Cannabis Trader Scam or Legit? The Results REVEALED

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In recent times, the Cannabis industry is fast experiencing global acceptance. Many companies are now in use of Cannabis for Medicinal purposes. In fact, in the last month, this growth has increased by 50% and experts have predicted a 1000% rise for these companies in the next three years. As an emerging industry which is predicted to surpass the valuation of most tech companies, the best time to invest in Cannabis stocks is now. In view of this, new automated software for Cannabis stocks was launched on Christmas Eve 2018 named Cannabis Trader. Cannabis Trader is working software that is linked to top CFD stock brokers i.e. EuropeFX etc.

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The best choice
  • 88% return possible
  • €250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card

With trading robots available for other assets and stocks such as Weed Millionaire, Bitcoin Trader among others, it is but right for a Cannabis stock software such as Cannabis Trader to emerge. With an initial investment of $250, every investor can earn as high as $3000 daily trading Cannabis stocks. Someone might ask, isn’t this profit too high for new software to realize for individuals? For this reason, we have tested and reviewed the Cannabis Trader app to clarify if it is a scam or not. To know more, kindly read.

Cannabis Trader Review – the InsideBitcoins Opinion

In the search for a good trading app for Cannabis stocks, we came across the Cannabis Trader software. Testing this software, we have found it to be 100% legit. This software capitalizes on the booming industry to make a profit for its users. As an automated trading system, the software works on autopilot mode. However, for an experienced trader who wishes to trade himself/herself, the trading platform avails the manual trading option also. Using an inbuilt algorithm, the software is able to read market news and rumors in the Cannabis industry so as to provide adequate trading signals. We have tested this algorithm and found that its trading accuracy on signals is about 93%. That’s pretty high, right? No worries, the numbers aren’t fudged.

Benefits of Cannabis Trader

We invested about $250 in our first attempt to be sure of its functionality and in less than three days, a $250 portfolio had grown to $746. Whilst there is competition amongst emerging software in this industry also who could be promoting contents claiming Cannabis Trader is a scam. InsideBitcoins authoritatively reports that Cannabis Trader is legit. Intending investors should take this as an investment experiment trading with a minimum balance of $250 and see the outcome.

Is Cannabis Trader Scam or Serious? The Verdict!

Some reviewers have suggested that Cannabis Trader is a scam and investors should desist it. However, all of these negative reviews are born out of inadequate information and most likely competitor’s promoted content. We have tested the software and here are our conclusions.

  • The software’s algorithm has a 93% trading signals accuracy.
  • Cannabis Trader is not fraudulent neither is it a scam. However, it is generally known that risks exist in auto trading.
  • At InsideBitcoins, we recommend every intending investor should have a moderate investment of $250.
  • To learn more about the software and invest, click on this link.

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It is not surprising to find people question the advent of automated trading platforms in trading. This is mainly because it is a new innovation and an unregulated adventure. In the general financial market, stockbrokers are barred from using these robots to trade as it may cause instability in the value of stocks and would increase volatility. However, in several industries such as the cryptocurrency ecosystem, traders make use of these trading robots and make magnificent profits. However, from our analysis of Cannabis Trader, it is a valid software that can be used to trade Cannabis Stocks excellently without having any fear of loss. As earlier stated, this software trading signals accuracy is pegged at 93%. To try out the software and start trading.

How does the Cannabis Trader App work?

As earlier stated, Cannabis Trader is a trading robot used in the Cannabis industry to trade its stocks. With the industry booming daily, a lot of Cannabis companies are being established with their stocks on the market for investors to come in. In the Cannabis stock market, the Cannabis stocks are valued against each other just like fiat currencies are valued against each other in the foreign exchange market. There is also a trading pair between each stock and fiat currencies for easy exchange. Thus, after registering on Cannabis Trader, the web platform connects every registered user to a licensed broker in his/her country for easy trades.

Then, after depositing funds (the minimum investment to initiate a trade is $250), the user can choose the trading mode as auto-trade and manual-trade options are available. In autopilot mode, the software provides trading signals and set buy orders for the appropriate stocks and sells at a relatively higher price to garner profits. In autopilot mode, the user is not required to trade as the software is tasked with this with an inbuilt algorithm. However, the user is only required before a trade is activated to daily modify settings which the software would follow i.e. stop losses, trade amount etc.

After each trade is initiated and sell target is realized, the software sells the asset off and the cycle is repeated.

Opening a Cannabis Trader Account – Step by Step

To enjoy all the benefits of the Cannabis Trader app, every intending investor needs to sign-up for an account. As a new software still looking for mass adoption, Cannabis Trader is available to all its users free of charge. To sign-up and start trading, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: Registration

To sign-up, from your browser, visit Cannabis Trader’s website. The content is written in different languages to accommodate users spread across different geographic locations. After this, you’ll see the registration form on the home page, you’re to input the following information in three steps.

In the first step, you’ll input First name, Last Name and Email Address respectively. After this, you’ll be asked to input a password (nothing less than 6 characters with a mixture of alphabets and numbers). Then, you’ll be asked to input your phone number to connect you to a broker. After doing this, an account is created and you can log in with the registered email address and password. To make a deposit, check the next step below.

