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This review details an honest explanation of an automated trading software called Q Profit System. Created by a man identified as Jerry Douglas, Q Profit System is a software that promises $1000 daily returns to its members. From our observation of this system, the Q Profit System is another scam set up to rip people of their money. However, Bitcoin Code is a reliable trading software that users are opting for instead with a claimed accuracy rate of over 90%.

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Is Q Profit System a Scam? Yes!

Having studied the Q Profit system carefully, we deduce the following:

  • Q Profits claim a trading signals accuracy of 96% but there is no official documentation to back up this claim.
  • This software claims its members can earn $1000 per day and experienced traders can earn as much as $5000.
  • All the characters used in the promotion of the software are paid actors.
  • Bitcoin Code is a more reputable software that users are choosing to trade with.

In a bid to present facts to investors on various trading robots on the internet, we have reviewed this trading robot called Q Profit System. With the increase in cryptocurrency startups and tokens in the ecosystem, it is very hard to distinguish between real and fake ones as they are designed in a way to confuse even very experienced traders. In this review, we present how to identify scams such as the Q Profit System.

As a software released very recently, Q Profit System claims to be an automated trading platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded and profits of at least $1000 can be realised daily. Not only that, this system claims to have helped a lot of people achieve financial freedom. This seems quite believable if only there could be a reasonable explanation as to how this trading software works. However, from all available content on the web platform i.e., there is no real explanation to justify how this software works. Founded by a man identified as Jerry Douglas, this software is only out to take away investors’ money.

From our observation, we found out that this software works via an affiliate marketing scheme plotted by a group of unidentified con men. Running a background check on Jerry Douglas, the founder of the software, we couldn’t trace any information related to him on the internet. He has no Linkedin account, Twitter profile nor Facebook profile. Also, we checked on the details of the domain name to find out the owner but the details were kept anonymous. This goes to show that there is something wrong with this system. A real trading system would have the name of its team members and their official roles, an official social media account, and its founders would have traceable information. However, none of these can be found in the case of the Q Profit System. Thus, for this reason, we advise strongly against the use of this software.

What is the Q Profit System, and is it a Scam?

Presented as an automated trading platform, Q Profit System is a self-acclaimed legit & working robot used to trade cryptocurrencies. As an inquisitive trader, there are key questions which must be answered before trading on any cryptocurrency platform. First, is the trading platform registered/licensed? Checking out for these details on the Q Profit System, there was no registration number for the website nor the broker sites it uses for trading. We found out that the broker sites used by the software e.g. PRESTIGE Financial Markets are unlicensed offshore broker sites. Second, are there good reviews about the trading platform? After thorough analysis, we found out that the only good testimonial about the software is only available on the website. Searching for more reviews on the internet, most reviews about this software are negative. Many have complained of lost funds to the software. Lastly, who founded the trading platform and who are the team members? According to the video played on the website, the founder of the software is identified as Jerry Douglas. According to him, he opined that his reason for creating the software is to help people achieve financial freedom without gaining anything in return. However, further search for this identity yielded no results. Search for other team members proved futile as there is no information about the team on the website. Thus, with all these inconsistencies in the trading software. It is safe to conclude that the Q Profit System is a scam.

Who founded the Q Profit System?

This software was allegedly founded by a man called Jerry Douglas. Jerry Douglas, in the introduction video shown on the website, claims he is a cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast who is interested in how technology is used to trade assets and generate profitable returns. Carrying out research on Jerry Douglas to confirm his active participation in the cryptocurrency space yielded no result. As common with many trading scams such as Bitcoin University, Calloway Software etc, Jerry Douglas is a fake identity used to identify with this software. The individual is a paid actor while the real culprits promoting this software are behind the scenes.

It is also important to note that building a trading software cannot be a one-man job if it is to stand the test of time. Thus, it is impossible for ‘Jerry Douglas’ to have built this software alone without the help of professionals. Therefore, the real reason to hide the identity of the creator of this software is to protect them. This software was released by these scammers on 11th August 2017 and should it promise of $1000 daily returns were to stand, its users would have been a millionaire by now. However, there is seemingly no one who has achieved this feat. Thus, the Q Profit System is simply an old cryptocurrency scam registered under a new name because the former scam website was exposed. Readers are advised not to trade with this software.

Why Q Profit System is a Scam

We have real reasons to conclude that the Q Profit System is a scam. Read our reasons below:

False claims about how much you can make

As common to most trading robots, Q Profit System promises its users average daily returns of $1000 by trading on its website. But, can this be true? It might be, depending on the initial amount invested. However, we discovered that this software promises this huge sum for an initial minimum investment of $250. So, this means for a meager sum of $250, one can allegedly consistently earn $1000 daily. This cannot be true! Trading is a win/loss system of which the next trading action cannot be accurately predicted. Investors only study the market and make trading decisions based on their decisions. Thus, there is usually no assurance on a particular percentage ROI. Claiming this is possible with a trading signals accuracy of 94% can only be a lie. Assuming this was true, everybody in the world today would be trading with this software. A trader once said, “Money is never lost in trading, it only moves from one account to another”. Thus, if the Q Profits System promises only Profits and not losses, where are the losses generating the profits coming from? These claims are outrageous and we conclude that this software is fake.

