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The Bitcoin trading app Bitcoin Digital is a software that was created to trade based on the trends emitted by the signals on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market. Because there’s a lot of volatility when trading Bitcoin, people claim that Bitcoin Digital has a high success rate of 89% and can help their users generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Are these claims true?

Read below this Bitcoin Digital review to find out whether this automatic trading software its a scam or not.

Is Bitcoin Digital Legit?

There are many claims online of users who are making daily Bitcoin profit, and there are also those who claim to make daily profit by trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Digital and another Bitcoin system. You will probably find online many reviews about these Bitcoin robots, and some of them will even have claims of celebrities having endorsed or invested in them. Truth is that most of these claims are only published with the intention of advertising or promoting these robots, and not really true.

The truth of the matter is that Bitcoin has made a lot of people into millionaires over night, and has been making people a lot of money since the market cap has increased, and people have shown interest in it. Many self-made traders quit their daily jobs to go all in into Bitcoin. To give you a broader idea, in 2017 Bitcoin has gone from $7.000 USD to $20.000 USD in the time frame of a year. This means that the people who bought Bitcoin at that price, and sold at the all time high of $20,000 USD have made a lot of profit by just holding the asset.

Trading with Bitcoin means that you don’t need to acquire the asset yourself, but you can still invest your money regardless of how much it is. With Bitcoin Trader robots like Bitcoin Digital, Bitcoin Loophole, and Bitcoin Evolution, the trades are made via a complex software, which reads the signals emitted by the traders in the market and can execute the trading orders at a faster rate than the average trading tools. And what’s best is that all of that is done by clicking the trade button “ON”.

Bitcoin Digital is similar to other systems like Bitcoin Profit, which means that the results should also be very close to these high performance Bitcoin trading robots.

Is Bitcoin Digital Serious or Not: The Verdict!

  • 1). This trading software claims to have a high success rate, and trades by reading the signals emitted on the market.
  • 2). Bitcoin is very volatile, which means that investing in it carries certain risks. Higher risks also means higher rewards.
  • 3). Try Bitcoin Digital now through this link, or keep on reading this review to learn more. You can always create a free demo account.

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What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is an exclusive automated trading Bitcoin robot that helps its users perform trades based on the signals emitted from the crypto market. It gives its users a competitive advantage against other traders by predicting the market trends before they happen.

Bitcoin Robots have been a tendency amongst fresh starters and even experienced traders, as they can help predict the outcome of the market trends with their algorithms. Because there's a lot of volatility with Bitcoin, trading tools like Bitcoin Digital have become essential for every day traders. Since Bitcoin robots are so easy to use and set up, more and more people are starting to take advantage of them.

It's been said that Bitcoin Digital can perform trades faster than its competitors, thus having a higher success rate than any other trading tool available.

How does Bitcoin Digital Work?

Bitcoin Digital is a free to use software that is integrated with brokerage firms, and emits the signals via technology shared with the brokers. These signals that are read and deciphered can predict the tendency of the market and increase the success rate of trades executed, and increase the profit for its users.

This means that Bitcoin Digital is being offered by selected brokers as an additional trading tool, which helps their users perform trades at a higher success rate.

It's easy to set up, and should take no longer than 20 minutes. Once you create an account, one of the brokers will aid you in selecting the recommended settings, and assist you in turning the robot on. Once it's on, all you need to do is sit back and monitor the performance during the day. You can even try the demonstration mode before you shift into the live mode.

Once you've familiarised yourself with the platform, you're ready to go live. All you need to do is make an initial investment to trade with the brokers and you're all set. We recommend making an initial investment of $250 USD.

How to Place a Trade With Bitcoin Digital

To begin trading and getting started with with Bitcoin Digital, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step tutorial.

1. Registration

The first step to start using Bitcoin Digital is to create an account on the official website. Once you’re through to the website, fill in with your information and create your Bitcoin account so you can gain access to your trading dashboard.


Once you’ve signed up, you will be assigned a broker by Bitcoin Digital, which means that you will operate your Bitcoin Digital account with the elected broker. The whole signup process should take no longer than 5 minutes.

2. Deposit

To begin trading, you need to make your initial deposit. Most of the brokers listed in the Bitcoin Digital platform usually require a minimum deposit of $250 USD. This is not the cost to use the Bitcoin Digital app, as it’s not on a subscription model, but rather the cost involved with placing trades with the broker. The amount you deposit will also be the amount you will be able to use as an initial investment to perform your trades.

There are several payment methods available by the brokers. The most common used ones are Credit and Debit cards, Wire transfer, Neteller, WebMoney and some even take Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin Digital doesn’t require any payments and there are no deposit charges involved.

