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6 Best Altcoins to Invest in Right Now January 19 – NEM, Render, Siacoin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto market is trading relatively neutrally as traders reduce market activity. However, the overall market outlook is bullish, with a sustained green candle expected soon. Therefore, this period presents an excellent window for investors to jump on coins that will join the green trend when the bull returns. InsideBitcoins aids traders in this quest for tokens, offering a rundown of the best altcoins to invest in.

7 Best Altcoins to Invest in Right Now

From emerging technologies to innovative use cases, this analysis shed light on the digital assets poised to captivate the attention of investors seeking growth and diversity in their portfolios. With investors optimistic about raising the bears, regulatory approval has been granted for the spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This move is expected to democratize Bitcoin access, opening doors for a broader investor base.

1. Flare (FLR)

FLR has been on an impressive bullish streak, securing four consecutive green days after Google Cloud’s foray into the blockchain space. While the global cryptocurrency market grapples with a 2.56 % downturn, FLR’s performance has been good. Hence, Flare’s recent Upward trend has moved its price to $0.023234, aided by a 0.02% market dominance. 

FLR Price Chart

Furthermore, the token is up 3% in the last 24 hours, outpacing other Smart Contract Platform cryptocurrencies. In addition, the 24-hour trading volume stands at $49.36M, followed by a market cap of $342.70M. Equally, Flare’s future appears bullish, with a neutral Fear & Greed Index at 51. 

Moreover, FLR has been on 15 green candles in the last 30, signaling a substantial 50% positive trend. Notably, FLR stands out for its high liquidity, evident in its market cap. Meanwhile, active traders can engage with FLR on the KuCoin platform, enhancing its accessibility and market visibility.

2. Render (RNDR)

Earlier this week, users who utilized the official RENDER Upgrade Portal for the upgrade from RNDR to RENDER received their November and December payments. Regularly, about every 30 days, the total RENDER upgraded undergoes division into a pool of 95,071 RENDER. This is based on a points system outlined in the community-approved RNP-006 document. 

RNDR Price Chart

Moreover, Render Token’s price prediction is bearish, reflected in a neutral Greed index of 51. However, the upgrade payment news has boosted RNDR’s future outlook with a bull believed to be close. In accord, the yearly overview backs the bulls as RNDR surged by 671%, outperforming 96% of the top 100 tokens. It is trading above the 200-day simple moving average, demonstrating high liquidity based on its market cap. 

Along with the previous point, Render Token’s future aligns with a bullish sentiment. Hence, it might surpass $9.73 if collaborations with other networks persist. Moreover, the Render Token Coin’s average price will hover around $8.67 by 2024 if an upward stick is sustained.

3. Siacoin (SC)

Emerging from a recent cycle low, Siacoin has showcased a resurgence to a cycle high at $0.064627. Although traders are neutral on SC, holders are advised to hold. as the market sentiment leans bullish. Meanwhile, Siacoin’s price hit a 283% increase, consistently maintaining levels above the 200-day simple moving average. 

SC Price Chart

At the same time, 19/30 Green Day affirms SC’s robust market performance. Bolstered by high liquidity and a commendable market cap, Siacoin stands out as a coin worth consideration. Reflected by its market cap, Siacoin displays relevance in the Proof-of-Work Coins sector at eight position 45 in the Layer 1 sector. 

Per Coinmarketcap’s data, Siacoin boasts a circulating supply of 56.20 billion SC, exceeding the maximum supply of 52.54 billion SC. In addition, the yearly supply inflation rate, at 6.90%, created 3.63 billion SC last year. 

With an engaged crypto community and solid fundamentals, Siacoin is poised for future growth. The potential announcement of collaborations with other networks could propel the SC Coin to surpass $0.0118 by 2024. In a persistently bullish market, the average Siacoin Coin price will stabilize around $0.0107 in 2024. 

4. Celestia (TIA)

Celestia has rewarded investors in 2024 with a 460% value increase, shooting its value to over $17. Tia’s current trading price is $17.69, reflecting a 0.73% increase over the last 24 hours. In addition, the prediction remains bullish, as traders hold steady with a neutral greed and fear score of 51.

TIA Price Chart

On top of that, an ample circulating supply of 158.36 million TIA positions Celestia as a compelling investment option. Plus, it positioned near its cycle high, boasting substantial liquidity from its market capitalization. Celestia peaked on January 15, 2024, reaching an all-time high of $20.30. Although its lowest point remains unrecorded, the cycle low after its all-time high touched $16.39. 

Moreover, the recent cycle high saw TIA surging to $17.85, showcasing robust performance. Therefore, investors looking to capitalize on Celestia’s upward momentum should follow the coin closely. TIA’s proximity to its cycle high and strong liquidity profile position it as a promising candidate for further gains.

5. NEM (XEM)

NEM has been rising since its launch, causing investors to take a closer look. The coin has grown over 32% in the last year, more than half of the top 100 tokens. The market has been trading on a low note recently, as suggested by its neutral Fear/Greed score of 51. However, investors are optimistic as experts are predicting an upcoming upward trend.

In the last 30 days, NEM has experienced 18 green days, constituting 60% of the period. In addition, it is presently trading near its cycle high. NEM’s market cap underscores high liquidity, reinforcing its position on the Binance exchange.

NEM Price Chart

Beyond market performance, NEM’s strength lies in its vibrant, active community and robust developer ecosystem. As a versatile blockchain platform, XEM finds applications across various industries. In particular, NEM’s innovations and support from its dedicated crypto community place it for significant growth. Hence, analysts suggest potential collaborations with other networks could propel the XEM Coin beyond $0.109 by 2024. 

5. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) 

Bitcoin Minetrix is capturing widespread attention with its groundbreaking stake-to-mine platform, opening up mining rewards to retail investors. The $BTCMTX native token, fueled by its staking utility, is experiencing a surge in demand.

In the past two weeks, interest in the $BTCMTX presale has been skyrocketing, successfully raising an impressive $8,813,068 by offering tokens at a rate of $0.0129. Investors are eagerly seizing this opportunity, as top crypto publications predict it to stand out in 2024. Crypto analysts echo this optimism, emphasizing its unique use case for income returns.

As Bitcoin Minetrix gears up for exchange listing, market forces will determine its price. The presale provides tokens at discounted prices, escalating with each new stage. However, investors should look beyond discounted prices when incorporating a token into their portfolio.

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