Fake Videos

In the video shown on the website, Jerry Douglas explains the functionality of the software using a woman as an example. However, we found out that the characters used in the video are not real users of the software but paid actors working hand-in-hand with the creators of the software. In the video, Jerry Douglas tries to be convincing about the workability of the software but he couldn’t as there was no way to justify how an app church out thousands of profits daily for its users. In his words, he said the Q Profit System work with an inbuilt algorithm with which it searches different financial markets for profitable information about different cryptocurrency assets and then via the results give trading signals that the software works with. None of this is true as the operation and buildup of this algorithm weren’t explained. Thus, we conclude that all the contents of the videos are fake.

Fake Testimonials

One of the lies spread by this system is that Q Profits has been approved by the world’s leading space exploration unit N.A.S.A. This is a very ludicrous allegation as NASA is widely known for space exploration and not testing of software. It was reported that the software uses quantum mechanics to function excellently in trading but this is in no way true.

There are also a lot of false testimonials shared on the website from users apparently claiming that Q Profit System has generated them tens of thousands of dollars. It was found out that these testimonials are fake and most of the testifiers are paid actors, some were even stolen images from Shutterstock, and Instagram.

Fake rumors and TV claims

Many trading robots have gone ahead to incriminate top brands in their marketing schemes. For instance, there are ads that have promoted Q Profits Dragons Den which suggests that the software had been endorsed by the investors of the show and Peter Jones, an investor has about 20% stake in it. There were rumors of Elon Musk Q Profits also which suggests that the Tesla CEO has agreed to step down from his position as CEO to invest and build an automated trading platform. However, none of these concoctions are true.

The signup, deposit, and trade process on the Q Profit System

Performing a signup action for a Q Profits account on its website is very simple. Upon accessing the website and watched the video, the next thing is to sign up for an account and the registration form can be seen on the homepage to the right. As a website built to detect location, the location of the visit is detected upon opening the page. The following details are needed to create a Q Profits account which includes First Name, Last Name, Email address, Password, and Phone Number.

After registration, the website connects you to a broker site for deposit e.g. PRESTIGE Financial Markets and upon logging in, a deposit page is opened to deposit funds. Usually, to activate trading on the Q Profits platform, a minimum of $250 is needed for deposit. There are two basic methods available on the PRESTIGE broker site i.e. credit & debit cards, and Bitcoin. So, deciding which option to pay with is a choice. However, bear in mind, as a platform founded with the aim of scamming people, paying with credit cards is a risk as the platform has access to all the card information.

After deposit, as an automated trading platform, all that is required of the trader is to initiate trade using the Start Auto-trade button. After the trade is initiated, the system begins to trade different assets against each other as the trading signals are being analyzed. On one hand, it is possible that the trades have losses and it has winnings. However, one thing is sure, withdrawal requests initiated by the trader is left unattended to or declined. After several attempts of withdrawing funds with no response, we conclude that the Q Profit System is a scam.

Have people made money with the Q Profit System?

No! Nobody has made money with the software. With a lot of discrepancies existing in the system, it is hard to conclude that this software is profitable. All the testimonies of people making money with this software only exist on the web platform. There is no positive review on the internet to conclude that it has ever been profitable. Thus, we conclude that nobody has ever made money with the Q Profit System.

Recommended robots

After a thorough analysis of trading robots, it appears that the most widely used bitcoin robot is Bitcoin Code boasting thousands of users worldwide and an impressive platform and technology.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Features
  • Trade
Free to use
  • 87% claimed win-rate
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort
All trading carries risk


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Q Profit System Review: The Verdict!

We have done a full review of the Q Profits System and we have explained in detail how this software is a trading scam that should be avoided by all means. If you must trade, kindly trade with the available recommended robots. Q Profit System is a scam!


Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


How does automated trading software work?

Usually, automated software does exactly what a human trader would do. i.e. it initiate trades, perform technical analysis before entering a trade, close trades etc

Is the Q Profits System used for trading cryptocurrencies only?

Yes, it is used for trading cryptocurrencies only.

How do you know if a trading robot is a scam?

Check the broker’s license, check the founder’s details, read other people’s reviews.

Asides from Bitcoin Code, what other trading robots are recommendable?

Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Compass, Crypto Revolt, Ripple Code etc.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Views expressed are those of the writers only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. This website is free for you to use but we may receive commission from the companies we feature on this site.

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    1. Hello Hds001, you are correct, Q-Profits is a scam robot and we would not recommend anyone to use it. However, there are a lot of other trading bots that are legit and secure. Legit crypto bots are mentioned in this article.

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