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Bitcoin Society Review – Is it a Legit and Profitable Trading Robot?

Bitcoin Society app helps you make insane profits online through bitcoin trading. The bot uses sophisticated technologies to automate the entire process.

This makes it quite straightforward to operate. Anyone with basic reading skills can start making money with Bitcoin Society from the first day.

Trading with it involves adjusting the settings and clicking the live button. Bitcoin Society does the rest for you as you enjoy life. You can reportedly adjust the robot’s settings to automate withdrawals to happen when some conditions are met.

But is Bitcoin Society scam or worthwhile? We have taken an in-depth look into the available data about this bot to determine if it’s worth your money. Find our objective and detailed feedback below.

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    What is Bitcoin Society?

    The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking trading automation to another level. Today, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of profits are generated by trading robots daily.

    A significant amount of this money is generated by BTC trading robots. Bitcoin Society is arguably among the best bitcoin robots overall. This BTC trading robot was founded in 2015. It is one of the most revered robots today.

    Bitcoin Society uses AI to place bets winning bets on BTC price swings. The bot claims to place up to 300 bets daily with a win rate of 90%. This means that it makes profits in every nine out of ten trades.

    Very few BTC robots out there match Bitcoin Society in performance. This robot is not only profitable but transparent, easy to operate, and safe.

    • Minimum deposit – USD250
    • Profitability rate – Up to 90% (depends on volatility)
    • Deposit and Withdrawals – Free
    • Trading platforms – Web (desktop and mobile)
    • Security – 128 bit RSA encryption
    • Reputation – Great

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    Is Bitcoin Society scam or legit?

    This investigation has presented the facts to show that the Bitcoin Society can be trusted. The justifications to its legitimacy are listed in a nutshell below.

    • Great reputation – tens of thousands rate Bitcoin Society as profitable.
    • Powerful trading tool – We have tested the Bitcoin Society platform and found it built on the alleged technologies.
    • Transparent trading environment – All the important information is published on the robot’s website.
    • Regulated partner brokers – We have put all Bitcoin Society partner brokers under test and found them reputable.
    • Seamless withdrawal process – From the feedback, it’s evident that Bitcoin Society offers a frictionless withdrawal process.
    • Safe trading environment – Bitcoin Society has invested in top-level safety measures, including platform encryption. Its site is described as protected through military-grade measures.

    Bitcoin Society on Social Media

    This robot has attracted a huge following on social media. There are over a hundred thousand posts about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    The posts are mostly from people who have tried this bot. We have used our kickass review analysis system to gauge the feedback from the social media comments. Bitcoin Society is undoubtedly super-profitable if the social media comments are anything to go by.

    We have come across Bitcoin Society Facebook fan pages with thousands of followers. The fan pages publish information to help the followers make great profits with this trading robot. We are also amazed by how popular the Bitcoin Society Twitter page is.

    The page has over 100,000 followers and has received retweets and comments from notable celebrities. Bitcoin Society has also gained a huge fan base on Instagram. As we will see below, Bitcoin Society is also top ranking on the world’s biggest consumer review platforms.

    These include Trustpilot, Reddit, SiteJabber, and Forex Peace Army. The reviews from some of these sites are verified. Bitcoin Society is undoubtedly a groundbreaking crypto trading tool if the ratings are anything to go by.

    Keep reading our kickass review of Bitcoin Society to the end to find out what most of its followers say about it. Please note that the great reviews indicate potential profitability. You shouldn’t take them as a guarantee of profitability.

    Crypto trading, whether through a trading bot or manually, is highly risky. You should always stake an amount you can afford to lose.

    Bitcoin Society Reddit

    Reddit is a powerful social media platform for building communities around interests. This platform has particularly gained massive attention in the trading community.

    Today, nearly every popular trading tool or subject has Reddit communities. Bitcoin Society is one of the most popular bitcoin trading bots on the platform. There are over 10 Bitcoin Society Reddit threads with thousands of participants.

    At least 5 of the 10 Bitcoin Society subreddits have gone viral. The feedback on these subreddits is enough proof of how dependable Bitcoin Society is. This bot is reviewed all over, and the feedback is that it’s legit and trustworthy.

    Bitcoin Society Trustpilot

    We have also found many Bitcoin Society reviews on Trustpilot. This is another very important review site for people looking for information about any trading bot.

    Bitcoin Society is reviewed over 4500 times on Trustpilot. The feedback is generally awesome, with the bot earning an overall rating of 4.4/5. Bitcoin Society claims to have earned the Trustpilot badge for the most reviewed bitcoin robot in the market.

    Nearly all the Bitcoin Society reviews on this site are verified. The reviews on this site are adequate proof that this bot has earned itself a great reputation.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Society

    Trading with Bitcoin Society should be a no brainer for anyone who can read and closely follow simple but detailed instructions.

