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Bitcoin Union review – Scam or Legit Software? The Verdict

Bitcoin Union
Bitcoin Union

Automated trading robots have been playing a huge part in financial markets for a long period of time. Since the early 90s, financial markets are flooded with automated trading robots, however, these platforms have become extremely popular in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Union is a new automatic trading software that claims to be able to generate high returns for those who invest in it. This trading robot allegedly simply places trades 0.01 seconds faster than its competitors and removes the manual process of trading. But is Bitcoin Union legit and should you use it?

In this Bitcoin Union review, we will determine whether this software is reliable and whether you should use it or now. Keep reading to find out more.

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    Is Bitcoin Union Legit?

    According to the information on Bitcoin Union official website and the user testimonials we have analyzed during this review, it appears that Bitcoin Union seems legit. Firstly, the site features most of the information regarding users’ terms and conditions, privacy, and earning disclaimer. Moreover, we can confirm that this robot operates in partnership with regulated and authorized CFD brokers.

    According to the user reviews we have found online – Bitcoin Union, although it is a relatively new platform, is a functional trading robot that can allegedly make profits for investors. Although their reported accuracy rate of 90% cannot be guaranteed, we found many reviews which claim that Bitcoin Union software can be trusted.

    Bitcoin Union Legit

    Is Bitcoin Union Scam or Not? The Verdict!

    We have tested Bitcoin Union’s trading software and have made the following findings:

    • 1) Bitcoin Union claims to have a 99.4% level of accuracy rate.
    • 2)The registration process is free and fast. Further, this robot partners with authorized and regulated brokers.
    • 3)It's advisable that you start trading with the minimum deposit requirement of $/£250. Do not be tempted to deposit more money than the minimum requirement.
    • 4)If you are ready to try this app, simply click on the link here.

    Visit Bitcoin Union

    What is Bitcoin Union?

    Bitcoin Union is an automated trading robot that claims to be able to place thousands of orders in the cryptocurrency market and execute these orders based on pre-configured algorithms. According to Bitcoin Union, the software is fully automatic, hence, an investor is not required to do anything except turning on and off the trading machine.

    Simply put, Bitcoin Union is a programmed platform that can be integrated into a broker's platform and can be used for automated trading. Because the cryptocurrency market is in its infancy compared to any other financial market, trading robots can take advantage of small price gaps called 'arbitrage' and allegedly make a profit. Yet, keep in mind there are risks in trading with Bitcoin robots such as Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Union.

    How does Bitcoin Union App work?

    Trading robots are automated applications with a preset of parameters that can supposedly execute a large number of trades in the market and typically have a high alleged accuracy rate.

    In short, the Bitcoin Union software is able to scan the crypto markets (reviewing the prices of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) and to find small price movements. According to the team behind Bitcoin Union, the software places orders in the markets 0.01 seconds faster than any participant. This is the technology that according to them makes the software able to predict future price movement and accomplish alleged profitable trading results.

    Bear in mind that the cryptocurrency market is in its early stages of development, which means that there are only a few trading robots in the market. Moreover, there is a large number of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, meaning trading robots can enter different exchanges and search for arbitrage transactions between different exchanges.

    As a result, this robot claims to be able to generate $1100 per day for its investors, with a minimum deposit of $250.

    If you want to find similar robots, have a look through our Bitcoin Trader review and Bitcoin Profit review.

    Opening an Account – Step by Step

    If you are ready to open a trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Union, simply follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Registration

    To sign-up for a free trading account, visit Bitcoin Union’s official website. Once you enter the website, you’ll notice a registration form where you need to fill in your personal details to proceed further with the account creation process. Bitcoin Union requires you to simply submit your full name, email address, and phone number.

    Bitcoin Union Registration

    Once you have submitted your personal details, Bitcoin Union immediately transfers you to a regulated partner broker where you can deposit funds and start trading.

    Step 2: Deposit

    On the next step, you’ll have to fund your account with at least $250. Our advice is that you do not deposit more than the minimum requirement, at least at the beginning of your journey. Keep in mind that Bitcoin Union directs you to a regulated broker in your area based on your IP address, and therefore, every broker suggests different payment methods.

