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Is Bitcoin Power a Scam or Trustworthy Trading Robot? The Results of a $250 Test

You could earn mouthwatering profits online right now by trading with the Bitcoin Power trading system. This is according to the many expert reviews we have read on the internet.

Bitcoin Power has gone viral worldwide as experts rate it as the most profitable bitcoin trading tool. Moreover, many of these bitcoin robot’s users are coming forward and alleging huge profitability.

Bitcoin Power has reportedly made many people rich. Some allege investing as little as USD250 and earning tens of thousands of dollars within weeks. But is Bitcoin Power as lucrative as alleged, or is it one of the many bitcoin-related Ponzi schemes out there?

We have carried out all the necessary tests and found this robot to be great. Bitcoin Power is legitimate, safe, and could be as profitable as alleged. This review takes an in-depth and unbiased deep dive into this bitcoin robot.

You will learn the facts about Bitcoin Power and tips to help you maximize the money-making potential provided by this bot.

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    What is Bitcoin Power?

    You may have come across this review when looking for ways to make money off bitcoin. Bitcoin trading is among the best ways to make money online in 2021.

    There are several ways to invest in bitcoin, but none beats the Bitcoin Power software. This software was launched in 2016 to offer automated trading. The robot is built on the trading wisdom of Wall Street top traders.

    Moreover, Bitcoin Power leverages the power of AI to generate quality signals. The robot automatically relays the signals to an underlying broker for execution. Bitcoin Power works with the best brokers to ensure the best liquidity.

    Quality liquidity ensures that the signals are executed instantly. This prevents negative slippage hence maximizing performance. Negative slippage is one of the biggest enemies of success in automated trading.

    Bitcoin Power automates all trading and is therefore quite easy to use. You don’t need to understand the technical trading language to use this platform. The trading instructions are offered in layman’s terms to allow you to find your way around the robot easily.

    Bitcoin Power is affordable since only a deposit of USD250 in trading capital is needed. Registration and trading are free. Any profitable trade only pays a 2% commission. This is awesome since close competitors deduct a commission of at least 20%.

    • Minimum deposit – USD250
    • Potential returns – Up to 90% on high volatility
    • Risk level – Moderate
    • Withdrawals – Free and fast
    • Trading platforms – Mobile and web
    • Platforms security – 128-bit RSA encryption
    • Partner broker regulation – Tier-one regulated

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    Is Bitcoin Power scam or not?

    Many of our readers have asked us to do an in-depth review of Bitcoin Power. We have tasked our team of investigators with finding out all the crucial information about this bitcoin robot.

    Bitcoin Power scores extremely well in our legitimacy and safety tests. We have paid close attention to the feedback given by verified Bitcoin Power users. As we will see later in this post, this bot is reviewed by its clients in their thousands.

    We have analyzed the reviews using a powerful review analysis algorithm and concluded that the feedback is awesome. Bitcoin Power is praised by over 90% of its users. The reviewers have expressed satisfaction with its performance.

    Most Bitcoin Power reviewers allege to have gained wealth riding the bitcoin wave through the bot. Some allege starting with as little as USD250 and compounding the returns to cross the million dollars mark within months. This feedback is legitimate since it’s from verified reviewers.

    Most of the verified Bitcoin Power reviews also praise it for safety and ease of use. We have tested this bot via the demo and confirmed that it’s indeed beginner-friendly. The Bitcoin Power demo is 100% similar to the live trading account.

    Apart from the great reputation, Bitcoin Power has managed to earn some quality partnerships with brokers. A preliminary check on these brokers indicates that they are well regulated. Our legitimacy findings on Bitcoin Power are summarized below.

    • Highly reputable robot
    • Works with regulated brokers
    • Offers a transparent trading environment
    • Allows fast and free withdrawals
    • Does not charge hidden fees

    Bitcoin Power in the Media

    Any highly profitable project or tool is bound to attract massive attention. Bitcoin Power is not an exemption.

    This bitcoin robot has been trending for months in many countries. A simple search on Google Trends shows that Bitcoin Power is trending in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Asia and North America.

    Bitcoin Power has made the headlines in alternative and mainstream media. We have come across high ranking reviews on some of the world’s top-ranked crypto publications. This is enough proof of how reputable this robot is.

    Let’s look at how Bitcoin Power ranks on some of the world’s most popular consumer feedback platforms.

    Bitcoin Power Trustpilot

    The Trustpilot is a powerful review site. At least 4 million reviews are posted on this platform daily. This makes it one of the behemoth review sites on the internet today.

    We are amazed by the vibrant Bitcoin Power Trustpilot page. This robot is perhaps the most reviewed in its category on this page. Moreover, it is among the best rated with an overall star rating of 4.8/5 after thousands of reviews.

    Bitcoin Power claims to have earned the Trustpilot reputation badge. The badge is only bestowed to viral and well-reviewed products.

    Bitcoin Power Reddit

    You are probably a big fan of Reddit topics. This platform has gained massive popularity with millions of visits every day.