Step 2: Deposit

How to fund your Cannabis Trader account

Depositing into your account is easy making use of the credit card method. On logging in, you’ll press the deposit link and you’ll be redirected to an SSL secured payment gateway where you can make payment. To make payment, the details on the card are needed. Please note, the minimum amount required to initiate trades on the Cannabis Trader app is $250. However, this can still vary depending on the broker.

Step 3: Demo trading


Demo trading is an important aspect of trading on a new platform as it helps the user to become used to the trading interface. Cannabis Trader doesn’t have any demo trading at present. However, the different aspects of the interface are accessible upon login i.e. trading history, open orders, trading settings etc.

Step 4: Trading

Trading Interface

Having been accustomed to the trading interface, it is time to activate trading. Below the trading portfolio area exists the trading settings pane. Here, you would be required to edit the trade amount for trades, minimum payout (on each trade), maximum concurrent trades, Daily stop loss, Daily take profit, and the maximum number of daily trades. With all these settings, the user is set to start auto-trading and only need to push Auto Trade to start.

Is Cannabis Trader Legit? The Test.

Having tested the Cannabis Trader software, we concluded that the app is legit. However, it is important for others to know how we arrived at that conclusion. So, to ascertain that Cannabis Trader is legit, we created an account on the platform and deposited $250, we made the necessary settings and in less than a week, the trading portfolio had increased to $746. So, with the profits garnered from a week-long trade, we can authoritatively confirm that Cannabis Trader is 100% legit.

Is Cannabis Trader Fake? The Platform

Benefits of Cannabis Trader

To further confirm the authenticity of the platform, we tried withdrawing $350 off the $494 profit and in less than 24 hours, the money was sent to the receiving account. This above all shows that the platform is not fake.

Cannabis Trader: Key Features


In one of the pictures of the step-by-step guide you can see an icon saying  “current brokers”. That is where the broker listing will appear and you will be able to decide which broker to trade with. In auto-trading mode, your funds will be traded automatically with the brokers you choose.


With Cannabis Trader you can earn up to $3,000 per day. It is likely that at the beginning you may not make such high profits because you will need time to learn how the platform works, what the best assets to trade with are, in what way to trade with them and so on. With the right investments though, you may even go past the $3,000 per day.

Customer Support

Customer support staff is available 24/7 and can be contacted via email. Reliable crypto bots always show a willingness to satsify all the needs that users may have and Cannabis Trader certainly is one of them.

Software Accuracy

Trustworthy robots like this one normally have success rates of around 80%. Cannabis Trader is succesful a lot more often than that. We have found the robot to be successful over 90% of the time.


There are no fees or commissions, so investors can trade freely without having concerns of this kind constantly at the back of their mind.

Verification Process

On Cannabis Trader there is no verification process, which makes the registration to the platform even faster and easier than it already is. After you have inserted your email address, phone number and full name, your only step left before you can start trading is to deposit funds into your account.

Cannabis Trader versus other Robots

Cannabis TraderOther bitcoin robots

✅Cannabis Trader requires a minimum deposit of $250.❌ Although the amount is more or less the standard for auto trading robots, there are scams requiring much more.
✅ Cannabis Trader provides a great deal of payment options for withdrawals and deposits.❌There are many robots that only accept a few payment methods. This is a strong indicator of their unreliability.
✅ With Cannabis Trader withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.❌Usually, robots require up to seven or 10 days to process a withdrawal. There are also scams that block users from making withdrawals.
✅ Both novices and experienced users are able to enjoy the functions and features offered by Cannabis Trader.❌Many auto-trading robots are not suitable for users of all kinds of backgrounds. Some platform interfaces are too complex for beginners to understand and some too simple for advanced users to properly pursue investment strategies.
✅ Trading in demo mode on Cannabis Trader is an option.❌Demo trading is not so common among auto trading robots. It allows you to familiarise yourself with the trading room's interface.

Conclusion: Cannabis Trader Software Review and Results

Having reviewed the Cannabis Trader software, InsideBitcoins fully asserts that the app is a good trading instrument for the growth of the Cannabis industry. The platform provides interesting facts about the future of the Cannabis industry in parallel to the tech startups. With the correct exposure and investment, Cannabis Trader could go mainstream as one of the best trading robots of the 21st century. Try out the software today. Register here and start making profits.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Properties
  • Trade
The best choice
  • 88% return possible
  • €250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card


How much should I expect to make daily by trading with the Cannabis Trader app?
Cannabis Trader users make a minimum of $3000 trading daily.
Assuming I choose to invest in Cannabis Trader, what is the guarantee that the trades would be profitable?
Cannabis Trader software has been tested and the results reveal that its trading signals accuracy for positive results is 93%.
How much time is required to spend on the software in order to make large profits?
Averagely, 15 – 20 minutes daily should be enough to make necessary modifications since the software is working on autopilot.
Is there a limit to how much can be made trading with the software?
With Cannabis Trader, there’s actually no limit to how much can be made daily.
Is there any fee attached to the software? Any hidden charges?
No, the software is absolutely free and accessible to members only. To join, fill out the form on this page.
How quickly can I withdraw my profits?
Your profits can be withdrawn on the same day.

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