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Youtube Starts Crackdown On Crypto Industry Videos

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Youtube is unequivocally the most significant video streaming platform in the world. Millions of videos ranging from everything about cats to Stoicism to, yes, crypto-related subjects are open for perusing on its platform. However, a new trend has started to come up that should be cause for concern within the crypto industry: Youtube seems to be giving the crypto industry enhanced scrutiny.

Cited for Harmful Or Dangerous Content

The event came to public attention by way of Chris Dunn, a venture capitalist at NextGenVP. Dunn called youtube out after the platform removed an entire range of crypto-related videos, claiming that it somehow contains “harmful or dangerous content” or somehow advertises the “sale of regulated goods.”

Youtube is already on a bad spot in general, and its newfound crackdown on the crypto industry is prompting more and more content creators to move their video content to other platforms. Various content creators have spent years working in creating the array of videos on their Youtube channel, and the company threatening this livelihood is not taken lightly.

Content Creator For Over Ten years

In particular, Chriss Dunn has been operating on Youtube for over ten years. Within those ten years, he’s consistently uploaded videos, garnered over 200 thousand subscribers to his channel, and manage to achieve viewer counts of up to 7 million.

He made the news of his videos being taken down public by way of Twitter, explaining that a good portion of his crypto videos has been removed. These removals were on the grounds of “harmful and dangerous content” and the “sale of regulated goods.” Dunn pointed out that he was doing this for over ten years, further pointed to his subscriber and viewer count, then eloquently asked: “WTF are you guys doing.”

Many Other Examples

Node Investor, another prominent figure in both Youtube and Twitter, had a similar complaint shortly after.

As is the case of Dunn, Node Investor had a video he did two years ago, based on crypto research, be flagged as illegal by youtube. Again, the official reasoning was the violation of its “sales of regulated goods” policy.

The list of people in similar situations goes on, with many of them deciding to pick up shop and move their business elsewhere rather than face scrutiny that doesn’t stay consistent. Theories abound as to why this new trend started to happen, but there is no evidence or definitive proof to state anything. The only clear thing now is that Youtube has declared war on the crypto industry, with no clear end goal to justify it just yet.

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