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XRP Advocate Attorney Deaton Targeted by Hackers, Faces Security Breach

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Deaton Targeted by Hackers
Deaton Targeted by Hackers

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Hackers have struck again, and this time, it is cryptocurrency lawyer John Deaton. The XRP advocate has been targeted by hackers, due to which he has lost access to his Twitter account. And it is not the first time that he has been facing these cyber-attacks, as reports say that he has been at the receiving end of such issues for the past several days.

Leveraging Deaton’s Reputation to Market $LAW – A Fraudulent Token

The current memecoin mania, which many have said could be the saving grace of the crypto ecosystem today, has led to the emergence of many tokens.

On the one hand, we have tokens like NOMEME, which leveraged Elon Musk’s tweets to gain initial traction for their asset. On the other hand, there are those who aren’t satisfied with crypto celebrities merely mentioning their crypto assets. These bad actors seek their full endorsement, even without their consent.

One such story involves XRP advocate John Deaton, whose hacked account is allegedly being used by hackers to market $LAW.

The fraudulent tweet from John Deaton’s hacked account presents $LAW as the native token of CryptoLaw. It falsely portrays it as a DeFi asset with an “innovative” approach to decentralized finance, focusing on cryptocurrency regulations and jurisdictions.

Crypto regulations have remained hot topics since the crypto winter arrived in 2022. People have been more divided than ever on the issue, but the majority have called for progressive regulations surrounding crypto assets.

However, makers of $LAW have sabotaged that interest to market a false token, going so far as to provide a link to a fake website and encouraging users to click it to buy $LAW.

CryptoLaw Responds And Issues Warning

In response to these tweets, CryptoLaw, an organization Deaton is closely associated with, has declared that the account has been hacked and the token is a fraudulent asset.

John Deaton Account Hacked

They have also issued warnings to not click any of the links present on Deaton’s Twitter account and ignore any communication until the situation is resolved.

Karma Will Get Them – Deaton Responds

Naturally, John Deaton has not taken kindly to his account being hacked. He has said that his team is taking steps to manage this situation. Addressing his followers and the crypto community, Deaton said ‘Karma will get the hackers. Don’t you worry.”

From Aspiring Rapper to XRP Lawyer – John Deaton has Always Been Bullish About Crypto

10 years before Eminem came out, there was another white individual who was inspired by the hip-hop culture. But since, by his own admission, he didn’t have the “level of school” as the “rap god”, he had to let go of his dream.

That person is John Deaton. He might have failed as a rapper, but he has gotten a lot of traction in the crypto space, especially in the XRP ecosystem.

He was the first one through the gate to stand in support of XRP when the Security Exchange Commission sued Ripple, alleging that it issues “unregistered securities“. That support has turned him into a legend among the XRP army.

John Deaton

His support for XRP has been so high that he was able to gather signatures from 76,000 XRP holders to stand on behalf of the XRP community in court.

But John Deaton’s rise to fame was also due to the opaque legal advice that often included confusing legal maneuvering. He continues to be optimistic that Ripple with beat these charges. And most of his content on Twitter is about his war against the SEC, which gained him a quarter of a million followers in a relatively short time.

That is why the recent hacking of his account can hurt the crypto community. As for when this issue will be resolved, we have to wait and see.


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