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10 Best Cryptos To Buy Now After Market Crash, FTX Collapse and Hack

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

10 Best Cryptos To Buy Now After Market Crash
10 Best Cryptos To Buy Now After Market Crash

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From a successful investment viewpoint, the crypto bear market presents chances never before seen.

Since the general market for digital assets has been falling steadily during all of 2022, waiting for a recovery to occur seems reasonable. However, this also implies that well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, are currently selling at steep discounts of 80-90% off their late 2021 highs. The result is that professional crypto investors are suddenly buying the drop.

You want to start a crypto portfolio but you don’t know which coins to buy during this crash? Check out these top 10 cryptocurrencies to help you sail through this bear market.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a very promising crypto to invest right now. The continuing presale has garnered roughly $6 million so far. Users of Dash 2 Trade will have access to a wide range of innovative tools, such as crypto trading signals.

Dash 2 Trade Presale Ending Stage 3 

Users of Dash 2 Trade will also be able to program their own automated systems for trading cryptocurrencies. Each tactic may be grounded in Dash 2 Trade metrics and then backtested. The user may determine if the approach is likely to be lucrative thanks to the backtesting feature, which simulates the actual conditions of the crypto market.

The Dash 2 Trade terminal’s emphasis on social trading will facilitate communication among members of the D2T token community.

When it comes to D2T applications, this mostly functions as the subscription payment mechanism for Dash 2 Trade. This implies that customers will be required to pay a membership fee each month in order to have access to the aforementioned trading tools, data, and features. All transactions are settled in D2T, guaranteeing the token’s continued utility.

Dash 2 Trade has one of the top crypto presales of 2022, which is the nicest thing about it. Pre-sale funding has reached over $6 million, and stage three is currently underway. The price of a D2T token is now $0.0513. D2T will cost $0.0533 each token after the presale reaches $10 million.

Investors can retrieve their D2T tokens once the presale has concluded, at the end of stage nine. After this, D2T will be available for trade on the LBANK market. D2T tokens are, in general, one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of the future to invest in now.


In 2022, you should also consider purchasing Calvaria, a prominent play-to-earn (P2E) token. In this sense, Calvaria is the most notable project, and its RIA token may be the best cryptocurrency to buy on the downturn.

Calvaria Presale to Explode in 2023

Battle cards will play a vital role in Calvaria, but they’ll have a unique twist. That is, the Ethereum blockchain serves as the backing for each individual NFT combat card. Additionally, no two combat cards in the Calvaria deck are the same.

One of the various methods to get RIA is by achieving victorious results in the battle card arena. Furthermore, and probably most crucially, the P2E principle in Calvaria implies that players control all of their in-game assets.

Due to the ease with which battle cards and other non-fungible items (NFTs) in the game may be purchased, sold, and exchanged amongst players, a secondary market has been created, the value of which will be established by its relative power, vulnerability, and scarcity.

RIA will be used for all marketplace transactions inside the Calvaria ecosystem. Therefore, RIA is likely to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. After the RIA presale ends, it will be traded on cryptocurrency markets. The fourth and final stage of the Calvaria presale has already brought in approximately $1.7 million.


RobotEra possesses all the necessary ingredients for success as the premier Metaverse currency and is currently in its presale stage. The native token is TARO.

Robotera Presale

Due to the nature of the Ethereum blockchain on which this project is based, the Metaverse it employs is completely open and free. This paves the way for users to construct their own simulated environments and even purchase NFT-representative “acres of land.” Users are free to develop the land they acquire anyway they see fit. In RobotEra, you may build anything from a home to a casino to a commercial complex.

Users of this Metaverse platform will be able to create games and immersive experiences that can be sold for TARO tokens. Additional features include a secondary market where users may purchase, sell, and exchange Metaverse assets like as land and real estate, and support for the crypto staking protocol. A person may even let out their virtual home to another player.

In the first phase of the presale, RobotEra is selling its TARO token for $0.02 following which during the second stage this will increase to about $0.025 per token. TARO is currently available for minimum investment of 1,000 tokens and you will need a Metamask wallet to buy RobotEra via Ethereum or Tether currency.


IMPT is a high utility token which is solving macro environmental issues with the help of blockchain technology by offering carbon credits. Carbon credits are frequently mandated because annual emission caps are imposed by many governments on businesses. Organizations in the manufacturing and industrial sectors face this challenge more than most. Consequently, those that need more emissions will try to purchase carbon credits.

