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A fake BAYC raffle is launched as The Sandbox Instagram account gets hacked

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The Sandbox’s Instagram account was compromised and employed to attempt to advertise Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs out of a multitude of individuals on the community media site. Last Thursday, attackers distorted the infamous voxel-powered NFT system’s account, endorsing a bogus raffle voucher occasion that advertised some season 4 LAND freebies to unknowing users.

The company stated that all two-factor identity information and other safety precautions had been circumvented to advertise the bogus freebie. The web page URL for the account was altered, and one user claimed to have already lost some NFTs after tapping the counterfeit link.

Some people could click the URL to the fraudulent webpage, which urges individuals to communicate web-based account wallets to enter the bogus giveaway.

Sandbox’s founder and CEO, Sebastien Borget, disclosed that the cybercriminals then contacted many Instagram customers with BAYC profile photos to give those NFTs, providing 40ETH to utilize the infamous BAYC NFTs only for a day.

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A few hours too late

Borget said the platform regained control of the Instagram profile a few moments later, while posts advertising the bogus freebie were still active at publication.

Since Alpha’s release last November, the NFT-powered virtual world system has partnered with famous companies and public figures. Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton have teamed up with the launch pad, and well-known clothing stores such as Adidas have also released NFTs wearable tech that seems coherent with their platform and other virtual world systems.

The Sandbox group noted that it’s collaborating with Instagram’s safety group to finish a vulnerability assessment and review of the event. It cannot give any further feedback until enough information is available.

This area, like virtual currency, lacks democratic accountability and regulatory oversight. The danger of exposing sensitive data is excellent when using decentralized applications to accept transactions and handle token transactions. The value of the password used to create decentralized applications is crucial to mitigate phishing fraud security flaws. Blockchain specialists also advise performing safety audits to spot any software bugs.

OpenSea, a central NFT ecommerce platform, and the BAYC have previously been targeted by threat actors using a similar operation: a scam artist jeopardizes a profile (Instagram, YouTube) and advertises a bogus giveaway claiming to provide airdrops.

Users impacted by the event can notify The Sandbox group via electronic mail at

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