    Moreover, you need to love reading to make the most out of this bot. This is because you will need to keep an eye on the news to determine when the bot is likely to be highly profitable. Bitcoin Society is in the final stages of introducing a news portal to help you to easily monitor the news.

    Trading with this bot isn’t complicated. This means that a complete beginner can easily find their way through the bot. We will take a step by step look into the steps to get you rolling with Bitcoin Society below.

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    Register on the official Bitcoin Society Site

    Registration happens on the official Bitcoin Society website. You need to be extra careful and countercheck the URL to ensure that you sign up on the official site.

    Bitcoin Society, like most of the viral bitcoin robots, has been targeted by clones. These clones are using fake news to trick people into signing up with them. The links in our kickass Bitcoin Society review will take you to the official site.

    Authenticate your account via the broker

    We have stated previously that Bitcoin Society works with top-level brokers. The brokers are mandated with handling transactions on behalf of the bot.

    Authenticating your account involves uploading the KYC documents with the broker. A KYC document in this context is a photo of your government-issued identification document. The photo should clearly show your names and photo.

    Verification may take up to 3 hours, but you are free to continue to the other steps. The only thing you can’t do from an unverified account is to withdraw. You must embrace ID verification since it’s a crucial safety measure.

    Fund your Bitcoin Society Account

    Funding your Bitcoin Society account will also happen through the broker. This is because it’s the duty of the broker to place trades in the open market.

    The broker uses the amount you deposit to take market positions on your behalf. You should fund your Bitcoin Society account with at least USD250 to be allowed to access the trading area. All deposits are free.

    Moreover, you can fund your account through an internationally recognized debit or credit card. Some of the brokers may also support Skrill, Neteller, and Webmoney, among other e-wallets.

    Watch the tutorial and take the demo test

    Dedicate at least 20 minutes to watching the Bitcoin Society tutorial video. A PDF guide accompanies the tutorial video.

    You will find all the info on the PDF guide in the video. Make sure that you have understood everything. Take a risk-free tour on the Bitcoin Society demo and test the settings. Try out different risk per trade levels to understand the risk control process.

    The demo tests should help you identify the risk per trade settings to apply per trade. Remember that Bitcoin Society enables you to adjust the risk settings to suit your risk appetite.

    Start a live session

    This should be quite easy after the demo test. Navigate to the Bitcoin Society trading dashboard and select your trading session of choice.

    Set the risk control parameters as explained in the Bitcoin Society tutorial. Start a live session by toggling the live button to the ON position. The bot will do the BTC trading for you as you sleep or continue with other duties.

    Bitcoin Society Login – Security Tips

    Most cyberattacks begin with a weak login page. An unencrypted login page is likely to be intercepted by hackers.

    The hackers are likely to steal login credentials from the unsecured login pages and use them to perpetrate cyberattacks. Data from security experts indicate that 99% of cyber attacks start from a weak login page.

    We have tested the Bitcoin Society login page and confirmed that it’s foolproof. The page is secured through powerful 128-bit key RSA encryption. This level of encryption thwarts all forms of cyberattacks, including the most sophisticated ones.

    A weak password and poor password management practices is another big loophole for cyberattacks. Bitcoin Society encourages its clients to create strong passwords. Experts recommend mixing small and cap letters, symbols, and letters when creating a password.

    Bitcoin Society only allows strong passwords. Moreover, the platform provides tips to help you store your password safely. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Society operates under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    The GDPR defines how online operators handle clients’ data for safety. Bitcoin Society adheres to the measures stipulated in this law. These include not sharing your information with any third party and safely destroying clients’ data after the intended use. Bitcoin Society claims to have earned the EU GDPR badge.

    How to make the most out of Bitcoin Society

    We have stated above that Bitcoin Society is fully automated. But does this mean that you don’t have any influence on its trading outcome?

    Our team of experts has combed the web for tips to get the most out of this robot. It seems that you can influence the performance of your Bitcoin Society account despite most of the trading being automated.

    We will present some tips below to help you maximize the potential found in this trading bot. Observe the tips below to get the most out of this bot.

    Take the compounding route

    Bitcoin Society requires a minimum trading balance of USD250. The more money you stake, the higher the daily profitability.

    But investing more money is not the only way to grow. You can earn fortunes within a few months of reinvesting all the profits from a $250 account. The average daily return linked to Bitcoin Society is 15%.

    You can generate daily returns of up to 90% during crypto booms.  This return rate can quadruple your investment in a day. We insist that you start small and take the reinvestment route to growth.

    This will eliminate the emotion of fear and hence enable you to observe how Bitcoin Society responds to market trends. This will enable you to determine when to run the bot for maximum returns.

    Trade during the New York or Shanghai sessions

    Time zones are extremely important in trading. This is because some time zones come with more volatility than others.

    Bitcoin is highly volatile during the New York or Shanghai time zones. The high volatility is linked to the trillions of dollars worth of bitcoin derivatives exchanging hands on the NYSE and SSE exchanges.

