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5 Reasons Axie Infinity Investors Are Buying IBAT Token and You Should Too

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity
Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity

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It would appear that early investors in Axie Infinity are switching their attention to the IBAT token being issued by Battle Infinity. The DEX public launch has seen the same level of interest in the token as the presale.

Investors in Axie Infinity think P2E ecosystem IBAT has the potential to replicate the massive success of Axie Infinity in 2020 and 2021. Therefore, they are prepared to acquire IBAT before its price skyrockets and hope to get in on the ground floor.

In case you’re curious, here are 5 reasons why Axie Infinity investors are parking their funds in IBAT and you should too.

Rapid Pre-Sale Sell-Out

As a further indicator of the high demand for the project, the presale of IBAT was completely subscribed in record time, which has attracted many early investors from Axie Infinity.

In just 24 days, the IBAT presale raised 16,500 BNB, or almost USD 5 million. Although the presale was scheduled to last 90 days, all tickets were purchased 66 days early.

To give you an idea of the level of interest, there are over 21,000 people on the official Battle Infinity Telegram group chat.

Investors anticipate the price will continue to rise after the PancakeSwap debut due to the enormous demand.

Fantasy Sports League Is Desired by the Masses

In Battle Infinity, players compete in a fantasy sports league that is both Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT based and Metaverse integrated. The game lets you create a fantasy sports team and compete with others for points and prizes.

Battle Infinity IBAT Premiere League

The market for fantasy sports leagues has exploded in recent years. It’s a fun way for sports fans to evaluate how well they know their favorite sports or to discover how much they’ve been faking it.

More than 35 million people in the United States take part in fantasy football leagues. In 2019, DraftKings became the first official fantasy league partner of the National Football League (NFL). This is because 78% of all fantasy league participants in the country play NFL fantasy football.

With 8 million Brits playing in their own private leagues against their friends and coworkers, it’s clear that football (soccer) is the most popular fantasy sport in the country.

As a major consumer of fantasy sports, India is a major industry. Half of the world’s 1.3 billion people tune in to a cricket match each year.

One hundred million people, according to the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), take part in cricket fantasy competitions each year.

They predict that by the end of the next decade, there will be as many as 400 million users. Battle Infinity’s bright future is assured by its focus on fast-expanding industries.

The market for fantasy sports leagues was worth $21.4 billion in 2021, and according to Mordor Intelligence, that number is expected to grow to $48 billion by 2027.

The popularity of sports is mostly to blame, but easier access to modern technologies also contributes to the rise in demand.

More people in developing countries now have access to smartphones and the internet, allowing them to join leagues like these from their mobile devices.

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Niche Target High Growth

To be the first major player in the emerging market of NFT-based fantasy sports leagues is Battle Infinity’s principal goal. But it also goes after three additional industries that have the potential to send IBAT’s price soaring.

It is primarily concerned with the Metaverse as one of its target markets. Of course, everybody is aware of how commonplace participation in the Metaverse has been since Facebook chose to enter the market. About $120 billion in 2020 dollars were invested in the Metaverse.

McKinsey & Company estimated in a paper that the Metaverse will be worth $5 trillion by 2030. The Battle Arena Metaverse from Battle Infinity is about to become live.

It will be an integral component of their ecology, facilitating player interaction and making for stronger bonds.

An increase in IBAT value might be achieved by capturing even a small percentage of the total market cap.

The market for NFTs is also one of its primary focuses, and it is expanding quickly. By 2021, the NFT market is expected to be over $3 billion, an increase of almost 20 times from 2020.

If you want to join the IBAT Premier League fantasy sports league, you’ll need to buy an NFT from the Battle Store.

In order to get started with creating fantasy teams, the NFT provides the necessary funding and grants players access to competitive games. P2E economy is the final fast-growing industry IBAT aims to target.

When it comes to the peer-to-peer (P2P) economy, Axie Infinity was the breakthrough initiative that inspired millions of gamers in underdeveloped countries to leave their day jobs in favor of the P2P Metaverse.

Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports league is only one of many ways that the company is going for the P2E market. They plan to release IBAT Battle Games, a P2E multiplayer gaming platform for NFT-based games.

The creators may put out games and perhaps make a living if they become successful, while players must stake IBAT in order to access the game shop.

Active Involvement from Indian Investors

We refer to this as “The Indian Factor,” and it is partly responsible for the influx of early investors from Axie Infinity into Battle Infinity.

In India, you’ll find the complete team responsible for creating and promoting the product. News about the initiative has appeared in several Indian publications, including Livemint, Khaleej Times, Outlook India, and Yahoo Finance.

There appears to be a solid foundation of support in the Indian market to build upon for Battle Infinity’s international expansion.

There have been some successful cryptocurrency Unicorn ventures launched in the Indian market. Sandeep Naiwal developed a company like Polygon (MATIC).

Due in large part to the influx of Indian investors, Polygon rose fast to become one of the industry’s top 20 ranked projects.

Many early Axie Infinity investors believe that IBAT will achieve at least part of MATIC’s success thanks to Battle Infinity’s robust advertising campaign.

Celebrity Involvement

The marketing power of Battle Infinity has been demonstrated by the early and complete sell-out of its presale.

They have no intention of slowing down, though, and have recruited a slew of famous faces and a formidable marketing machine to spread the word about Battle Infinity’s numerous benefits.

Urvashi Rautela, a high-profile Bollywood actress and model, is one of the prominent celebrities supporting Battle Infinity. Her career started as a model when she won Miss Indian Princess in 2011, and she was also the first Indian person to win a Miss Tourism Model contest held in China.

She went on to have a successful acting career over the next ten years. Urvashi was spotted at the project’s launch celebration, along with other A-list stars. Celebrities from all around India attended the VIP launch party.

Irfan Pathan, a former Indian cricketer, is also helping to promote the film. As an added bonus, IBAT has implemented a proactive marketing group, which has increased the success of initiatives like Lucky Block by a factor of nine.

It’s no surprise that early Axie Infinity investors are bullish on IBAT given the company’s aggressive marketing campaign.


Evidently, there is a long list of positives for purchasing IBAT among early Axie Infinity investors, and Battle Infinity has compiled all of them for you.

In addition, the IBAT token has good reason to fly on its own because the initiative will be the first of its kind in the NFT-based fantasy league market.

If you’re wondering what makes Battle Infinity token the potential to explode in 2022, check out some of these reasons:

  • A great marketing team.
  • The presale interest was very.
  • Celebrity endorsements.
  • A range of verticals.

This is why you should consider purchasing IBAT in 2022.

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