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Bitsoft360 Review – Genuine Bitcoin Trading Platform?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

As cryptocurrencies become more popular and lucrative, investors and traders continuously search for attractive opportunities. This is made possible by automated trading programs. They automate deals on behalf of users, allowing them to earn more accurately and passively. As an industry, however, these tools or ‘robo advisors’ are unregulated, and selecting the best crypto trading bot to use is difficult.

Bitsoft360 is one of the many cryptocurrency trading software tools that has emerged in recent years, with the potential to help traders generate gains on the market and increase their possibilities of earning substantial returns – if it is genuine. In this Bitsoft360 review, traders will gain an understanding of what the platform does and how it functions, before deciding whether to proceed with an investment.

Bitsoft360 Summary

We’ve provided a concise summary of the details on the Bitsoft360 website:

  • Product Type – Cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Mobile App – No
  • Trading Commissions – None
  • Multi-Currency Support – Yes

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Is Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 is a cryptocurrency auto-trading software tool that aims to help traders fast-track their trading process. According to its developers, it was built to provide easy trading and improve users’ chances of earning a profit from the market.

Bitsoft360 bot

On its website, Bitsoft360 proclaims that it is a complete auto trading software that works for beginners and expert traders in the crypto market. Its goal is to improve traders’ accuracy and profitability, allowing them to time the market and providing insights into the optimal times to enter and exit trades. With easy and quick access to Bitcoin and the best altcoins, Bitsoft360 has also been touted as one of the most versatile trading systems.

Although it is currently available on desktops, Bitsoft360 has already amassed over 560,000 active users, according to its website. And as the market continues to grow, there is every possibility that this figure will continue to rise.

Several online Bitsoft360 reviews have attested to the platform’s efficiency and ease of use. However, there is no way to verify these claims. Traders looking to run a Bitsoft360 test must sign up on the platform and do so; we recommend that they tread cautiously.

Note that Bitsoft360 has also been referred to in some reviews as Bit Capex Pro 360 or 360 Bit Capex. Those terms may refer to one of the specific tools on the platform.

How Does Bitsoft360 Work?

As mentioned, Bitsoft360 functions as an automated trading platform. According to its developers, the platform allows investors to easily navigate the market by providing insights into the best times to enter and exit their positions.

Bitsoft360’ developers claim that the platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Bitsoft360 platform can parse the market and identify trends with these concepts. Once it does this, it passes the information to brokers, which handle trade execution and order management for Bitsoft360’ growing client base.

Bitsoft360 claims to provide access to manual and automated trading as a versatile platform. This means that beginners and experienced traders should be able to use the platform to navigate the market and scout for returns. And with support for a demo account available, Bitsoft360 ensures that users can test every feature on it.

Bitsoft360’ developers have also touted the platform’s use of advanced technical analysis tools and indicators to help traders make the right decisions. From the relative strength index (RSI) to the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and more, Bitsoft360’ users will have no shortage of analysis tools.

Bitsoft360 is one of the many software programs for automatically trading cryptocurrencies that have come out in the past few years. Check out our Bitcoin robot guide to learn the fundamentals of automated crypto trading and find some Bitsoft360 alternatives.

Top Features

Below is a review of some of the primary features offered by the Bitsoft360 trading platform:

High-Quality Trading System

Advantages dominate today’s crypto market. Many traders spend a lot of time searching for an advantage to outperform other traders’ profits. The creators of Bitsoft360 assert that traders gain an advantage with its superior trading platform.

According to them, Bitsoft360 uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand market trends and discover the correct times to enter and exit the market.

However, the majority of these claims are not supported by any evidence. When using Bitsoft360, traders are advised to use extreme caution. Before users start trading with real money, they should, at the very least, do a test on Bitsoft360. Check out our BitIndex AI review for a similar software tool.

Demo Account

The demo account on Bitsoft360 is one feature that makes the platform functional for beginners and expert traders. The account allows beginners to understand how the platform works, while experienced traders can also use it to test their trading strategies before deploying them on live trading.

As Bitsoft360’ developers claim, this can significantly increase traders’ chances of profitability.

Customer Support

Bitsoft360’ developers have claimed that customer support on the platform is top-notch, and traders will have access to an entire staff once they register. However, they didn’t provide any further information on this.

High-Speed System

Another significant feature is the high-speed trading system used by Bitsoft360 to execute trades. According to developers, the Bitsoft360 platform can make decisions in split seconds as soon as it identifies market trends. This means traders can use the high-speed trading system to maximize their profitability.