    The New York session starts from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT. Likewise, the Shanghai session starts from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST. You can select the time zone that favours your day to day activities.

    Don’t worry about crashing time zones since you don’t have to monitor your trading account. Bitcoin Society will do the trading for you while you are asleep.

    Close trading at the end of your trading session of choice

    Ensure that Bitcoin Society is not running past the trading session of choice. This is because doing so will attract rollover fees.

    Moreover, you shouldn’t run Bitcoin Society during weekends or on public holidays. The bot comes with an event calendar to help you identify public holidays in the select time zone.

    You will find the events calendar to be quite easy to follow.  You can always engage the assigned dedicated account manager in case you need clarifications.

    Join the Bitcoin Society Club

    You will learn very important trading tips by joining the Bitcoin Society club. The club has online forums and physical meetings in some cities.

    You don’t have to attend the physical meetings to leverage the information shared through the club. Find more information about the Bitcoin Society club on the trading resources page. You must be a registered user to access this information.

    Bitcoin Society in the Fake News

    This robot has attracted all manner of news, including fake news. We have highlighted some of the popular fake news below to help you stay on the lookout.

    Bitcoin Society Elon Musk – We can confirm that any news source alleging that Elon Musk is trading with Bitcoin Society is fake news.

    Bitcoin Society Gordon Ramsay – The renowned British celebrity chef hasn’t disclosed any interests outside the cooking business. It’s therefore unlikely that he has put money into Bitcoin Society.

    Bitcoin Society Martin Lewis – The British personal finance guru has only expressed interest in traditional assets. It’s unlikely that he has endorsed Bitcoin Society.

    Bitcoin Society Dragons Den – We didn’t find any proof linking Bitcoin Society with the Dragons Den reality TV program. Any rumours alleging so should be treated as fake news.

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    Bitcoin Society Scam Review – The Verdict

    We have done all that is necessary to offer an unbiased Bitcoin Society review. Our review has looked into multiple factors to conclude that this robot is legit.

    We have analyzed Bitcoin Society reviews on consumer review platforms such as Reddit, Trustpilot, and Forex Peace Army. The reviews are generally good, with over 90% claiming to be making money with this bot.

    Most of the clients that have left Bitcoin Society a review on the top consumer review sites allege that it’s profitable. The reviews indicate a possibility of growing the minimum balance of USD250 into a fortune within months of trading with this bot.

    Bitcoin Society was founded in 2015 as a trading platform for big banks and hedge funds. The bot was reportedly an advancement of a secret forex trading algorithm used by Lehman Brothers in 2006 to generate huge profits out of derivatives trading.

    In 2016, the robot was acquired by a renowned global trading software provider. The software provider turned it into B2C software. Bitcoin Society reportedly gained massive popularity during the crypto boom of 2008.

    The software is said to have helped tens of thousands of its users earn fortunes during the boom. Bitcoin Society is today one of the most popular BTC trading robots. The robot has hit the headlines today due to its anticipated super performance in the ongoing bitcoin boom.

    The profitability rate linked to Bitcoin Society makes it worth a try. But this doesn’t mean that it’s risk-free. A significant number of its user has claimed to lose money. This is expected for any fast-paced, highly profitable crypto trading system. Click the link below to try your luck now.


    Is Bitcoin Society good?

    We have proof to show that Bitcoin Society is great. The user feedback all over the web is enough evidence of its profitability. You don’t need to

    Does Bitcoin Society offer an app?

    Yes! Bitcoin Society offers you a mobile app that can be used on any Android or iOS device. The app is the HTML5 version of the web-trader. This means that it has the same features as the web-trader.

    How do I download the Bitcoin Society app?

    Find the Bitcoin Society app download link at the bottom of the trading resources page. You can also download it from a link shared via the welcome email.

    Is Bitcoin Society profitable?

    This bot is, without a doubt, lucrative. Many of the consumer reviews out there indicate so. Bitcoin Society has the power to generate mouthwatering fortunes out of a small account.

    Is Bitcoin Society FCA regulated?

    Bitcoin Society regulation happens through its partner brokers. All the brokers backing this bot are monitored by tier-one institutions such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    How do I withdraw from Bitcoin Society?

    The withdrawal process is self-explanatory. Fill the withdrawal form on the Bitcoin Society trading dashboard and click submit. Your money will be debited into your account within an hour.

    Does Bitcoin Society charge withdrawal fees?

    You don’t pay a dime for up to 10 withdrawals per month. Bitcoin Society takes a 1% withdrawal charge for any withdrawal after the tenth one.

    Does Bitcoin Society charge hidden fees?

    We didn’t find complaints about the Bitcoin Society fees. This is enough proof that it doesn’t charge any hidden fees. You only pay a 2% fee on profits plus a small broker’s fee.