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5 Best NFT Crypto to Buy Now – End October 2022

5 Best NFT Crypto to Buy Now
5 Best NFT Crypto to Buy Now

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Following what has undoubtedly been a rough month, several cryptos related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) still show glimpses of promise for possible gains down the line. This article will examine the best NFT crypto to buy now.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

The best NFT crypto to buy now is TAMA. The digital asset is the native token for Tamadoge, a new blockchain gaming platform taking the market by storm.

TAMA Price Chart - best NFT crypto to buy

Tamadoge operates a virtual world where players are able to buy NFTs that represent digital pets. Players can buy and groom their pets, with the objective of using them in battles against those of other players. When they win their battles, players are rewarded with TAMA tokens.

TAMA is currently available on several centralized exchanges, and the asset trades at $0.02384. This price marks an uptrend of 1.18% in the past 24 hours, outperforming the broader crypto market. Visit OKX for TAMA.

Tamadoge’s community is currently buzzing about the launch of Common NFTs. This launch follows the release of Ultra-Rare and Rare NFTs, which were auctioned earlier this month. There are 20,000 NFTs in the Common NFT collection; players can purchase them on OpenSea for a floor price of 0.2 ETH.

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Next on the list of best NFT crypto to buy now is IBAT, the digital asset that powers Battle Infinity.

IBAT Price Chart - best NFT crypto to buy

The Battle Infinity game combines blockchain technology with fantasy sports, allowing players to form teams using NFTs that represent real-life athletes. These tokens’ values change based on the performances of the athletes they represent, while teams earn points weekly. Whichever team earns the most points at the end of a season is declared the winner.

IBAT is used for rewards and transactions within the ecosystem. Players can also stake the token, possibly earning up to 25% annual yields. The token’s price is currently $0.003049, a downtrend of 0.55% in the past 24 hours.

IBAT has been rumored to be listing on centralized exchanges soon. While there are no confirmed reports, investors appear excited about the prospect of a listing on a centralized exchange, as this is usually a boon for most new cryptocurrencies. Visit Battle Infinity to get started.

3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK is the utility token for Lucky Block, one of the market’s foremost NFT competition and game platforms. The digital asset was launched to provide easy access to an ecosystem of games, with LBLOCK as the key for interested players.

LBLOCK Price Chart - best NFT crypto to buy

Lucky Block is a full ecosystem, with community members able to purchase LBLOCK and Lucky Block NFTs to enjoy access to prize draws and giveaways.

LBLOCK trades at $0.0002214, a 0.32% increase in the past 24 hours.

The crypto asset continues to be a major attraction for most investors, thanks to its 1% token burn tax and the opportunity for holders to enjoy access to its prize pools and draws.

4. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is one of the most popular iterations of the metaverse available in the crypto market. The platform transports players to a virtual world, where they can participate in different experiences and purchase virtual land. All land plots on Decentraland are NFTs, which can be purchased and groomed for sale later.

MANA Price Chart

MANA, the platform’s native token, is the medium for processing land purchases and other in-game assets that are part of the digital universe. The asset’s price is $0.6154, an uptrend of 1.74% in the past 24 hours.

Although interest in metaverse platforms has primarily dropped over the past few months, Decentraland is one name that continues to cause a frenzy. Recently, the platform’s developers announced the Decentraland metaverse Festival, which will be held in the virtual world between November 10 and 13.

The festival is expected to feature appearances from artists such as Soulja Boy, Elton John, and Ozzy Osbourne. It could help to improve Decentraland’s user numbers.

5. The Sandbox (SAND)

Rounding out the list of best NFT crypto to buy now is SAND. The digital asset’s value is tied to The Sandbox, a virtual world and metaverse platform where players can purchase land and grow it.

SAND Price Chart

All assets in The Sandbox – including land and merchandise – are NFTs. And these assets can be purchased using SAND.

Currently, SAND trades at $0.7551, an uptrend of 3.30% in the past 24 hours.

Recently, The Sandbox’s developers announced a partnership with socialite and heiress Paris Hilton to launch Cryptoween, a Halloween-themed experience that will be available on the metaverse platform between October 21 and November 7.

Per a blog post, Cryptoween will be in a colorful fantasy land where participants can enjoy an immersive party hosted by Hilton. These participants can compete in social challenges and in-game missions as well, all of which are Halloween-themed.

Conclusion – 5 Best NFT Crypto to Buy Now – End October 2022

Despite the market’s sustained bear run, several digital assets related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) indicate a potential for possible gains in the future. This article has examined the best NFT crypto to buy now.

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