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10 Crypto Experts on Meme Coins, Next WOJAK, TURBO, BOB, KEK, REDDIT, PEPE Price Predictions

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto Experts on Meme Coins,
Crypto Experts on Meme Coins,

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Memecoins have always gotten mixed reactions from cryptocurrency experts. Historically, many of the memecoins have been rug pulls or tokens with little to utilities. Even Dogecoin is to be blamed for the incessant emergence of low-performing tokens. However, there is just something about the social and viral factor of these tokens that just stick with people.

The level of parabolic gains these seemingly “worthless” assets can achieve is beyond comprehension. And these tokens perform on their own lane and don’t have anything to do with traditional market fundamentals. So 10 crypto experts have chimed in about the value of memecoins.

10 Crypto Experts on Meme Coins

The latest performance of memecoins has sent crypto experts on the speculation spree again. Many are now suggesting that memecoins are a must addition to a crypto portfolio, especially if the funds are low. Here are the recent tweets about memecoins from ten crypto experts.

Altcoin Sherpa – Memecoins Can Do That No Normal Coin Can

Altcoin Sherpa, a popular crypto expert on Twitter with close to 200k followers, addresses that while the memecoins mostly are rug-pulls and do nothing productive, they sometimes outcompete Bitcoin when it comes to profits earned for early movers.

Ace – Let us See How Memecoins Work

Popular crypto and Stock trader just tweeted that he bought some PEPE, BOB, REDDIT, and WOJAK tokens recently. From the looks of his tweets, he has been experimenting with how these coins might perform now.

Pepe recently went on a huge uptick that sent the crowd through confusion. Many experts still wonder whether this token is a pump/dump asset or something of true value. But no significant detail has come out of it so far.

$trong – People Don’t Understand the Power of a Good Meme

$trong is a crypto expert with more than $182k followers on Twitter, and his recent tweet puts him in a favorable position about the crypto memes. He has stated that memecoins have power due to memes, and people don’t understand it.

Crypto Bitlord – Memecoins Will Melt Your Face Off

Embracing the true meme-worthiness of memecoins is Crypto Lord, who tweeted a meme-like tweet where he shared that memecoins have some untapped power that the community hasn’t realized yet.

Look On Chain – Taking a Pragmatic Stance of Memecoins

Look Onchain is a crypto expert with over 170k followers on Twitter. He has tweeted recently about the recent move by SmartMoney, who bought 1 trillion worth of PEPE tokens, which was equivalent to 2.1 ETH, and ended up making $1.71 million in profits.

He further went into the trading strategy that has been implemented by SmartMoney to maximize their returns.

Mac – Don’t Invest in Large Altcoins On Low Funds

Crypto expert Mac has suggested that those who have low funds shouldn’t waste them on large tokens. And from the trends Bitcoin has been going through lately – it is true. Instead, Mac states, users must focus on NFTs or gamble their funds on tokens like Dogecoins – meme tokens capable of granting parabolic gains to users.

TL – Don’t Let Unrealized Profits Go Out of Your Hand

Crypto expert TL Trader shared a chart showing PEPE’s performance in his recent tweet and has stated that those who are still holding on must realize their profits now. And it is a warranted concern as memecoins have a habit of going through massive retraces once they have pumped.

LilMoonLambo – Send $KEK to 10M

LilMoonLambo recently revealed that he bought $KEK tokens when its market capitalization was under $750k. And now the PEPE is pumping, and KEK is going up along with it. The crypto expert has implored his community to push KEK past the 10m mark.

Johnny – Memecoins are Outperforming Every Coin Out There

Crypto investor Johnny, who has over 400k followers on Twitter, has recently tweeted that memecoins have been outperforming leading tokens for the past many months.

Jacob Bury – Spongebob Token Has Potential

Analyst ‘Jacob Crypto Bury’ posted a video to his YouTube channel on new token $SPONGE.


AiDoge Has the Potential to Surpass Them All

The memecoins that have been trending well recently have no fundamentals behind them. “Just because” is the reason many crypto traders are giving behind their rally behind these joke assets. But where there are parabolic gains, there are massive retraces as well.

This is why it is better to invest in memecoins that have not made it to the market yet. The recent crypto presale offering is AiDoge. This AI-powered meme-to-earn crypto is redefining content generation by helping users automatically create memes through a few text prompts.


The token is powered by $AI – an ERC-20 token – which allows users to buy credits to generate memes. AiDoge is currently available as a presale that has already raised more than $1.1 million at press time.

AiDoge has more fundamentals than your standard tokens, and it can latch on to the popularity of the memes it generates to grow in value. In other words, it might not only have the potential to go up parabolically but also maintain that high level for a long time.

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