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Zoomer Coin Crashes To Zero. Which Coins Are Safe To Buy?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Zoomer Coin Crashes To Zero In A Week. Which Coins Are Safe To Trade?
Zoomer Coin Crashes To Zero In A Week. Which Coins Are Safe To Trade?

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Zoomer Coin’s dramatic crash to zero has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency market, prompting a new focus on safer coins. 

As investors grapple with the causes behind the implosion, it’s a wake up call for many. With the volatility and unpredictability of crypto coins, choosing the right ones is paramount in mitigating risk and safeguarding investments. 

Zoomer Trend Shows Decline to Zero

The 24-hour trading volume of Zoomer is currently exhibiting downward movement with a decrease of 17.50%. The latest information from CoinMarketCap indicates that the coin currently has no circulating supply at the time of writing. 

This means that no units of the coin are actively available and traded in the market. Additionally, CoinMarketCap added that the total Zoomer coins expected to be supplied is 69 billion. Zoomer Coin is priced at 0 USD, down 100% in the past 24 hours. 

The coin is actively traded on three markets, with a total trading volume of $1,603,380.44 recorded over the same period. These metrics highlight the recent market activity and the extent of the price movement experienced by Zoomer Coin. 

The price data, trading volume, and market participation all provide insights into the current state of Zoomer Coin’s market performance.

Technical Review of Zoomer Coin ($ZOOMER)

As depicted on the chart above, the asset is trading below the lower band of the Bollinger Bands indicator, suggesting that the price has fallen to a level that is lower than the statistical average. 

Zoomer Coin Crashes To Zero In A Week. Which Coins Are Safe To Trade?

This can indicate an oversold condition, potentially signaling a buying opportunity for traders. Additionally, the Relative Strength Index of ZOOMER is at 23.59 (oversold), which means that the price is technically below the oversold region of 30. This indicates a possible trend reversal and a potential buy opportunity as the price is oversold.

Lastly, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) of the asset is relatively below the signal line, and the histogram bar shows strong red color.

This indicates that the asset is experiencing high selling pressure and bearish momentum.

However, it is important to consider other technical indicators and market conditions before making trading decisions based solely on the asset’s position relative to the lower band.

Channel Up Chart Pattern Validates the Bearish Sentiment

Traders and investors were notably impacted on a psychological level by the break below the Channel Up technical chart pattern that had been forming since the coin’s inception. 

This occurrence had significant implications, shifting market sentiment and potentially influencing trading strategies. However, the support level is a crucial point that is anticipated to keep the price of Zoomer-coin from dipping further.

If the support level fails to hold the price and bears break the support, it may indicate a long-term bearish trend.

Understanding and acknowledging the psychological aspects of market movements is vital for maintaining a disciplined and rational approach to trading in the face of such pattern breaks.

Alternatives To Zoomer Coin

Chimpzee represents an innovative initiative combining profit-generating prospects and entertainment, encouraging investors to prioritize environmental preservation and animal welfare. 

This ecosystem offers users the exclusive opportunity to purchase merchandise and earn passive income through CHMPZ coins. By actively participating in climate change mitigation and wildlife preservation, individuals can generate income within the Chimpzee platform. 

The project integrates various features, such as the Chimpzee shop, zero tolerance game, and NFT marketplace, to deliver a comprehensive user experience. 

The project shop serves as a central commerce hub within the ecosystem, facilitating the utilization of CHMPZ tokens for purchasing high-quality goods. 

Chimpzee’s NFT marketplace distributes a portion of trading fee profits among active users, granting significant shares from the profit pool to those who possess an NFT passport. 

Furthermore, the CHMPZ Zero Tolerance Game offers users an entertaining way to earn coins by accomplishing specific milestones. Currently, CHMPZ is in the midst of its presale phase, which commenced on March 20, 2023, with CHMPZ tokens available for purchase for $0.0007.

It is important to note that there are 40 billion tokens available for this presale event, and tokens not sold in this event will be burnt and sent out of circulation.

Acquiring these tokens is straightforward, as they can be obtained using USDT, ETH, or bank cards. The project has achieved a significant milestone, raising over $804,946 and progressing steadily toward its target of $1,144,500. 

This accomplishment highlights the project’s importance to both investors and the environment. As the presale nears its conclusion, investors remain active in acquiring tokens despite growing concerns and uncertainties in the market. 

Following the presale, the coin will be listed on various trading platforms for $0.00185, potentially leading to even higher selling prices soon. Traders and investors who engage at the current price have the potential to realize over 150% gains on their investment.

Additionally, upon the conclusion of the presale, Chimpzee NFT passports will become accessible. Only stage 1 presale investors can acquire Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports, adding a sense of exclusivity and value to this particular group.

Ecoterra: Another Option to Consider

Ecoterra is an innovative cryptocurrency project that operates on the groundbreaking “Recycle2Earn” system. The platform presents substantial rewards for early investors and individuals actively engaged in recycling and other environmentally friendly activities. 

In an impressive performance, the Ecoterra token presale ($ECOTERRA) has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing $6 million in a few days. Ecoterra is currently in stage 9 of its token presale, considered the final stage, and is selling at a rate where investors can buy for $0.01. 

The token will be listed at several Centralized exchanges immediately after the presale is over at the rate of $0.01.

Meanwhile, in recent information, the LBANK trading exchange announced that the Ecottera token ($ECOTTERA) would be listed on their exchange on June 14, 2023.

Ecoterra aims to foster environmental protection and combat pollution effectively by incentivizing individuals. 

The native token, $ECOTERRA, offers several avenues for earning rewards. Users can stake the token, utilize it to purchase carbon credits, and offset carbon emissions, thereby receiving incentives. 

Ecoterra’s carbon offset marketplace allows users to directly trade or acquire carbon offsets through the platform’s app. These carbon offsets serve as measures to compensate for carbon emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Through its incentivization mechanisms and carbon offset marketplace, Ecoterra strives to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem that encourages individuals to participate in environmental conservation while earning rewards actively.

yPredict: Revolutionary AI-Powered Analytics Tool

The yPredict tokens ($YPRED) have advanced to the sixth stage of the presale, exceeding an impressive milestone of over $2.8 Million raised. 

The asset has experienced a notable increase of 40% since its previous price point of $0.07, now reaching $0.09. Upon the conclusion of the YPRED token presale, yPredict is anticipated to be listed on various exchanges at a projected price of $0.12. 

It is important to note that only three presale stages remain before listing, emphasizing the urgency for investors to secure their desired allocation of $YPRED tokens promptly. 

yPredict is a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) to provide users with various advanced predictive analysis tools and utilities. 

This innovative project aims to revolutionize how individuals access and utilize predictive data across various industries. At the core of yPredict’s offerings is its comprehensive predictive analytics ecosystem. 

By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning techniques, yPredict provides users with accurate forecasts, market insights, and trend predictions. 

This enables informed decision-making in investments, trading strategies, and market trends. One of the key utilities of yPredict is its advanced trading signals. 

On June 15 via Twitter post, yPredict announced the launch of their first model, AI-generated backlink, which they offered to the public for free, though for a limited time frame.

According to yPredict, the Backlink Model will help SEO professionals and Digital marketers predict the URL’s exact backlink profile to rank for the desired keyword.


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