However, the in-depth information concerning how this system works has not yet been disclosed by Bitsoft360’ developers.


Experienced traders understand the need for backtesting when working with trading techniques. And according to Bitsoft360’ developers, the platform allows all traders to backtest their trading strategies as often as they would like.

Bitsoft360 Fees

Fees are an important part of any service that traders use. Bitsoft360’ developers have implemented an interesting fee structure that traders might be interested in. Check it out below:

Transaction Fees None
Trading Commissions None
Account Maintenance Fees None
Hidden charges None

As the table shows, Bitsoft360 won’t take a single commission when traders use it – even when they profit. However, traders should remember that Bitsoft360’ brokers might take fees for their service.

Is Bitsoft360 a Scam?

So the key question is, “Is Bitsoft360 a scam?

Bitsoft360’ developers have made huge claims about its efficiency. Also, the platform has a lot of positive Bitsoft360 reviews from users who have attested to its reliability over time. This might give prospective users some confidence to work with it.

However, Bitsoft360 is relatively new, and its claims are not yet backtested. The platform’s developers have been unable to verify the claims. We recommend starting with a minimum deposit when this automated crypto trading platform is utilised. Traders must be careful when they work with Bitsoft360 and trade the crypto market, which, as many know, is incredibly volatile.

Did Elon Musk Mention Bitsoft360?

While there are some internet searches for ‘Elon Musk Bitsoft360’ according to Google Trends data, the Tesla founder is not associated with the platform. So far, Elon Musk has only offered his support and endorsement to Dogecoin, and Bitcoin, rather than any trading tool or exchange. Note that the term ‘Bit 360 videx’ is also trending, potentially an upgraded version of the platform.

Minimum Deposit

Minimum deposits are a part of trading services. For Bitsoft360, the minimum deposit is $250 – comparable to many other AI crypto tools on the market.

Traders should always set a stoploss while dealing with cryptocurrencies because of their significant volatility. To put this another way, start with the minimum and progress from there. Additionally, it is recommended that traders only deal with money that they are willing to lose.

Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, Bitsoft360’ developers have claimed that they provide a reliable customer support system for traders who need help. However, they have provided no information about this system thus far. Traders will need to perform a Bitsoft360 test to confirm the availability of the so-called reliable customer support system.

How to Use Bitsoft360

To get started with Bitsoft360, traders can follow these steps:


Navigate to the Bitsoft360 website to get started. Traders will need to enter their details – full name, phone number, and email address.

Bitsoft360 website

Once done, the platform will send the trader over to a broker, and they can access their account.

STEP TWO: Deposit Funds

Traders can deposit funds into Bitsoft360 using bank transfers, cards, and direct crypto deposits.

Remember that the minimum deposit is $250; only trade this amount as a beginner trader.

STEP THREE: Demo Account

The demo account isn’t a necessity. Traders are encouraged to take advantage of it, notwithstanding. The demo account allows beginners to run a Bitsoft360 test to understand the platform’s operations. Experienced traders can also use it to test their trading strategies before deploying them on the live trading feature.

STEP FOUR: Live Trading

Once done with the demo account, head to the live trading service to begin and take advantage of the latest version of the software, which according to some testimonials is also known as Bit 360 videx.

Is Bitsoft360 Legit? The Verdict

The crypto markets trade 24/7/365 days a year, unlike stocks and other financial markets, and automated trading tools or ‘bots’ are popular today among day traders and scalpers as no human trader can monitor the markets at all times.

The Bitsoft360 platform is touted to emerge as the next big thing in the industry, as some reviews of Bitsoft360 have already indicated. Bitsoft360 testimonials focus on positive qualities, such as an intuitive user interface and robust backtesting functionalities.

However, because the site’s developers are primarily unknown and traders cannot verify their assertions, traders must exercise caution when using this platform. Always act appropriately while trading, and employ appropriate risk settings – as all trading involves risk to your capital.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

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What is Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 is a cryptocurrency trading software that promises to help traders make money in the crypto market. The software asserts that it is able to deliver high-frequency trading for all customers by utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Is Bitsoft360 legit?

This is still in dispute. Several Bitsoft360 reviews have surfaced, but many of the platform’s claims remain largely unverified. Links between Bitsoft360 and Elon Musk are not accurate, in addition.

How do I join Bitsoft360?

To join Bitsoft360, a trader can easily sign up on the platform’s homepage. They will be connected with a broker as soon as they have submitted their name, phone number, and email address.

Who owns Bitsoft360?

Currently, there is no information available online concerning the owners of Bitsoft360.