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Immediate Connect Review – Crypto Trading Bot

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Immediate ConnectThe cryptocurrency market is known for its price volatility and nonstop operation. All trading carries risk, but crypto particularly so – it can be challenging for traders to make a consistent profit, although they will also often have rapid short term gains.

Automated crypto trading bots have emerged to aid in this regard. These services relieve traders of most of their trading duties and provide necessary assistance.

Immediate Connect is one of those automated trading platforms currently accessible. Several Immediate Connect reviews have attested to the platform’s efficacy, and its developers have made some bold assertions regarding how it operates. Below, traders interested in Immediate Connect will find all the necessary information on this crypto bot.

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    Immediate Connect Summary

    Below is a concise summary of what a trader should first know about Immediate Connect:

    • Product Type – Cryptocurrency auto trading platform
    • Mobile App – None
    • Trading Commissions – None
    • Multi-Currency Support – Yes
    • Claimed Success Rate – 80%+ (unverified)

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    Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

    What Is Immediate Connect?

    Immediate Connect is an automated cryptocurrency trading tool built to help traders maximise their chances of earning profits from the cryptocurrency market. The tool was designed to capitalise on some of the unique properties of cryptocurrencies – including high speed and volatility.

    Immediate Connect website

    Image via Immediate Connect website

    According to its developers, Immediate Connect was developed by a team of crypto market specialists willing to assist fellow traders in remaining profitable regardless of the market’s movement. The tool is said to help traders with several critical parts of their trading process – including research and analysis. Thus, it purportedly delivers beneficial results for traders – even those who don’t have any experience in the market.

    Among the many available crypto trading platforms, Immediate Connect is one of the newest. To better understand the basics of automated crypto trading, check our full list of Bitcoin Robot reviews.

    Immediate Connect Pros & Cons

    Below, prospective traders can find some merits and drawback of Immediate Connect:


    • User-friendly interface
    • Quick signup process
    • Multi-currency support
    • Auto trading available


    • Unregulated trading tool
    • No Immediate Connect mobile app

    How Does Immediate Connect Work?

    Like Bitsoft360 and many other crypto trading bots we’ve reviewed, Immediate Connect has artificial intelligence at the core of its operation. According to the platform’s developers, Immediate Connect can combine high-frequency trading with artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide high-quality research and analysis into the crypto market regardless of volatility.

    This combination is responsible for the tool’s claimed success rate of 88%.

    Besides AI trading, Immediate Connect also works with brokers who help with order management and trade execution tasks. Essentially, Immediate Connect parses the market to find the right entry and exit positions and sends the details to its brokers, who execute trades for users.

    While all of this seems impressive, traders should keep in mind that there is little information about Immediate Connect’s workings or its brokers. The claims made by the developers are entirely unverified, and there is no way to ascertain if the claimed success rate is true. For this reason, potential users are advised to be careful when using Immediate Connect.

    Key Features

    To operate optimally, Immediate Connect incorporates several features into its system. Here are some of the major ones:

    Automated Trading

    A significant feature of Immediate Connect is the automated trading service. According to the tool’s developers, the platform is easy to work with, and traders with little to no experience in the market can easily use the automated trading feature to get started without having to do much in terms of setup.

    Demo Account

    The demo account on Immediate Connect is another key feature. It allows users to perform a Immediate Connect test to see how it works.

    Demo accounts work for both types of users. Beginners can use it to get a feeling of the platform, while advanced traders who want more control over their activities can use the demo account to test trading strategies.

    Customer Support

    According to the tool’s developers, there is also a reliable and functional customer support system available on Immediate Connect to help users who might be experiencing one issue or the other. However, they have not yet said anything about the customer service channels or how well they work. When utilising this tool, it is imperative that traders do so with extreme caution.

    Quick Withdrawals

    Immediate Connect’s developers have also asserted that the software enables users to withdraw their funds within one to two working days. This converts fiat withdrawals into bank accounts and crypto withdrawals into wallets.

    This claim is unverified, so traders are advised to be careful and test the tool first.

    User-Friendly Interface

    According to the Immediate Connect reviews that have been posted online, the tool appears to be very easy to use. Many beginners have attested to the platform’s reliability and ease of use, although there is no data to back up their claims.

    Immediate Connect Fees

    Below is a breakdown of Immediate Connect fees structure:

    Account Opening Fees None
    Maintenance Fees None
    Trading Commissions None
    Deposit Fees None
    Withdrawal Fees None

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    Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

    Is Immediate Connect a Scam?

    The Immediate Connect reviews available online have attested to the platform’s reliability and efficiency, and its developers have also touted its functionality as part of why it delivers 88% on trades. All of this could encourage traders to work with it.

    However, most of the information on Immediate Connect’s website is unverified. This means that traders looking to use the platform might not receive reliable backing. Also, its developers’ anonymity is a possible red flag to potential users.

    As such, it’s impossible to answer, “Is Immediate Connect legit?” Instead, traders are advised to tread carefully when utilising the platform. Note that there are also other unrelated bot platforms with similar names, e.g. Immediate Experience or Immediate Granimator.

    Minimum Deposit

    To get started on Immediate Connect, users will need to deposit a minimum of $250. Although this fee is competitive with other crypto trading tools, Immediate Connect’s developers claim that traders will easily make multiple times their initial investment.

    However, traders are advised to begin with caution while getting started with the tool. Test it to see how it functions, then trade responsibly and within the right risk parameters.

    How to Use Immediate Connect

    To get started with Immediate Connect, follow the steps outlined below:

    STEP ONE: Sign Up

    Immediate Connect

    Go to the official Immediate Connect website. Fill out the form that shows on the website and enter the correct details – full name, phone number and email address.

    Next, Immediate Connect will connect the trader to a broker in their region.

    STEP TWO: Fund Account

    Traders looking to fund their Immediate Connect account can use several methods, including payment processors, e-wallets, and bank transfers for some countries.

    Remember the platform’s minimum deposit threshold of $250.

    STEP THREE: Demo Account

    Immediate Connect’s demo account allows beginners to test the platform and experienced traders to work on their trading strategies before deploying them. While it isn’t a necessity, it is a recommended feature.

    STEP FOUR: Live Trading

    After using the demo account, traders can move on to live to trade on Immediate Connect. Remember to trade responsibly and within the right risk parameters.

    Is Immediate Connect Legit? The Verdict

    Immediate Connect is one of the new-generation cryptocurrency trading platforms gaining significant traction among traders. The platform developers have made numerous claims about it, including its success in 88% of trades. According to numerous Immediate Connect reviews, several traders appear to have been able to use it effectively.

    However, investors should explore Immediate Connect with caution. The claims made by its developers remain largely unconfirmed, and the tool is shrouded in mystery. Due to how hard it is to predict the cryptocurrency market, traders should do their utmost to exercise caution and trade responsibly.

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    Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

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    What is Immediate Connect?

    Immediate Connect is an automated cryptocurrency trading tool that claims to combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-frequency trading to assist traders in earning profits from their activities.

    Is Immediate Connect legit?

    Immediate Connect hasn't made any third party audit data available at the current time, nor does it allow its proprietary crypto trading bot software to be backtested. While the tool’s developers have made significant claims about its efficiency, the ambiguity surrounding the tool is a red flag for several users.

    How do I join Immediate Connect?

    Traders looking to join Immediate Connect can sign up on its official website and enter their contact information on the sign up page.

    Who owns Immediate Connect?

    We were unable to find information on the developers or owners of Immediate Connect, they appear to be anonymous.