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Presale Surges to $5.7 Million, Is AiDoge the Next Big Thing in Crypto?


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The AiDoge- artificial intelligence (AI) industry has gone viral as many AI-based projects’ presales exploded within a few days.

One of the leading projects is AiDoge. The team is developing a platform that utilizes AI technology to generate relevant memes based on user text prompts. 

This AI generator is trained extensively on meme datasets and crypto news, which enables it to create high-quality memes.

The initiative, seen as a ground-breaking combination of AI and meme culture, made nearly $1 million every day just this week. 

The $AI token’s price will rise by 1.5% from its current value of $0.0000292 to $0.0000296 when the presale reaches its tenth stage.

Investors who utilize this opportunity now will enjoy a paper gain of over 15% by the time the coin enters the DEX or CEX market. 

AiDoge Launches Ground-breaking Meme-2-Earn Use Case

Being a project aiming to change how the meme coin operates, AiDoge has introduced a unique feature that combines meme and crypto called Meme-2-Earn (M2E). 

This new use case will enable a user to create and share memes that can earn them cryptocurrency if the meme becomes popular. This means people can make real money from creating memes online instead of creating memes for fun.

It offers an innovative way for users to earn cryptocurrency, showcasing the potential for creative ways of incorporating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into mainstream culture.

The recent price boost in the meme industry has made many investors hunt for the next 100x token. Meanwhile, famous British analyst Jacob Crypto Bury thinks AiDoge has 100X potential.

With M2E, user can use their imagination and sense of humor to create content that could lead to real financial gain, demonstrating the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

AiDoge Support For AI Meme Making

Based on the project’s whitepaper, the innovative platform, AiDoge, combines the power of artificial intelligence technology with meme-making creativity. It typically follows the text prompts from users.

The system offers users a unique and exciting way to generate memes using cutting-edge AI algorithms. With AiDoge, creating humorous and entertaining memes has never been easier.

The platform also leverages advanced AI models to analyze and understand the content and context of images, text, and various other elements commonly found in memes.

 It then applies this knowledge to generate creative and engaging meme content based on users’ prompts.

AiDoge’s AI technology can generate memes based on specific themes, trending topics, or user preferences, ensuring a personalized and relevant meme-creation experience.

The system comes with an inbuilt function that advertises the best content from builders and, in turn, rewards them with the $AI coins.

Additionally, meme builders can share their content with the public, allowing the community to choose their most preferred content.

Here’s more detailed data on how AiDoge allows builders to use AI technology to make memes:

User-Friendly Interface

AiDoge provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the meme-making process.

It offers intuitive controls and options, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced meme creators.

Image recognition

AiDoge’s AI algorithms can identify and analyze the visual elements within an image.

It can recognize objects, faces, emotions, and other relevant features, enabling it to generate memes that cleverly incorporate these elements.

Text understanding

Its AI models have been trained to understand and interpret the text in a way that aligns with meme culture and humor.

It can analyze captions, quotes, or other text inputs and generate meme content that effectively complements and enhances the humor.

Contextual awareness

The artificial intelligence of the project’s technology goes beyond individual images and texts.

It can understand the contextual elements surrounding memes. This means it can consider cultural references, current events, or trending topics relevant to the meme-making process.

This will ensure the generated memes are up-to-date and resonate with the intended audience.

AiDoge Meme Coin Utility

AiDoge, the meme coin, goes beyond traditional meme coins by offering a range of unique utilities that engage its community and provide tangible benefits.

It is unlike several other tokens such as Pepe (PEPE), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) that lack actual utility, though still dominating the market.

Primarily, $AI functions as the main currency of the AiDoge platform and, as such, has the potential to become globally known as used.

Here are some specific utilities offered by AiDoge:

Purchase credits for AI-generated memes

AiDoge allows users to purchase credits using the coin to generate memes with the platform’s AI technology. This utility adds an interactive and creative dimension to the meme-making process. 

Staking for daily rewards and benefits

AiDoge enables users to stake their coins in the platform’s staking mechanism. By staking their coins, users can earn daily rewards and benefits.

These rewards may come in the form of additional AiDoge tokens, discounts on platform fees, or exclusive access to certain features.

Staking & Reward Mechanism

AiDoge’s staking mechanism enables a user to lock a specific amount of AiDoge tokens in a staking contract. 

The Staked token will be locked for a chosen duration while users receive credit rewards daily.

Staking the AiDoge token gives you early access to new templates, special contests, or platform enhancement. 

AiDoge has employed certain security protocols, such as audited staking contracts to safeguard staked tokens on the platform. 

Community Voting

AiDoge token holders are granted voting right on proposals, platform development decisions, and managerial issues of the AiDoge ecosystem.

AiDoge actively involves its community members in shaping the platform and determining the popularity of memes. Users can vote on memes created by others, helping to curate the most popular content.

Considering the meme coin’s growing popularity, investors must take advantage of its present price before the next price spike.

AiDoge Social Wall

The social wall is a feature on the AiDoge platform that allows users to view and share AI-generated memes. This wall is known as the Meme Feed and has features like filters and sorting.

Users can browse for memes based on certain criteria like popularity, recency, or specific themes. 

The Meme feed has a unique feature that lets users vote on others’ memes, promoting the best and encouraging competition. 

Users can determine the best meme on the public wall by upvoting or downvoting memes. Incentivizing high-quality memes and voting participation, AiDoge rewards top memes with Ai tokens. 

Each month, memes with the highest scores are selected as winners. Creators of winning memes receive Ai token rewards

Ai rewards motivate content creators, contributing to the AiDoge community’s growth and success.

How To Buy AiDoge Token

This is your first step toward becoming part of the thriving AiDoge ecosystem. Follow the methods below to purchase your $AI.

Purchase With USDT

Enter the AiDoge Presale site, select the USDT, tap on the buy options, and enter the amount of USDT you wish to swap for the $AI token. Click on the buy button and validate the transaction.

Before starting this process, there’s USDT available in your wallet, and take note of the gas fees. Your tokens will be delivered to you within 7 days after the presale is over.

Purchase With ETH Or BNB

Enter the AiDoge Presale site, select the ETH or BNB, tap in the buy options, and enter the amount of ETH or BNB you wish to swap for the $AI token. Click on the buy button and validate the transaction.

Notably, $AI token will be listed and traded on top DEX immediately after the presale ends in Q3, according to the AiDoge Roadmap.

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