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5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar April 19 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The cryptocurrency market exhibits mixed market signals, posting a 2.38% increase in market cap. However, the trading volume took a 16% hit, indicating investors are predisposed to HODL considering the looming Bitcoin Halving. Consequently, this market sentiment has led to a bearish trend for altcoins as traders prioritize acquiring Bitcoin. 

Nevertheless, this presents an opportunity to capitalize on the dip for the Altcoin Season post-halving. Numerous promising low-priced cryptocurrencies provide investors with an affordable entry point into the market. Consequently, InsideBitcoins has curated a list of the top five tokens that align with this description.

5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar

This analysis provides traders with valuable insights for assessing the growth potential of various tokens. Many tokens priced below $1 are experiencing upward trends, signaling promising investment prospects. 

Furthermore, Dogeverse’s presale offering recently surpassed $7,526,161.57 of its current $7,936,281 target. As it nears its target, it continues to see a growing market interest. This sentiment signals a potential opportunity for investors to enter the presale now at 0.000298. However, the token’s price is set to increase tomorrow. 

Also, we look at EOS, eCash, Core, and GMT as outstanding investment options. These low-cap cryptocurrencies each focus on real-world asset tokenization and blockchain innovation. These factors fuel our recommendation of these assets as potential portfolio additions.

1. EOS (EOS)

The EOS network recently launched a groundbreaking feature called Transferable RAM. The project seeks to reshape resource allocation within the blockchain. It also empowers users to transfer RAM between accounts quickly. The transfer is free, considerably improving EOS network usability and efficiency.

Moreover, this feature integrates RAM logging and alerts, which ensures transaction transparency. It allows smart contracts to monitor and manage RAM utilization actively. This innovation further solidifies EOS’s leadership in blockchain solutions.

EOS price chart

Meanwhile, this development has significantly boosted EOS’s market performance. The coin sits at $0.7893, reflecting a 7.52% intraday surge. It also witnessed 16/30 green days—additionally, $EOS trades above its 200-day SMA, signifying stability and the possibility for growth.

EOS price chart

The coin’s consistent upward trajectory has a promising potential for future expansion. Additionally, partnerships with other networks may propel EOS to exceed $3.52 before 2024 ends. As a result, analysts are closely observing the coin. Therefore, EOS is an affordable cryptocurrency that can be purchased for under one dollar presently.

2. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse is an innovative project aiming to bridge multiple blockchains. The token seeks to create a unified space for market participants and investors. It is inspired by Cosmo, the Doge token that bridges Ethereum and Solana. Accordingly, Dogeverse empowers its holders to cross between various crypto chains seamlessly.

Furthermore, the token has moved to be listed on multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). It also seeks to build an active meme lovers and crypto investors community. As Dogeverse continues to expand its multichain utility, the team behind Cosmo continues to develop innovative concepts.

Also, its presale offering recently surpassed $7,526,161.57 of its current $7,936,281 target. As it nears its target, it continues to see a growing market interest. This sentiment signals a potential opportunity for investors to enter the presale now at 0.000298. However, the token’s price is set to increase tomorrow.

However, this opportunity is limited, particularly considering tomorrow’s forthcoming price increase. Furthermore, Dogeverse integrates the VAX purchase option into its website. This integration enables users to transact across Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and Avalanche. Moreover, it has also announced that Base and Solana options are set to be added. 

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3. eCash (XEC)

eCash is still riding on the waves generated by its halving event 8 days ago. After a recent dip to a low of 0.00002979, eCash has surged by 5%, currently trading at $0.00005979. Furthermore, XEC’s current market trend demonstrates ongoing upward momentum in the short term. Similarly, it is trading at a staggering 129.98% above its 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), which stands at $0.00003064.

While the overall market Greed score has climbed to 75, eCash’s Index of 79 signals heightened investor interest. This number shows extreme greed and increased token transactions. The prevailing bullish sentiment of the market likely drives it. Additionally, XEC’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests that it is presently oversold, indicating the possibility of an imminent upward movement.

eCash price chart

Meanwhile, eCash has shown remarkable year-to-date growth, soaring its price by 123%. Similarly, the project is experiencing increasing adoption and community engagement. These two factors indicate eCash’s potential for further success. 

Consequently, analysts anticipate that if eCash announces collaborations with other networks, XEC’s price could exceed $0.0001085 before 2024 ends. Additionally, the bullish trend in the overall cryptocurrency market could result in its average price stabilizing around $0.0000982 over the same period.

4. Core (CORE)

Over the last month, Core has recorded 15 consecutive days of price gains, soaring by 240% over the previous 30 days to reach $0.95. Trading volume has also surged by 256%. These metrics indicate strong market momentum. Core is a profitable investment with its significant market capitalization and high liquidity.

Additionally, Core operates as a Bitcoin-powered, EVM-compatible blockchain that combines delegated Proof-of-Work (PoW) and delegated Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The token’s recent surge coincides with the Core Foundation hosting a private event at Token2049 in Dubai. This event brings together real-life Bitcoin-aligned projects to foster discussions about building on Bitcoin and scaling it.

Core price chart

However, from a technical perspective, the Core price is currently caught in a tug-of-war between the bulls and bears. This is evident as the altcoin’s price fluctuates along the midline of the market range, indicated by the 50% Fibonacci placeholder of $2.4587. 

Furthermore, CORE has surged by 14.61%, currently trading at $0.002931. CORE’s Index of 79 indicates increased investor interest. This figure, signifying extreme greed, is likely stimulated by the current bullish sentiment. With these positive technical indicators and upward price momentum, market analysts consider Core an attractive cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

5. Stepn (GMT)

In a move capturing the interest of the cryptocurrency community, STEPN officially announced a significant $30 million airdrop, garnering widespread attention. The initiative aims to distribute $30 million of GMT tokens, representing a substantial effort to reward its loyal user base.

Stepn (GMT) unveiled its partnership with Adidas yesterday via a post on its X account. The partnership is set to commence with a collection of 1,000 NFTs named the Stepn x Adidas Genesis Sneakers. The news of the airdrop and collaboration has resulted in a 4% increase in GMT’s price.

Continuing its momentum from the collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki and A0K1VERSE, STEPN (GMT) is further bolstered by its impressive 2-3 million monthly active users. This follows its strong price performance, breaking through previous resistance levels and starting January with robust market momentum.

Stepn price chart

Despite the recent market downturn, STEPN has had a remarkable year, achieving a monthly gain exceeding 4%. This growth is likely attributable to the rising popularity of “move-to-earn” applications, where users receive cryptocurrency rewards for physical activity. STEPN’s innovative concept has captured investor attention, positioning it as a promising player in the fitness and blockchain sectors.

Furthermore, STEPN’s market growth over the past year has been remarkable, with a staggering 277% increase. Additionally, it has outperformed 76% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. STEPN trades 332.26% higher than the 200-day SMA, which is $0.004690. This strong performance emphasizes the token’s potential as an investment opportunity in cryptocurrency.

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