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$1.8M is being given in grants from Uniswap Foundation

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Uniswap Foundation
Uniswap Foundation

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The Uniswap Foundation, which supervises the growth of the globe’s biggest DEX, has announced that its initial wave of funding totals nearly $1.8M.

Based on the initial statement, the grants range in size and applicability and are divided into three categories: protocol development, community development, and governance custodianship.

Uniswap Diamond has been lauded as one of the most significant ambitious projects financed by Uniswap Grants. This task is anticipated to benefit all interested parties.

The goal is to improve the professional merchant and LP encounter, boost business share, and simplify advancement and on-chain market research. SDK and API would be introduced for historical and current on-chain statistics, which is anticipated to become a key differentiator for programmers constructing on top of Uniswap, experts, and end consumers.

Diamond also includes a pro functionality intended to boost Uniswap’s market share among many pro customers who are already comfortable with the functions of a more conventional centralized interaction. Notwithstanding being a DEX ruler, Uniswap only accounts for about 1% of the whole virtual currency trading community. Uniswap Diamond, on the other hand, intends to increase its market share by competition increasing with renowned centralized systems in terms of user experiences and information.

The funding will be constructed by GFX Labs, a cross-chain leadership research firm that has been an engaged Uniswap funder since the start. Noticeably, the GFX group was among the first to provide cash flow on v3.

In addition to Diamond, notable grants include Numoen, Decentralized Volatility Oracle, and

Empowering governance

The previous month, the Uniswap Foundation’s vital project to simplify Uniswap’s Grant Program and reduce tension in the system’s governing system had become a fact. The original proposal earned over 99% positive ratings from UNI owners.

Devin Walsh, recently departed Uniswap head of staff, proposed the idea and previously stated that the group was already progressing at a rapid pace while also addressing significant concerns such as expanding its talented workforce, steadily increasing the Uniswap Grants system, and strengthening the governance procedure.

Devin Walsh, who presented the original concept with Ken Ng, wrote on Twitter that their suggestion to establish the Uniswap Foundation managed to pass its deciding vote. Ng and Walsh both are participants of the Uniswap public and longtime Uniswap Labs executive officers.

According to the application submitted to the Uniswap management messageboard on August 4, the Uniswap Foundation would strive to enhance leadership in the Uniswap environment by discarding friction and restoring grants to promising and influential projects.


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