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5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Cent July 7 – Siacoin, Turbo, Ankr Network

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Shiba Shootout
Shiba Shootout

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Despite the gloom of the crypto market, some low-priced altcoins are generating bullish momentum. Turbo Coin, Siacoin, Shiba Shootout, Mega Dice, and Pyth Network emerge as our best cheap crypto to buy now, showcasing the widespread momentum propelling digital assets forward. We analyze these coins to determine their profitability.

Since its launch, Turbo has posted remarkable ROI to early investors, surging by over 5121%. Notably, Siacoin has posted almost 4% profit in the last 24 hours and has outperformed 52% of the general crypto market. Meanwhile, Ankr has continued its dizzying price movement from June. The token has seen increased market activity and posted 21 green days in the last 30 days.  

5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Cent

Regarding upcoming high-value crypto projects, Mega Dice is changing the crypto GambleFi space. The innovative project integrates a “Casino” strategy with blockchain blockchain technology. Users engage in interactive activities on the platform to earn $DICE tokens. 

Furthermore, holding another presale, Shiba Shootout, allows users to participate in the “Lucky Lasso Lottery” by staking their SHIBASHOOT tokens. They can also invite their friends to earn extra tokens by participating in the “Posse Rewards” referral program. Below is an overview of Shiba Shootout and our carefully curated list of the best cheap altcoins to buy under 1 cent.

1. Mega Dice (DICE)

There are only 15 GambleFi tokens in the crypto market, and all of them have posted over 1000x profit to early investors. Consequently, the Mega Dice token from Mega Dice Casino seeks to ride on the success of this established crypto sector. The token leverages its already-established casino and a large user base of over 500k players to give an astronomical return on investments to early investors in its presale that has already generated over $5 million. 

The project’s primary aim is to foster an inclusive ecosystem where investors can generate profits from the growth of the DICE crypto casino. The project adopts a dynamic staking strategy which enables stakers to share in any profits made from the project. Interested investors can participate in the presale at a modest price of $0.0866 to get these benefits. 

Other benefits of participating in the Mega Dice project include NFT rewards, which can be used for exclusive games on the platform.  It also features a referral program where users can invite new players to Mega Dice in exchange for rewards. 

In summary, Mega Dice has distinguished itself as one of the best presales projects this year by introducing its $DICE token. The token is set to promote the already extensive ecosystem of Mega Dice Casino, which offers players multiple rewards and launches new games every week. With almost $1.6 million generated in presale and a modest price of $0.0866, investors can join the project early and reap massive ROI.

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2. Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin is a decentralized cloud storage protocol that empowers users to securely and privately store and share data across a worldwide network of distributed servers. It operates on the Sia blockchain and leverages smart contracts to facilitate the decentralized storage and retrieval of information. The platform offers a more affordable alternative compared to conventional cloud storage services, 

A unique selling point of the platform is that it offers a more secure and decentralized cloud storage service. Users can rent out their unused storage capacity to others in exchange for rewards. This system fosters a peer-to-peer storage network spread across numerous nodes, ensuring that no single server or entity has complete access to the entire dataset. As a result, the data remains secure and accessible even in cases of server failures or downtime.

Siacoin price chart

Currently, Siacoin is priced at $0.003873, marking a 3.76% rise within the last 24 hours. Over the past year, SC’s value has soared by nearly 130%, outperforming 52% of the top 100 cryptocurrency assets. Despite trading 21.54% below its 200-day simple moving average (SMA) of $0.007676, Siacoin has been able to sustain its profitable position since its launch.

Should the Siacoin project announce new collaborations with other networks, the maximum price of SC could exceed $0.0119 by 2024. If the current bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market continues, it is expected that the average price of Siacoin will hover around $0.0108 by 2024. Conversely, if the crypto market faces a downturn, the minimum value of SC could drop to as low as $0.0101 in 2024.