IMPT Presale to Explode in 2023

Individuals and organizations of all sizes can purchase IMPT tokens and choose to have them converted into carbon credits. An NFT will be used to represent carbon credits in the future. Because of this, businesses may buy the carbon credits they need, and investors can make predictions about where world prices are headed.

With IMPT, investors may reduce their carbon footprints by eliminating tokens from circulation by burning them. Apart from being one of the most successful crypto ICOs of the year, IMPT is a token worth investing for the long run.  IMPT is currently in the second stage of its presale and the token is priced at 0.02 USDT. As things progress, the price of this token will skyrocket.


Bitcoin is the first and remains the most widely used cryptocurrency. As with most cryptocurrencies in 2022, the price of Bitcoin has taken a beating. However, for some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy in for a fraction of the price of $16,500.  

Bitcoin Best Crypto To Buy After Crash

During the last bull market, Bitcoin saw enormous growth, but no one could have foreseen that just 12 months later, its value would fall below $20,000. This is the best opportunity as experts predict the price to surpass 2021 ATH.


Another cryptocurrency which is available at a massive discount is Ethereum. It is currently priced at $1,235. If you’re looking for a smart contract network in the cryptocurrency industry, Ethereum is your best bet. 

Ethereum to Explode in 2023

Keep in mind that many projects which are currently in the presale stage are built using Ethereum’s blockchain (Tamadoge, RobotEra, Dash 2 Trade and more).

Another point to keep in mind that Ethereum’s blockchain has moved over to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the Ethereum network has a stellar reputation for robust security and quality. It is true that transaction costs are still a concern, but the team is already working towards addressing this issue with future updates.


When it comes to the play-to-earn token, Tamadoge is one of the finest cryptocurrencies to buy during the collapse. The Tamadoge pets are similar to Tamagotchi however they use the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs instead of a traditional computer. Thus, gamers have full ownership of their Tamadoge companions.

Tamadoge to explode in 2023

The goal of the game is to accumulate TAMA tokens as a reward. Doing things like feeding, breeding, and eventually battling Tamadoge pets can help you accomplish this goal. More TAMA tokens will be awarded upon completing battles. Additional incentives will be provided via a monthly rankings table.

Currently Tamadoge has finished its presale launch and raised the required $19 million to achieve its hard ceiling. It has already been listed on MEXS, Uniswap, Bitmart, Lbank, OKX and other notable exchanges. 

During the presale, TAMA tokens were available at a price of $0.01 each and now the price has increased to $0.24 mark. While the bear market has stunted its growth, the timing has never been better to invest in this token which is capable of giving back 10x returns.


When it comes to quick returns, Dogecoin again demonstrated its ability to outperform other crypto assets. While other markets are still stagnant, Dogecoin’s price has lately skyrocketed courtesy Elon Musk acquiring Twitter which led to speculation that things are looking positive for Dogecoin.

Buy Dogecoin After Crash

In light of this, it’s possible that this cryptocurrency is the best to purchase on the dip for speculation. Currently priced at $0.08, it is available at a massive discount where in investors have the once in a life time opportunity to purchase this token before Elon Musk Tweets again propelling this meme token.


As a top-tier blockchain and smart contract platform, Solana justifiably boasts a market valuation in the billions. Solana enables instant, low-cost, and scalable financial transactions. However, Solana’s price collapse reflects its involvement in the latest FTX controversy.

Buy Solana After Crash

Actually, at the time of this writing, Solana is priced at $13.46 and has also borne the brunt of the bear market as it is at one of its lowest points since the 2021 Bull Run. Most importantly, this is because FTX exchange subsidiary Alameda Research has a large number of SOL tokens in its account, resulting in speculation that Alameda Research may have to sell off its SOL to pay off its debts.

Should this really happen then Solana’s value is likely to fall much lower giving you the opportunity to buy this token at a massive discount and walk away with big gains in the long run.

Binance Coin

When it comes to trading volume, Binance is not only the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, but also the undisputed market leader.

Buy Binance Coin After Crash

Due to the repercussion of the recent war waged against FTX, Binance’s already considerable market share is expected to increase much more. Because of this, BNB, the exchange’s native digital asset and utility token which is currently priced at $275 may be the ideal cryptocurrency to buy during the crash. Keep in mind that this is a very low price point since 2021’s Bull Run, where it nearly touched the $700 price point.

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