3. Live Trading

Once you’ve made your deposit, you’re ready to start with the live trading. All you need to do is set up the settings that have been recommended to you by the broker, or configure the robot with the settings you feel that will be the best ones for the day.

Once you’ve selected the best settings, you can select the amount you want to place per trade, which trade method, which pairs you want to trade with and the number of concurrent trades you want to perform. After you’ve selected everything, all you need to do is click on the auto trade button, and make sure it’s switched to “ON”. All that’s left to do is monitor the trades and watch the profit come into your account.

Bitcoin Digital: Key Features

Commission Fees

One of the best features of Bitcoin Digital is that there are no trading fees, deposit or withdrawal fees involved. Most brokers like Bitcoin Lifestyle usually have a commission fee involved when placing trades, but this is not the case with Bitcoin Digital and the brokers available in the platform. Once you make profit with your successful trades, all you need to do is withdraw the amount you wish and select the method (either card or directly to your bank account).

Verification System

The verification system is very simple and straight forward. To register you will have to insert some personal details in the registration form. All you need is an email address, a full name and a phone number. After that you will be requested to deposit funds in your new account. To do that you simply need to provide your payment details. If it is a credit/debit card, the card number, expiration date and card verification code will be enough. You do not have to provide bank statements, utility bills or anything else.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Bitcoin Digital has very quick and effortless withdrawal and deposits. The funds deposit should be available ASAP in your account, and you will be ready to use them to place the trades. Same for withdrawing funds. Quick and effortless. After you've requested withdrawal, the funds should be with you within 48 hours.

Dedicated Customer Support

You can contact the Bitcoin Digital customer support and live chat anytime during the day. If no one's available to respond, or if you need to queue up while you wait, you can be sure that someone will contact you in matter of minutes. Certainly this is one of the best customer support available in the market.

Regulated Brokers

You will find that most of the brokers listed and available in the Bitcoin Digital platform are regulated brokers, or licensed by the financial entity of the country they are registered in. This is good because it shows the legitimacy of the brokers and the Bitcoin Digital platform, as well as assuring that your payouts and funds can be withdrawn safely.

Can You Make Money Trading With Bitcoin Digital?

If you've read thus far and you're still having second doubts about making profit by trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Digital, then let's clear any sort of doubt left.

There are many supporting facts that were listed in this review about the legitimacy of Bitcoin Digital, and whether or not the user testimonies on their website are real. What we can advise you to do is to take your own conclusions after you sign up and try out the Bitcoin Digital trading robot.

Once you get started with Bitcoin Digital, you will find that you won't need any other tool to perform trades with Bitcoin, and that it's one of the most recommended trading tools for users ranging everywhere from fresh starters to the very experienced ones as well.

What you do need to bear in mind is that Bitcoin is a complex asset, which is highly volatile. There's a lot of money to be made by trading with Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Digital is merely a tool to help people achieve their goals when trading with Bitcoin.

Follow these recommendations to make the most of your trading experience:

  1. Start Small.We recommend users to start with a moderate investment of $250 USD, as it’s also the minimum required by the brokers to operate with Bitcoin Digital.
  2. Withdraw Your Profits. Once you make a nice haul, make sure to withdraw some of your profits. This will also encourage you to keep trading and increase your profits.
  3. Follow the Expert’s Advice. There are many tutorials online about Bitcoin Trading, and even tutorials about making investments with Bitcoin Code and other trading robots. Make sure you read everything and educate yourself in the subject.
  4. Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose. Because Bitcoin and stocks in general do carry risks when trading, we recommend you to only invest the money you can afford to lose. There’s method behind trading, but some of it can also be compared to gambling, as you can’t always predict the outcome of highly volatile trades with highly volatile assets.

Bitcoin Digital Review: The Verdict!

There's no doubt in mind that Bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Era have become the new trend amongst all kinds of traders. Since technology came to help with accuracy and improving the success rate of trades, it's also safe to say that the technology keeps updating and evolving every year. Bitcoin Digital is one of the new pieces of technology that's been made specifically for trading Bitcoin and other crypto assets, and promises to keep improving on results.

If you don't make as much as you've hoped for, don't be discouraged. There's a lot of volatility in Bitcoin and other complex crypto trading assets. All that you need to do is place a few successful trades and you'll start making the results you've hoped for in no time.

Remember to always start with moderate investments, and never to invest more than what you can afford to lose. There’s risk involved, and possibly very high, which means that there’s also high rewards to be collected from trading with Bitcoin, and nothing better than having a tool like Bitcoin Digital to help with placing these trades and making profit.

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Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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