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HB Swiss: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Recently, auto-trading robots like Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader have become popular thanks to the potential demonstrated by some of these software. A good auto-trading robot can allegedly generate thousands of dollars in profits per day from an investment as little as $250.  One of the most popular ones is HB Swiss, a well-known forex trading robot claiming to make a profit on 92% of all trades. But is it legit or a scam?

We have carried out a HB Swiss review and analysed the robot’s transparency, profitability, reputability, safety and customer services and found it to be legit. Read on to find out everything there is to know about this software.

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    Is HB Swiss a Scam? No!

    • InsideBitcoins finds HB Swiss to appear legit
    • The platform is transparent and information about its founders and partner brokers is easily accessable
    • This robot allegedly has a win rate above 92% – Bitcoin robot 2021 have a reported accuracy level of 90% and above
    • Most people who have tried HB Swiss report make consistent gains.

    HB Swiss is a trading bot that is worth checking out. Our investigation reveals that there are a lot of positive user testimonials about this platform. The majority of users report gaining back their deposits within a few hours of trading. We can confirm that this trading robot is owned and controlled by several licensed and regulated forex brokers.

    Further research reveals that it has an impressive underlying proprietary technology. Like most trading robots in our list, HB Swiss uses a webpage to inform traders about its underlying algo trading. This webpage has similar features with other legit robots. When a trader switches on live trading, the platform starts making gains and can easily be stopped by traders anytime they want.

    Moreover, HB Swiss shares information about its founders as well as its partner brokers.

    What is HB Swiss?


    HB Swiss is a legitimate forex trading robot that uses complex algorithms to trade forex currency pairs at an alleged win rate of 92%. InsideBitcoins test reveals that this platform is owned and used by reliable forex brokers. It appears to be a commendable trading technology which can allegedly help traders make consistent gains.

    Before venturing into Forex, HB Swiss was operating as a binary options robot. Moreover, HB Swiss claims that it can help traders generate $5000 profits per day from an investment of $250. Obviously, profits can vary from user to user, and not every investor will see the same exact daily income. They should also knowledgeable about the best forex trading techniques.

    How does HB Swiss work?

    HB Swiss applies sophisticated computer algorithms to scan the crypto markets for tradable insights and to execute trades automatically.

    Legit trading robots like HB Swiss utilize the power of technology to analyze big data and automatically execute corresponding trades.

    During the technical analysis process, the robot reviews charts and historical data to determine the direction of the markets. Similarly, in fundamental analysis, the algorithm analyses qualitative data to make decisions. For instance, the robot can read the news as they emerge and place matching trades. This makes it possible to capitalize on every trading opportunity that presents. A similar tool known as 1k Daily Profit is able to conducts both the fundamental and technical analysis in the behalf of users.

    User testimonials claim that there is consistency in this robot’s technology and profitability.  Users also claim that the bot can make losses but has an overall high likelihood of winning trades. Also, traders can relate performance to market events such as economic news. Our analysis test reveals that their technology appears reliable and secure.

    Advantages of HB Swiss

    InsideBitcoins investigation finds this trading robot to be highly useful. We recommend that you check it out once you have the trading skills necessary to maximize the use of this trading robot.

    • Automated trading – all you need to do is activate the auto-trading mode and let the robot work
    • Positive online sentiment – there are a lot of testimonials about people gaining back their deposits within a few hours of live trading.
    • Fast withdrawals – HB Swiss allows its traders to cash out their profits quickly
    • Secured trading platform – InsideBitcoins investigations show that the HB website and web-trader are highly secured. You can be assured that your personal information as well as trading activities will not be shared to anyone or any third party.

    How to sign up and trade on HB Swiss

    1. Sign up to HB Swiss

    The signup process with HB Swiss is totally safe and quick. All you have to do is click on this link to get started.

    You will be asked to complete a form with your personal information, which will remain safe. A secure website and trading platform like HB Swiss encrypts all data passing through them. Without encryption, hackers can easily read any data submitted through the website. An encrypted website has a lock symbol in its URL. Most platforms use what is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt platforms. Your personal information, deposit and withdrawal history as well as trading activities will therefore remain secure.

    2.Deposit funds

    The second step will be to fund your account with a minimum deposit of $250 or more. We recommend you begin with a modest investment of $250 and build up your account as you get more comfortable with the platform. HB Swiss facilitates deposits and withdrawals instantly. If you encounter any problem, its customer service team members can also assist you since they work 24/7.

    3. Demo-trading and live trading

    The next step is to practice on a free demo account and get familiar with the robot’s technology before risking real money. Once you feel confident, switch to live trading and the robot will get started trading for you.

    Is HB Swiss legit? The Verdict!

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that HB Swiss is a legitimate trading robot.

    There are a lot of positive user testimonials online claiming that this platform has helped thousands in making money online. Also, our analysis shows that it runs on a sophisticated proprietary trading technology and the platforms is encrypted, secure and operates with regulated brokerages.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose.


    Is HB Swiss legit?

    Yes. HB Swiss is a legitimate and effective trading robot that has already helped thousands of traders.

    How much should I deposit with HB Swiss?

    It is highly recommended that you only deposit a small amount such as $250 to begin in order to familiarize yourself first with the trading platform.

    How much can I make with HB Swiss?

    HB Swiss claims to help investors make $5000 in profits per day.

    Can I withdraw my money from HB Swiss?

    Yes. HB Swiss allows its traders to enjoy a quick withdrawal process.

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