3. Turbo Coin (TURBO)

TURBO is a meme token created through a unique teamwork between Rhett “Dashwood” Mankind and Chat GPT-4. The project began with a modest budget of under $69 but has grown to an initiative with over a million-dollar market cap. Rhett confirmed that Chat GPT-4 named the project, designed the mascot TurboToad, developed the logo, and built the smart contract code. 

Furthermore, Turbo’s unique identity stems from GPT-4’s technical prowess and Mankind’s innovative vision. Moreover, the token enjoys the support of a dedicated community despite the saturated meme coin market. This has seen Turbo Coin demonstrate remarkable growth since it was launched. 

Turbo price chart

Meanwhile, TURBO trades at $0.004511 as of the time of writing. This price signifies that the token has posted a gain of over 1.31% in the last 24 hours. Turbo’s price has increased by a significant 5% and 5,121% over the previous week and year, respectively. 

Also, the token trades considerably above its 200-day simple moving average which is currently above $0.0002. This implies that the token enjoys a robust market trend. Although the token displayed a 30-day volatility of 60%, its RSI shows that it has left the oversold region and has the potential to deliver huge returns soon. In conclusion, Turbo offers high-risk investors a high-reward investment opening that might appeal to those seeking substantial returns on investment.

4. Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT)

If you’re an investor looking to get the best out of your investment then Shiba Shootout should be the first token you should look at. The token offers several amazing features that will give the best ROI by fostering a sense of loyalty, community, and active participation among its users. These elements have driven the explosive performance of the token seeing as it has generated over $560,000 since its launch a few days ago. 

A central feature of Shiba Shootout is the “Posse Rewards” referral program. This program incentivizes users to invite their friends to join the community, offering increasing rewards for each new member they bring in. This creates a collaborative and enjoyable environment. As the community expands due to this program, the demand for the $SHIBASHOOT token is likely to increase, which could lead to a rise in its price.

Furthermore, Shiba Shootout organizes frequent “Campfire Story” sessions, which are informal gatherings where community members share their personal experiences and insights related to the crypto and memecoin sectors. These sessions encourage networking, knowledge sharing, and a strong sense of community among participants. Projects that cultivate a loyal and engaged community often enjoy a higher chance of success as these dedicated users become advocates and promoters, thereby enhancing adoption and increasing demand for the token.


Moreover, users can win valuable prizes in the “Lucky Lasso Lottery” by staking their Shiba Shootout tokens. This feature generates excitement and encourages active participation. As more users engage with the project in hopes of securing significant rewards, the demand for $SHIBASHOOT is expected to grow, potentially leading to a substantial price surge.

Also, the “Savings Saddlebags” feature allows users to automatically allocate a portion of their tokens to a dedicated, locked wallet, earning additional token rewards over time as their savings accumulate. Coupled with the “Cactus Staking” mechanism, which enables users to stake their tokens and earn rewards, these features can help limit Shiba Shootout’s circulating supply and enhance its scarcity. This reduction in available supply may drive up the token’s price, which is $0.0196 today; investors should hurry as the price increases in 6 days. 

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5. Ankr Network (ANKR)

Investors are closely monitoring ANKR’s ongoing upward trajectory. With the coin’s transactions on the rise, analysts are currently bullish on Ankr. This surge in sentiment has propelled the Greed score to 81. The surge also signals an extreme greed index among traders and investors.

Moreover, ANKR has experienced a remarkable 90% surge since its breakout. This surge has resulted in substantial profits for investors who kept an eye on the token. Ankr Network is trading at $0.0253 after achieving a 97.53%  since it was launched. Over the past year, the price has surged by 10%, showcasing its upward momentum.

Ankr price chart

Furthermore, Ankr Network’s relative strength index points at 60, indicating that the token is entering the overbought region. It also trades 51.69% above the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), demonstrating its short-term potential. These metrics indicate a strong bullish trend. The crypto has also experienced 21 green days out of the last 30.  

Therefore, the daily close price has consistently surpassed the daily open price. With high liquidity, ANKR offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on the bullish momentum in the market.

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