    Reddit offers an opportunity for users to create interests around a subject. We are amazed by the many viral Bitcoin Power Reddit communities. Our investigative team has counted not less than ten subreddits discussing this trading bot.

    Each of the Bitcoin Power subreddits has at least 5K participants. Moreover, the subreddits have hundreds of thousands of comments. We have dived into these comments and found them to be positive.

    The subreddits are a great source of information for new as well as experienced users. You don’t need to pay for Reddit Gold to join some of the most popular Bitcoin Power Reddit threads.

    How to Trade with Bitcoin Power

    The Bitcoin Power trading software makes bitcoin trading easy. You will find everything to be easy to follow, even if you are completely new to trading.

    Bitcoin Power is recommended for experts as well as beginners. You can reportedly use this bitcoin robot from over 120 countries globally. Therefore, the robot trades BTC through CFDs and is not available in countries that do not allow CFDs trading.

    Bitcoin Power is available in over ten languages. These include English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Polish, Mandarin, Hindu and Arabic. You only need to click the flag at the top of the homepage to change the website’s language.

    Changing the language of the Bitcoin Power website will also link you to a customer support team that understands your language. We have dived into the Bitcoin Power registration and trading process below.

    Register a free trading account

    You need to create an account with Bitcoin Power on its official website to access the trading robot.

    The Bitcoin Power login page is secured through top-grade encryption to prevent data theft. This means that you have a safety guarantee with this trading bot. The safety of the login page is crucial since most forms of cyberattacks begin here.

    Registering an account with Bitcoin Power shouldn’t be a challenge. Fill the registration form, create a password, and confirm the contact details. You will automatically redirect to the underlying broker’s page.

    Upload the requisite documents for ID verification with the broker. The verification can take a few hours, but this shouldn’t hold you from proceeding to the other steps.

    Fund your account through the broker

    Bitcoin Power connects to a broker in the background. The role of this broker is to receive signals from the bot and execute them in the market.

    Trading capital is required to execute the signals generated by the Bitcoin Power trading robot. This trading capital must be deposited through the broker since it’s their responsibility to place trades in the open market.

    You can fund your Bitcoin Power account through the methods offered by the broker. These include Mastercard, Visa, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, and many others. The broker may also accept deposits via a bitcoin wallet.

    All deposits are free and facilitated instantly. This implies that you can get started with Bitcoin Power right away. You don’t break the bank to use Bitcoin Power since you can get started with just USD250. This little deposit is enough to generate fortunes for you in highly volatile.

    You can deposit more money if you have a high-risk appetite. You can grow your Bitcoin Power account by either investing more funds or reinvesting the daily returns.

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    Watch the tutorial and test Bitcoin Power through the demo

    This step is extremely important. You may find yourself making losses if you don’t pay attention to the provided instructions.

    Bitcoin Power is fully automated, but you need to set it to fit your risk appetite. Risk appetite refers to the level of risk a trader can handle. It’s determined by the traders financial capacity and trading psychology.

    Bitcoin power offers a risk appetite test on its trading resources centre. The test involves a questionnaire with over 20 questions. Make sure that you take the test to determine your risk appetite.

    The risk appetite will show you the level of risk to take when adjusting the Stop Loss and Take Profit settings. Try out the settings on the Bitcoin Power demo account. This trading robot’s demo account offers a perfect simulation of the live account.

    Watch the Bitcoin Power tutorial video for a layman’s explanation of risk management in automated trading.  Dedicate at least an hour to be fully prepared for live trading. Remember that there are no skills prerequisites to trading with this robot.

    Start making money with Bitcoin Power

    Finally, you can go ahead and enjoy the amazing money-making opportunities offered by Bitcoin Power.

    Set your account as explained in the trading guide. The most important settings are the risk control tools of Stop Loss and Take Profit. These should be easy to set if you have dedicated enough time to understand them in the previous step.

    The SL and TP settings should fit your risk appetite as determined in the previous step. Click the live button once you are done with the settings. You may see profits trickling into your account right away.

    Let Bitcoin Power do the heavy lifting for you as you continue doing what you love most. We can’t insist enough on the importance of only trading what you can afford to lose. Bitcoin trading is lucrative, but it also comes at a risk.

    You can maximize the potentials and minimize the risk by adopting the reinvestment route to growth. Reinvesting half of your daily profits could quadruple your trading account in less than a week. Some Bitcoin Power users have reportedly used the compounding technique to turn a humble investment of USD250 into a fortune in a few months. Try your luck with Bitcoin Power now through the link below.

    Bitcoin Power and Fake News

    Any viral bitcoin robot is bound to attract celebrity gossip in this age of fake news. Bitcoin Power is not an exemption.

    Our investigation indicates that this bitcoin robot has been targeted by this type of news many times. The gossip news is mostly published on top gossip blogs in the UK, Australia, and the US. We have flagged some viral fake posts, as explained below.