    Bitcoin Union Deposit

    Step 3: Demo and live trading

    Whenever the funds have reached your account, you can simply start trading. We do recommend that you spend some time trading on the demo account. This will help you to get familiar with the trading platform, and understand the dynamics of the software. The demo account does not only give you access to the markets and trading tools, but also allows you to practice trading with virtual money. As this platform if full automatic, you can backtest the predefined parameters and determine whether it is profitable. Once you feel confident with activating the automated trading software, you can switch to real live trading.

    Bitcoin Union Live Trading

    Note: If you do not want to trade with real money straight away, feel free to try the demo account first. You will be able to try trades and see how the platform works before trading for real money.

    Bitcoin Union: Key Features

    High Alleged Accuracy Rate

    Bitcoin Union claims that its software is able to predict the future price movement of 99.4% of the orders the software executes. While we cannot guarantee such a high success rate, user reviews across the web indicate that this robot is able to predict most of the trades it executes. Yet, we suggest that you start small and track the software's trading performance carefully, particularly in the first days of trading. 


    The software supposedly wins trades with a 99.4% success rate and investors at Bitcoin Union claim to profit a minimum of £1100 per day. According to live results board featured on the robot's site, the majority of users allegedly make a daily profit of around £500-£1500. This robot even claims that some members earned their first million within 61 days of trading days. 


    Bitcoin Union does not charge any trading and non-trading fees. In fact, using the software is completely free of charge and the only fee you will have to pay is the buy and sell spread when orders are being executed.

    User Testimonials

    One of the most useful factors to analyze an automated trading robot is by finding user reviews. Although many robots post fake reviews on their sites, the user testimonials on Bitcoin Union's site appear to be from real people who used this platform. These users are claiming that the Bitcoin Union's software enabled them to supposedly earn high returns that typically range between £500-£1500.

    Regulated and Authorized Brokers

    Unlike many robots in the industry that funnel users to unregulated brokers, Bitcoin Union partners with heavily regulated brokers in the industry. This means that when you deposit funds into your trading account, your money is stored in a segregated account and you will be compensated if the broker becomes insolvent.

    Does Bitcoin Union have a mobile app?

    At the time of writing, Bitcoin Union does not support a mobile application. However, when you sign up with one of the partner brokers, you will most likely get access to a mobile trading app where you can track the account performance. Regardless, Bitcoin Union's software runs on any web browser so you can enter the software from your mobile phones.

    Bitcoin Union alternative for US customers

    Please note that if you are a U.S. customer, you may not be able to access Bitcoin Union. An alternate option which accepts US resident customer is eToro.

    Visit eToro

    Bitcoin Union Review: The Verdict!

    Based on our investigation, we find Bitcoin Union to appear legit and a reliable automated trading software. During this investigation, we found plenty of reviews from users who reported making substantial returns through this robot. Many claim that Bitcoin Union has developed a unique trading algorithm that can accurately predict price movements in the crypto market. However, note that we cannot guarantee that you can make such profits and that there are risks involved with this type of investment.

    If you want to try the software, we recommend that you start with no more than $250. Click the link below to try this bot today.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Bitcoin Union a Scam?

    This review confirms that Bitcoin Union does not appear to be a scam trading robot. User reviews claim that is is possible to make consistent returns with this robot. Further, Bitcoin Union provides tools to protect clients' funds and partners with regulated brokers. However, all trading carries risk and we cannot guarantee profits.

    Is there a minimum deposit required to use Bitcoin Union?

    Yes, if you wish to start trading with Bitcoin Union, you must invest any amount of £/$250 or more.

    Can I withdraw funds from Bitcoin Union?

    This is one of the most crucial factors when choosing a bitcoin trading robot. This review confirms that Bitcoin Union allows users to withdraw funds whenever they want, without any restriction.

    Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Union?

    According to user reviews and the robot's reports, it is allegedly possible to make money by using this software. The majority of users claim to make around £500-£1500, but some users report even higher earnings. Having said that, we cannot prove or guarantee profits in trading.

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