cross-game interoperability while such assets are usually restricted to a single game or platform.

What are the opportunities provided by the Web3 metaverse?

We hear a lot about Web3 these days, but why exactly is it so revolutionary? According to a paper by OliverWyman on this concept,

The Web3 metaverse represents an opportunity for a reset that could fix some of the well-known problems of the Web2 internet, including data mining and concentration.

It is an example of a brand-new, decentralized framework that combines simulated environments with brand-new forms of currency and properties using blockchain technology. In comparison to the current internet, this paradigm guarantees more possibilities for both creators and users and gives them a bigger part of the rewards from these virtual worlds. The amount of money flowing into the business suggests a promising future: Over $10 billion was generated by metaverse-related businesses in 2021 alone.

What are other web3 projects are currently up-and-coming and profitable?

At InsideBitcoins, we have constantly providing our users with numerous guides and up to date information regarding the new projects in the Web3 and NFT spaces. Among these, some stand out in particular as having a lot of potential, and we can name here the RobotEra project.

RobotEra is a brand-new coin metaverse initiative with a strong emphasis on creating immersive worlds. Players are taken to a simulated world by the metaverse project, where they are given fun tools and in-game items to create their own environments, engage with other players, and win rewards.

The fascinating project’s design will combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality to let users build virtual communities and in-game businesses.

Crypto specialists predict that RobotEra’s native currency, $TARO, will soar in value and produce over 25 times returns on investment in the upcoming years due to its primary utility and integration with the metaverse.

The best moment to benefit from TARO’s current presale is right now before its price rises in the following step.

Play, Interact, and Earn with RobotEra

The brand-new metaverse experience called RobotEra centers on machines and futuristic settings.

RobotEra includes an engaging plot to entice players, like many online games do. The game takes place on the fictional world Taro, which is populated by robots.

Before a cataclysm wiped out the initial residents and gave birth to intelligent machines, Taro was home to both people and robots. Players must use their creativity to create a new universe that anyone can live in now that the conflict is over.

A customizable NFT robot character serves as the player’s representation on the RobotEra metaverse interface.

Players can buy virtual property, construct estates, make robot friends who will be their obedient partners, and assist them in completing duties within the virtual world.

RobotEra NFT technology secures and verifies the title of real estate and territories on Taro. RobotEra symbolizes a seamless start-up and an array of limitless possibilities, in contrast to other gameplay platforms that demand a series of laborious and difficult learning curves.

Users with no prior expertise in computing, coding, or measuring can create thrilling video games with ease. Additionally, they have access to a variety of real-world networks as well as simulated events like performances, museums, salons, casinos, and restaurants.

Incentives and Opportunities Abound in the Metaverse

All players have access to a variety of crypto-centric reward possibilities thanks to the RobotEra ecosystem.
Gamers can create and market bespoke non-fungible token (NFT) characters, real estate, and territories.
Users can also use the RobotEra native currency, $TARO, to buy additional lands and construct projects like homes, arenas, swimming pools, salons, casinos, or clubs that they can hire out to make a set number of tokens.

Purchase $TARO Now – Price to Rise as Second Presale Phase Starts in Hours

At the time of publication, $TARO was trading at $0.020 USDT and had already collected over $1 million from buyers.
In the second stage of the auction, the value of TARO is anticipated to increase to $0.025 and in stage three, to $0.032. Investors who buy the money in Stage 1 will consequently get a 60% profit.

Investors who want to secure in the metaverse’s future development must act quickly and buy TARO coins before the presale expires.

Invest in RobotEra’s TARO Presale Now


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