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$1 Million Draw Winners of LBlock Shared Their Story

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

$1 Million Draw Winners of LBlock
$1 Million Draw Winners of LBlock

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A Lucky Block giveaway of $1 million LBLOCK tokens on Friday 31 May for the owner of one of their Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. The winner shares a story about their experience.

‘It’s incredible’, said the 1 million dollar winner, who won the Jackpot of Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT. I am such an overnight millionaire. That is what they are calling me,’ they were blown away at becoming an instant billionaire.

The winner of the LBLOCK token giveaway has been receiving tokens from 31st May. The value of these is $1 million, with a distribution that starts at one token per day and gradually ramps up to 365 at the end of the year.

A winner of an NFT has been announced by Lucky Block and although they have not revealed their identity. They said he is a male, lives in Germany and won the prize in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Listen to the amazing story from the lucky Block NFT jackpot winner

The story is about a person’s best friend who has discovered an intriguing game, which he decided to buy.

The odds are 1:10,000 that you will win a Lamborghini. Some people were excited to buy the machine just for this reason.

The number 62 was the random number we used to generate the lottery, and the person who bought that ticket won $1,000,000. We were lucky because after we had already purchased our three NFTs, a different person also thought it would be worth buying a lottery ticket.

It was quickly clear that I didn’t win the lottery. The next draw was NFT, where the number 401 won, so I didn’t win.

Someone must have sent me 1.5 million LBLOCK tokens in my deposit box the next day.

Actually, the token ID was 401 and 62 was the number of NFT. This is a wonderful experience and I actually won!

I am actually better convinced by the concept and the whole group now that I have earned some capital from the payouts.

Every month, the yields are utilized in a variety of ways. The shares may be given to friends, or they might be used to provide profit for other investments. A large part of the profits is usually immediately deposited in LBLOCK.

Details of Winner’s Wallet

Below are the details for the first payment made of $1 million to the winning wallet:


Available on the NFT Launchpad, Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club allows you to use NFTs to purchase. NFT owners are eligible to win a Lamborghini when the collection sells 10,000 editions.

What is LBlock?

Lucky Block is a crypto-powered games network that provides tokens for its players to use. These coins are called LBLOCKs.

With Lucky Block’s token-driven model, tokens will be rewarded regardless of whether or not the holder has a winning token. Tokens also give holders free access to a token platform.

Participants will be offering charity if they utilize their weekly contest. 10 percent of the jackpot will be provided to goodwill charity.

If the LBLOCK token is purchased on a decentralized exchange, then 12% of the sales will be deposited into the Jackpot fund.

Lucky Block makes blockchain more accessible, cheaper and transparent. They also reward token holders and give charities a chance to win tokens

A new product, Lucky Blocks Platinum Roller Club NFT collection, provides owners with access to weekly jackpots. NFTs are not confusing; they are just digital codes tethered to a network and tracked online by the issuer.

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