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yPredict Presale Moves To Stage 5 With Almost $1M Raised – Investors Continue To Rush For The Token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Recently, the yPredict market has been wobbling due to the prevailing bearish trend. This situation created losses for investors as they struggled to make profitable transactions. 

But the emergence of many new crypto projects in the meme coin sector has brought hope as investors clamor to qualify for the paper profits.

One of the latest projects promising good yields based on its utility is yPredict, offering hope for profitability with crypto analysis. 

yPredict is an AI-powered crypto analytics and trading tool revolutionizing the crypto market with a new approach to trading and investment. The project offers innovative technology beyond the regular gimmicks found in the industry.

With its AI algorithmic design, yPredict supports investors and traders with technical insights that would spark more profits. Users could seamlessly analyze and predict potential market trends with significant accuracy.

Though the project is new, its explosive presale has made it a landmark. Investors are rushing to grab the yPredict native token, $YPRED, which backs the functionality of the project ecosystem’s outstanding use cases.

yPredict Explosive Presale

yPredict has been running one of the most explosive presales in the industry. The presale comes in stages and has raised almost $1 million as investors scramble to buy the edge-cutting AI-based $YPRED tokens.

The project’s significance in market analysis and price predictions for crypto assets triggered its popularity. 

The presale has recently moved into Stage 5, with the $YPRED shifting from $0.05 to $0.07. According to yPredict’s official website, it is remaining two days to the end of stage 5.

The next stage of the presale will move the price of $YPRED to $0.09, representing an increase of 28.5% from the current price.

Additionally, the yPredict presale still has three more stages of completing the token offering. 

The price will increase, progressing by $0.02 through the stages until the end. The project team planned the listing of yPredict on exchanges in the third quarter of this year.

Also, early investors would have profited more with a paper gain of over 70% before the exchange listing of the token at $0.12 once the presale ends. 

The buzz surrounding the project is getting higher due to its AI technology. This is the time for investors to rush and own the token and scale up their trades. 

State-of-art AI+Crypto Prediction System

yPredict is combining artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency to build a state-of-the-art price prediction system that will ease the process for traders in the crypto market. 

This prediction system will analyze market trends to identify upcoming price trends that even experienced analysts can miss. As such, traders will have a profitable market edge in the course.

Thankfully, yPredict’s built-in features include superb AI-driven trading signals, pattern recognition, breakouts, news, and social sentiments. 

With these, users will have a matchless edge regarding researching and trading on several cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, yPredict has a Model Marketplace where experts can earn recurring income for showcasing technical prediction models or data research on several cryptos. Investors and traders wishing to access these models will have to pay for a subscription.

With AI providing in-depth insights and analysis on the crypto market, yPredict will dramatically cut down the rate of losses investors face when they trade with third-party information.

According to yPredict’s whitepaper, the full version of the platform’s Analytics, Repository, and Marketplace will be available by the end of 2023.

Interested individuals can get an edge on how the platform works early on via its beta version by joining the waitlist here

The Utility Of $YPRED AI Token

$YPRED is a utility token built on the Polygon blockchain, designed to benefit its holders.

It incorporates several features that make it attractive, including low gas fees and a unique fee distribution mechanism.

One of the key advantages of $YPRED is its utilization of the Polygon blockchain. 

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution that operates on top of the Ethereum network, offering faster transactions and significantly lower gas fees compared to the main Ethereum chain.

By leveraging Polygon, $YPRED ensures that users can transact with the token efficiently and at a fraction of the cost, making it more accessible and convenient for token holders.

Fee distribution mechanism

Another notable feature of $YPRED is its fee circulation system. Whenever a transaction occurs involving $YPRED, the system distributes 10% of the applied fees to existing token holders.

This distribution mechanism incentivizes long-term holding of $YPRED and rewards loyal token holders.

Investors can passively accumulate additional $YPRED tokens over time by simply holding the token in their wallets.

The fee distribution model of $YPRED also has the potential to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. As the token gains popularity and the number of holders increases, the number of tokens distributed as fees to holders also grows.

This can foster community engagement and encourage investors to actively participate in the growth and development of the $YPRED ecosystem.

Furthermore, the fee distribution system aligns holders’ interests with the project’s success. When holders receive additional $YPRED tokens as rewards, they are incentivized to remain invested and promote the project to others.

This mechanism can help foster a strong and dedicated community around $YPRED.

Subscription options for the yPredict AI-trading platform

yPredict trading platform offers three subscription options: Freemium, Active, and Pro Trader.

Freemium is a free subscription option providing basic access to the platform’s features. The Active subscription option offers advanced tools and additional resources.

Finally, the Pro Trader subscription is designed for professional traders, offering comprehensive tools and priority support.

Notably, traders can choose the subscription that suits their needs and level of trading expertise on the yPredict trading platform.

yPredict Tokenomics is Community-Focused

A large percentage of the total $YPRED token supply is allocated to the platform’s users. For this, investors are tagging yPredict’s presale as the fairest so far.

Out of the 100 million token supply, 80% goes to the public via the yPredict’s presale. The remaining 20% is distributed for other purposes, such as 10% for liquidity, 5% for treasury, and 5% for the platform’s development.

This tokenomic pattern has crashed every potential rug pulls that could arise in the platform over time. 

Since the community members can amass a larger proportion of the tokens via the presale stages, there are fewer chances that $YPRED’s value could drop. This is because there won’t be any massive token supply from insiders.

According to the platform’s plans in its whitepaper, yPredict is likely the next big project from 2023 and beyond. 

Also, as the adoption of AI and crypto grows, yPredict will become the first leading prediction platform with precise AI-powered models.

$YPRED Presale Success So Far

$YPRED tokens are in presale and purchasable to interested investors using BNB, MATIC, ETH, or a card. Investors should quickly take advantage of these presale discount prices before the presale ends. 

The presale has raised $951,638 and is in stage 5 with 1 $YPRED, selling at $0.07. By stage 6, the price will increase by 40% to $0.09. There are 3 more presale stages remaining; at the end, the tokens will list at $0.12.

Following the increasing number of investors already on the platform, $YPRED will likely skyrocket once it hits several exchanges.

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