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Top Meme Coins To Invest In Today – Friday, April 19 – MoonLana, Shiba Predator, Slothana, LiteDoge

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Shiba Predator
Shiba Predator

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Tokens in the Solano ecosystem and the GameFi market are experiencing a significant rise in value. This surge in price aligns with the increasing enthusiasm surrounding various meme coin presale projects. It has made investors ponder if we are at the verge of a boom for these meme tokens.

However, amid this surge, numerous new crypto projects are also capitalizing on the bullish market. These tokens are attracting investors’ attention. For instance, $SLOTH recently surpassed $10 million in its presale funding. It solidifies the belief that it will be a standout project this season. This article delves into the remarkable presale achievement of the token while also providing an analysis of four tokens currently gaining traction.

Top Meme Coins to Invest In Today

Today, MoonLana, Shiba Predator, LiteDoge, and a handful of meme coins set the pace for the market this week with remarkable price actions. Several upcoming projects, including meme tokens, are also making notable progress as the market approaches the halving month. 

Additionally, the timing of Sothana gives investors a chance to participate in a potential meme coin rally. It particularly favours investors who missed out on earlier meme coin booms that pushed the prices of meme cryptos by nearly 500%. The return of the meme culture may be triggered by the confluence of Doge Day and the halving event. 

1. Slothana (SLOTH)

Slothana is getting ready to drop the official launch date with over $10 million raised in presale. The platform’s social media update indicates that the community is finally ready to hit the market. Therefore, early investors can look forward to earning returns on the capital committed to the project.

Additionally, Slothana’s timing allows investors to participate in a potential meme coin rally. It particularly favours investors who missed out on earlier meme coin booms that pushed the prices of meme cryptos by nearly 500%. The return of the meme culture may be triggered by the confluence of Doge Day and the halving event. 

Furthermore, the presale offering is open, and investors can purchase 10,000 SLOTH at 1 SOL. The best part is that the crypto market is at an overall discount since prices of assets are down by over 20%. The market will return on track in the coming weeks, and prices will fall again.

Therefore, buying presents the best bet for degen investors considering taking positions in the meme coin sector ahead of the incoming rally. Updates about the Slothana and new developments are often posted on its official Twitter handle. Similarly, the presale page offers information about how to participate in the presale offering.

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2. MoonLana (MOLA)

The Moonlana (MOLA) token positions itself as a community-based Solana token. This unique project prioritizes utility and functionality, going beyond the meme hype. Moonlana focuses on the Solana ecosystem, providing various innovative features to enrich user experiences and bolster value for its community. The token operates its decentralized exchange (DEX), where all generated fees are used to buy back the token and burn it.

Moonlana revolves around LanaDex, a decentralized exchange (DEX) constructed on the Serum API. LanaDex facilitates smooth trading with its charts, branding, and purchasable NFTs. Its unique fee structure distinguishes it, where trading fees on LanaDex are utilized to repurchase the project’s token, $MOLA, and burn it. This deflationary approach can bolster the token’s value over time.

MoonLana price chart

In addition to LanaDex, Moonlana is developing LanaTools, a charting platform tailored for Solana tokens. This platform will offer advanced functionalities such as price alerts, pool exploration, liquidity monitoring, and insights into token holders. Moreover, Moonlana introduces Lanamon, an on-chain tipping bot catering to the Solana ecosystem. Through Lanamon, users can effortlessly tip and distribute tokens, fostering engagement and interaction within the community.

In a significant development, Zebec and MoonLana have formalized their partnership. With Zebec’s Multisig Safe integration, MoonLana’s $MOLA will be securely held in a multisig treasury. Additionally, MoonLana has forged a strategic collaboration with Vyper, a prominent exchange platform. This alliance ensures the availability of $MOLA on Vyper, enhancing the token’s exposure and accessibility.

Furthermore, the token is currently down 4% from the all-time high. While this looks bad, it could break above this price level considering its recent activities and upcoming Bitcoin halving event. The coin is up 49.54% on a YTY basis at $0.0000621.

3. LiteDoge (LDOGE)

LiteDoge (LDOGE) positions itself as a meme token born from Dogecoin, taking the nickname “Doge-Silver.” Forked from Bitcoin, it has developed into a community-centric cryptocurrency. The token is a tipping system on social media, including Telegram, Reddit, and Discord. 

LiteDoge integrates a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus system with a distinct strategy. It opts for PoS to reduce transaction fees and energy consumption while maintaining strong network security. As a lite version of Dogecoin, LiteDoge enables fast and low-fee transactions through the Scrypt hash function algorithm. 

LiteDoge price chart

Furthermore, LiteDoge’s goal extends beyond being a meme coin; it seeks to teach and engage users in cryptocurrency, wallets, and inflation currency. Also, LiteDoge’s new game, SpaceAlpha, enhances its play-to-earn dynamic, integrating cryptocurrency and gaming. Through an active community and effective communication channels, LiteDoge is an accessible and educational entry point into the crypto world. 

Additionally, LDOGE has partnered with numerous organizations and companies. Some of these partnerships include Coinomi, BitPay, and Changelly. These partnerships have helped LDOGE expand its user base and provide further services that the coin can boast.

LiteDoge is priced today at $0.00001417. It represents a 5.85% price increase in the last 24 hours and a 6% increase in the past thirty days. Also, it Is trading above the 200-day and 50-day SMA. 

4. Shiba Predator (QOM)

Shiba Predator aims to carve out a unique niche in the meme coin market. It employs a decentralized technology to eliminate the need for third-party facilitators. This mechanism sets it apart from traditional currencies. The philosophy behind Shiba Predator emphasizes holding the asset for an extended period. It signals a long-term perspective on value growth. 

However, it serves as a medium of exchange for transactions on the platform and its marketplace. It also offers the benefits of decentralization, transparency, and a community DAO. The token also supports staking and yield farming. The developers have announced plans and concluded partnerships to build a merchandising platform and NFT collection and expand its use cases. 

Shiba Predator price chart

Furthermore, developers have announced several plans and concluded partnerships on Twitter. It seeks to build a Merchandise platform and NFT collection to expand its use cases. Also, the potential partners are set to be announced in the coming weeks. In addition, QOM tokens are tradable on decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges. Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) is the most popular exchange for buying and trading Shiba Predator. 

Notably, Shiba Predator (QOM) has outperformed the global cryptocurrency market. Its price increased by 13.50% in the last seven days. In comparison, the global market rose by only 2.80%. This outperformance is even more apparent when compared to similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies. They have shown a 12.70% increase. Shiba Predator (QOM) is currently priced at $0.00000004121. 

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