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7 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Cent January 20

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Identifying affordable token prices under a cent can be a game-changer for the next bullish cycle. These low-cost cryptocurrencies offer an entry point for those looking to update their portfolio for the next upward trend.

However, Searching for these cheap coins becomes a hassle as the crypto space expands daily. Therefore, this article streamlines the search with a list of the “best cheap crypto to buy now under one cent.”

7 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Cent

Rollbit Coin reached week 23 in its token burn campaign, with investors reaping the rewards. Moreover, Kaspa has successfully tested ten blocks per second transaction speeds. Meanwhile, Sponge V2 hit a new milestone with 5,390,882,888 tokens staked, valued at $5,233,589.24. Equally, Freshly-launched bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) attracted an impressive $3.33 billion within their initial five days of trading.

1. Rollbit Coin (RLB)

Rollbit Coin accomplished 23 consecutive weeks with buys and burns on the RLB Dashboard. In the past week alone, the platform bought and burned 12,581,515 $RLB, reducing the circulating supply by around 0.42%. Even though RLB’s outlook is bearish, traders are projecting that the token burn could spark a resurgence. 

RLB Price Chart

Due to this, traders are closely monitoring the situation, anticipating a potential resurgence driven by this deliberate deflationary move. This strategic reduction in supply aims to boost prices, presenting an enticing opportunity for investors. Moreover, this news has moved Rollbit Coin into the green zone with a 17.76% intraday rally. RLB is priced at $ 0.134092, reflecting a 0.03% market dominance. 

Furthermore, RLB’s performance over the past year hit a 981% price surge. This surge placed the coin above 97% of the top 100 crypto assets. At the same time, RLB actively trades above the 200-day SMA. Equally, it is positioned near its cycle high, indicating a strong and dynamic performance.

2. Kaspa (KAS)

In a recent update, Kaspa has successfully tested transaction speeds of 10 blocks per second on its testnet. This accomplishment positions Kaspa alongside Visa in terms of transaction capacity. What sets Kaspa apart is its commitment to full decentralization. Along the same lines, it functions as a permissionless cryptocurrency without centralized control.

KAS Price Chart

Furthermore, the attained transaction speed is attributed to Kaspa’s innovative proof-of-work algorithm. Therefore, users are assured security on par with Bitcoin while avoiding centralization pitfalls seen in other swiftly transacting cryptocurrencies.

Following KAS’s recent listing on Coinstore, the Kaspa community is optimistic about an upcoming upward trend. By extension, if the platform collaborates with other networks, there’s potential for the Kaspa Coin to surpass $0.239 by 2024. In a bullish crypto market, the anticipated average price of the Kaspa Coin is expected to stabilize around $0.213 by 2024.

3. Sponge V2 (SPONGE V2)

Sponge is staging a compelling comeback with the launch of Sponge V2, an upgraded version surpassing Sponge V1. Geared up for the impending bull market, Sponge V2 builds on the foundation of V1. Following on from this mover, it introduces Play-to-Earn (P2E) functionality into the Sponge Ecosystem.

Moreover, Sponge is actively conducting a presale to facilitate a smooth transition from the older version. During this period, users have exclusive access to purchase bonuses and an automatic staking system. This strategic approach actively engages the existing community while luring new participants.

Furthermore, Sponge V2’s growth journey has been impressive, starting at $1 million. Impressively, it surged to a peak market capitalization exceeding $100 million in 2023, ultimately stabilizing at $16 million. This remarkable trajectory actively underscores the project’s resilience and potential in the market landscape.

4. Curve Dao Token (CRV)

Is CRV the best cheap crypto to buy now for under one dollar? Curve DAO Token holders await a bull run as the market regresses into a neutral phase. While the coin is currently in the bearish zone, a 2.04% intraday increase signifies an impending resurgence. 

CRV Price Chart

In the last intraday session, CRV has risen to $0.525706, amassing a $142.49M trading volume. Moreover, CRV has 1.08 billion tokens in circulation out of a maximum of 3.30 billion. On a related note, the yearly supply inflation rate was 102.41%, creating 544.40 million CRV within the past year.

Notwithstanding recent market fluctuations, Curve DAO Token holds the 12th position in DeFi Coins. In addition, it ranks 3rd in Yield Farming and 26th in Ethereum (ERC20) Tokens. CRV registered 17 green days in the last 30, constituting 57% of the observed period. 

5. WOO (WOO)

WOO has joined forces with Bitcoop, a Thai exchange, to elevate blockchain and Web 3.0 education in Thailand. In the meantime, WOO has made a statement in today’s trading session, surging by 3.88%. This surge has placed it among the best cheap crypto to buy now and firmly above the 200-day SMA.

WOO Price Chart

Moreover, investors are bullish on WOO, corroborated by a Fear & Greed Index reading of 64 (Greed). WOO Network’s intraday value and trading volume numbers are $ 0.415987 and $ 65.49M, respectively. 

In addition, a market dominance of 0.05% places WOO in 9th position in the Exchange Tokens sector. Likewise, WOO’s circulating supply stands at 1.81B out of a maximum of 3.00 B. The yearly supply inflation rate is 51.58%, creating 616.10M WOO last year.

6. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox weathers the current neutral storm, showcasing resilience and robust growth potential. Since its inception, SAND has captured considerable attention, consistently trading above the 200-day SMA and outperforming its token sale price. With 15 green days in the last 30 days, signaling a 50% positive trend, The Sandbox emphasizes its stability. 

SAND Price Chart

Moreover, the coin’s substantial market capitalization, reflecting high liquidity, further bolsters its appeal to investors. Despite the current bearish sentiment in The Sandbox price prediction, the Fear & Greed Index remains neutral at 52, highlighting a balanced market outlook. 

Furthermore, with sturdy fundamentals and unwavering community support, this equilibrium sets the stage for potential growth. Not to mention, the Sandbox promises to scale new heights, especially through collaborations with other networks.


Q4 marked a significant triumph for TRON, solidifying its position as a top-tier smart contract platform in the crypto space. The platform pulled in an impressive $119 million in revenues, surpassing all networks except Ethereum and Bitcoin in fees. Equally, TRX achieved the status of a rare deflationary token, with a 3% reduction in supply during 2023.

TRX Price Chart

Furthermore, TRON’s prowess lies in its rapid and cost-effective USDT transfers. As such, it boasts a total issuance of $49.3 billion USDT, constituting half of the entire USDT supply. Plus, introducing RWA protocols, such as stUSDT, in the latter part of 2023 further amplifies TRON’s impact on the USDT market.

In the coming year, TRON, under the leadership of Justin Sun, aims for expansion. This involves actively attracting more crypto developers through a $100 million developer fund and a comprehensive enhancement of the developer experience.

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