    Bitcoin Power Elon Musk

    Elon Musk has recently risen to the top position in Forbes list of the world’s richest men. He is one of the many celebrities that have openly expressed their interests in bitcoin.

    The bitcoin volatility witnessed since 2019 is largely triggered by Elon Musk sentiments. Millions of people follow this celebrity, and hence any news suggesting that he is endorsing bitcoin is likely to trigger massive volatility.

    But is Elon Musk one of the angel investors backing the Bitcoin Power trading robot? We have investigated these rumours and found them to be fake news.

    Bitcoin Power Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay is a renowned Chef and TV personality. But did he put million dollars in Bitcoin Power, as some posts claim?

    Once again, our investigation reveals that this is fake news. Gordon Ramsay hasn’t publicly shown any interest in bitcoin. He is also not interested in any bitcoin trading tool. Bitcoin Power has previously warned its followers against nonsensical fake news.

    We insist that you take the time to fact-check information on the official Bitcoin Power website before taking it as gospel truth.

    Bitcoin Power Shark Tank

    The Shark Tank reality TV program is a highly rated ABC show. This show is aired in the US and Australia.

    Shark Tank features a panel of wealthy angel investors receiving pitches from entrepreneurs seeking funding. Bitcoin Power is claimed to have been pitched on Shark Tank in one of the episodes in 2019.

    However, the robot has released a statement warning its followers against the fake news and categorically stating that it has never received funding from angel investors.

    Bitcoin Power Dragons Den

    This robot is also said to have been pitched on the Dragons Den show. The Shark Tank is a franchise of Dragons Den, and hence both shows follow the same theme.

    The Bitcoin Power Dragons Den rumour purports that the robot was pitched in the show and received funding from Peter Jones. Peter Jones is one of the panellists in Dragons Den UK. The Dragons Den appears on the BBC UK and Canada.

    However, Bitcoin Power hasn’t raised money from any of the shows. As mentioned earlier, this bitcoin robot has severally warned the public against fake news.

    Bitcoin Power This Morning

    This Morning is another top-rated TV show falsely linked to Bitcoin Power. The fake rumour claims that Holly Willoughby introduced the bot in one of the episodes.

    Holly Willoughby is one of the highly rated hosts of This Morning. We have gone through the said episodes, and it seems that the claims are also fake news.

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    Bitcoin Power Review – Final Word!

    This review finds Bitcoin Power to be worthwhile. You stand a chance to make great profits trading BTC through the Bitcoin Power app.

    We have come to this conclusion after going through many Bitcoin Power reviews. The feedback from its users is generally great. Bitcoin Power users report great returns, albeit at high risk. The robot can give a decent daily profit from a small account.

    Profitability has a positive correlation with volatility. The higher the bitcoin volatility, the more money you can make with Bitcoin Power. This robot’s profitability is a result of its sophisticated and highly accurate trading algorithms.

    These algorithms are driven by AI to analyze any data for insights. Bitcoin Power has been reviewed as the best news-trading robot by many experts. News trading is quite important in bitcoin trading. This is because BTC is highly sensitive to news.

    Our legitimacy tests indicate that Bitcoin Power is highly secure. The Bitcoin Power login page is protected through military-grade encryption. Moreover, this bot has enough measures in place to safeguard clients’ data. Bitcoin Power alleges to fully adhere to the globally respected EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    The GDPR governs how firms interact with the data of EU citizens. This law only applies to EU citizens, but firms that adhere to it are respected globally. Bitcoin Power has secured collaboration from some respected brokers in the EU and the UK. These brokers further guarantee clients of safety.


    Is Bitcoin Power real?

    Thorough tests on the Bitcoin Power trading system confirm that it's legit. Moreover, it's super-profitable, as is evident with the many consumer reviews.

    Is Bitcoin Power reputable?

    Many people have reviewed Bitcoin Power as legitimate, easy to use, and super profitable. This trading bot has perfect reputation scores on Trustpilot, Reddit, Site Jabber, and Forex Peace Army.

    Is Bitcoin Power a scam?

    Bitcoin Power is transparent, safe, and reputable. Thorough testing on the trading system indicates that it has all it takes to make users wealthy.

    Does Bitcoin Power offer an app?

    You can use Bitcoin Power on your smartphone by downloading its hybrid app. The hybrid app should work on any smartphone OS. You can choose to use the bot on a mobile browser rather than installing the app.

    Where do I find the Bitcoin Power download link?

    The Bitcoin Power download link is attached at the bottom of the first email after depositing the trading capital. You can also find the link on the resource's dashboard. The app should install with a single click of a button.

    Does Bitcoin Power offer a desktop app?

    Bitcoin Power is yet to introduce a desktop app. You can only use it as a web trader. The hybrid mobile app is the HTML5 version of the web trader.

    Is Bitcoin Power compatible with the MT4?

    Bitcoin Power embeds into the MT4 in the background but provides users with a fully customized trading interface. This means that you don’t need to master the MT4 to trade with it.